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212 Tube Combo Amp

 - Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212 III 60-Watt 2x12-Inch Guitar Combo Amp
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212 III 60-Watt 2x12-Inch Guitar Combo

The world's most popular tube amps just got better! Fender Hot Rod series amplifiers are found on every stage in the world, large and small, and are used by guitarists from all walks of life. Hot Rod amps deliver unmistakable Fender tone and are the perfect platform for musicians to craft their own signature sound. These no-frills amps are affordable, reliable and loud, and they pair extremely well with stomp boxes. The Hot Rod DeVille 212 III is a 60-watt combo with a classic 2x12" speaker configuration borrowed from the legendary Twin Reverb amp, the low-end headroom characteristic of 6L6 tubes, a versatile all-12AX7 tube preamp, an effects loop and more. It produces amazing clean and overdriven tones and luscious Fender spring reverb, and a 4-ohm extension speaker output even lets you add a cabinet for additional stage coverage. Additional Hot Rod DeVille 212 III upgrades include an easier-to-read black control panel with front-reading text, new badge, streamlined footswitch, graduated volume and treble pot tapers, and dual Celestion G12P-80 speakers.

  • Color: black
  • Brand: Fender
  • ASIN: B003YU0PH6
  • UPC: 717669886417
 - Fender Hot Rod DeVille ML 212 Guitar Combo Amplifier
Fender Hot Rod DeVille ML 212 Guitar Combo

The Hot Rod DeVille ML amplifier delivers beautiful tube tone with features inspired by instrumental solo artist, world-class sideman, session master and “players’ player” Michael Landau. An influential guitarist known for creating rich, expressive tones, Landau has used Hot Rod DeVille amps on stage for many years, with a special two-amp setup fed by a variety of stomp boxes. Designed in conjunction with Michael Landau, the new ML model is based on the Fender Hot Rod DeVille III, with tube circuitry and 60-watt output, two 12” Celestin V Type speakers, spring reverb and an effects loop. The ML version ups the ante by incorporating several cool features that guitar players are sure to appreciate, such as volume-switching and boost capabilities. Fender protective slip cover and 2 button footswitch included as well as a 5 year transferable warranty! (1 year on the speakers)

  • Color: Black w/ Silver Grille Cloth
  • Brand: Fender
  • ASIN: B00SX41504
  • UPC: 885978479368
 - Laney VC30-212 VC Series 30 Watt Class A Guitar Tube 2x12 Combo
Laney VC30-212 VC Series 30 Watt Class A Guitar Tube 2x12

The range of VC30 combos offer classic British class A tone in a variety of speaker options. The VC30 features 2 footswitchable channels, with three band EQ on the drive channel and a bright switch. If you're looking for that elusive living tone then look no further than the VC30. The VC30-112 houses 2 x 12" Custom designed 35 watt drivers. The VC30 generates very little cross over distortion because it runs in pure class A mode - its valves are always hot and ready to roll, which gives it that unmistakable class A sound and feel. If you've never experienced that level of connection between a player an amp and a tone then you've never tried a VC30. The VC30-212 is voiced through its premium ECC83 preamp tubes and generates 30 watts of power through premium EL84 output tubes. All this sound is run through two 12in Celestion Seventy 80 custom speakers to deliver the pure British tone Laney is known for. Laney - Power To The Music

  • Color: black
  • Brand: Laney
  • ASIN: B000S6LRDU
 - Peavey Invective.120 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head & 212. 120W 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet Combo
Peavey Invective.120 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head & 212. 120W 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

Combine this Peavey invective.120 Head with the brand's Invection 212 Cabinet (sold separately) and you have the perfect upgrade solution. Designed for guitarists with heavier tastes, this dynamic combo helps players achieve the most revered metal sounds--from woody and clean to the most extreme of high gain tones.High Quality SoundA tube amp only sounds as good as what's inside, and Peavey's invective.120 delivers quality with four matched JJ6L6GC output tubes with top-loaded bias test points and adjustment. On the rear panel, players will find paralleled speaker outputs with impedance selector, an MSDI-XLR direct output with Level/Tone/Ground Lift, MIDI out/thru, and MIDI footswitch input. Guitar Speaker CabinetGuitarists can blast off with confidence with the Peavey Invective.212 Cabinet. It's perfectly suited for use with the invective.120 Head. The solid pine construction of this guitar speaker cabinet provides the most responsive dynamics imaginable.2 x 12-inch SpeakersThe build of this cabinet compliments the metal-standard Celestion Vintage 30 (8 ohms) speaker paired with the Creamback G12H-75 (8 ohms) speaker. It's a sonic quality so worthy that many guitarists who have already tried the invective.212 describe it as the best cabinet that they've ever heard.Bundle Include...

  • Brand: Peavey
  • UPC: 657379062186

Our goal with the 6260 head and 6260-212 combo was to achieve the tone of a high power super lead amp, and provide it with all the virile crunch it takes to detonate the center stage. With 6L6s, this design has a very open and glassy tone; with EL34s, it takes on a more compressed and noticeably midrange character. Split Personality. Turning the Clean gain up gradually causes the amp to react like a non-master volume amp, and achieves a very natural sounding overdrive - what we call "Texas Clean". The amp will react sharply to changes in volume or attack from the instrument. The Crunch setting is simply the clean channel with more gain from another 12AX7 to create the Rock 'n' Roll rhythm sound heard on all your classic rock faves. The Lead channel is all about articulate gain and sustain. Copious amounts of harmonics and compression help your solos stand out and cut thru the band with ease. Separate master volumes allow for easy rhythm-clean/solo-lead switching with total control over the level of each sound. Infinium Valve Life Multiplier Technology. Our revolutionary Infinium Valve Life Multiplier technology is like having your very own technician inside your amp constantly monitoring and tweaking valve performance for the ultimate in tonal integrity and reliability. This revo...

  • Brand: Behringer
  • ASIN: B007KZQN1I
  • UPC: 705105162683
 - Peavey 03022910 Multi-Purpose 2-Button Footswitch
Peavey 03022910 Multi-Purpose 2-Button

For use with Trans Tube Bandit/Delta Blues/Supreme Head/Acoustic 112/Mark VIII Footswitch, Bandit 65/75/80/112, Special 112/130/150, Studio Pro112, Envoy 110, Bravo 112, Classic 30 Head, Classic 30/112, Classic 50 Head, Classic 50/212, Classic 50/410 Classic 100 Head, Trans Tube Envoy, Protege, Tour TNT 115 Combo & Headliner Bass Amp Head

  • Brand: Peavey
  • UPC: 014367634686

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