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8 Bongo Drum

 - Remo S-Series Skyndeep Bongo Drumhead - Calfskin Graphic, 8
Remo S-Series Skyndeep Bongo Drumhead - Calfskin Graphic,

A synthetic head that will fit most entry-level sized bongos and Remo S-Series bongos. Skyndeep is the graphic infusion of pigment into the polyester surface of the head, making it uniquely attractive while maintaining the integrity of a great sounding drumhead. Skyndeep is weather-resistant, produces warm tones, and increases sound volume and projection in any environment. Traditionally, drums like the conga, bongos, and djembes have drum heads made with animal skins. These have worked very well for many hundreds of years and are still used on many drums. With 50 years of drumhead technologies, Remo's Synthetic Drumheads for World Percussion instruments have proven to be a sound choice. With the help of the best percussionists in the world, Remo has improved the sound and feel of the drumheads, providing the World's Top Players the tools they need to create their music. Remo's synthetic drumheads provide easy tunability, durability, and playability. With Remo's new Crimplock Symmetry, Type 4 conga drumheads now fit more bongo drum models from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

  • Color: Skyndeep Calfskin
  • Brand: Remo
  • ASIN: B003B1BUXQ
  • UPC: 757242495421
 - RockJam 100300 7
RockJam 100300 7" & 8" Bongo Drum Set with Padded Bag,

The Rock Jam traditional wooden bongo drums are a fantastic choice for students and beginners looking for a high quality product at an affordable price. Students in their hundreds take bongo's to university and this great pair by RockJam provide great tone and superb construction. Crafted from beautiful cuts of wood and fitted with 7" and 8" cow skin heads, these great bongos also come complete with a tuning key and robust black bag with carry strap - Perfect for slinging over the shoulder when on the move. Players young and old who are after an affordable set of Bongo Drums within a realistic budget should look no further than the RockJam 100300 Bongo's.

  • Color: Natural
  • Brand: RockJam
  • ASIN: B000GG4AWM
 - Padded Bongo Gig Bag  fits 7-8-Inch Bongo drums
Padded Bongo Gig Bag fits 7-8-Inch Bongo

BRAND NEW - DELUXE PADDED GIG BAG for 7" and 8" Bongo Drum sets and more! Easily carry your drums and gear around to the next gig or to your friends house. Nicely padded bag protects your investments. Carry handle and Carry strap for your shoulder included. Also features latches and a zipper top Inside the top cover is a handy pocket for storing an extras you carry with you. There is also a 3 segment pocket that works good for pens and pencils. Dimensions are approx. Length = 18" inches Width = 8" inches Depth = 9.5" inches Great Deal !

  • Brand: EDMBG
  • ASIN: B001MZXWL6
  • UPC: 813121010304
 - Tycoon Percussion 6 Inch & 7 Inch Ritmo Bongos - Mahogany Finish
Tycoon Percussion 6 Inch & 7 Inch Ritmo Bongos - Mahogany

Tycoon Percussion's Ritmo Series Bongos are ideal for the beginner percussionist. Constructed of aged Siam Oak, with 6” and 7” water buffalo skin heads, they are available in natural or mahogany. Light weight and easy to transport, these are the perfect pair of bongos for students.

  • Color: Mahogany
  • Brand: Tycoon Percussion
  • ASIN: B002SW35KK
 - Fever Tunable Bongos 8 & 7 Inch Natural Finish, 822-NT
Fever Tunable Bongos 8 & 7 Inch Natural Finish,

Beautiful tunable bongos drums for your percussion set up! These 8 inch and 7 inch Bongos drums feature wood shells construction and natural hide heads that produce a rich, authentic sound, and are easily tuned with the included standard drum key, each bongo has 4 Tunable lugs, Nickel-plated rim and base rim. Tuning wrench included. Perfect for the young musician or the weekend gigging musician, you'll love this beautiful looking and sounding instrument.

  • Color: Natural
  • Brand: Fever
  • UPC: 805232469522
 - Basic Beat 8
Basic Beat 8" Single Hand

Double-headed non-tunable calf skin drum. (Remember, since the heads of this drum are not tunable each head will have a different pitch.) 8" diameter x 6.25" high.

  • Brand: Basic Beat
  • ASIN: B0002GVCX6
 - Meinl Percussion MB400CHE RAPC (Radial 5 Ply Construction) Wooden Bongos 6 3/4-Inch and 8-Inch, High Gloss Cherry
Meinl Percussion MB400CHE RAPC (Radial 5 Ply Construction) Wooden Bongos 6 3/4-Inch and 8-Inch, High Gloss

RAPC (Radial Ply Construction) was adopted from traditional drum-set shell building techniques. It uses several thin layers of wood being formed together to make a super strong shell that is lighter and more resonant. Add to that Meinl's patented Free Ride System that allows the bongos to be joined with NO HOLES DRILLED IN THE SHELLS and you have some serious bongo innovation.

  • Brand: Meinl Percussion
  • UPC: 840553075410

BRAND NEW - DARK RED WOOD - BONGO SET! Tunable - 4 each bongo (with key) Total L x W x H: 16" x 8 12" x 6 1/2" Large Bongo: 8 1/4" Dia Small Bongo: 7" Dia A wonderful Dark Red Wood Bongo Drum...a great gift for anyone! If you want to learn the ropes you'll need to get yourself a Bongo Drum set! You'll be playing closed tone, open tone, slap, forward-backward rotation, mambo, bolero, calypso, guaguanco conga techniques; and closed tone, slap, side-to-side rotation, rotating little finger and thumb, edge tone with the fingertips, mambo, bolero, guajiro, and martillo bongo techniques. WOW! Buy this Bongo and you'll have what you need to do all of this and more!

  • Brand: EDMBG
  • ASIN: B001MZYJ1S
  • UPC: 813121010618
 - Meinl Percussion LC300NT-M Artist Series Luis Conte Signature Wood Bongos, Natural, 6 3/4-Inch and 8-Inch
Meinl Percussion LC300NT-M Artist Series Luis Conte Signature Wood Bongos, Natural, 6 3/4-Inch and

The Meinl Artist Series Luis Conte signature bongo drums are a great complement to any percussion setup. The solid woodblock connection is the style Luis prefers for his bongos, as it securely holds the drums in place while maintaining their outstanding acoustic properties. Included with these bongos are an accessory pouch, tuning key and tune up oil.

  • Brand: Meinl Percussion
  • ASIN: B002PZRZT2
  • UPC: 840553064995
 - Latin Percussion LPA601-SW LP Aspire Jamjuree Wood Bongos
Latin Percussion LPA601-SW LP Aspire Jamjuree Wood

Drums are made from uniquely beautiful Jamjuree wood. Sometimes called Siam Walnut, Jamjuree is 15% lighter in weight than Siam Oak, yet still delivers stunning tone and resonance. Ideal for students, hobbyists and aspiring musicians. They provide great value at an affordable price.

  • Color: Siam Walnut
  • Brand: Latin Percussion
  • UPC: 717070346715

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