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Animal Research

 - The Ethics of Animal Research: Exploring the Controversy (Basic Bioethics)
The Ethics of Animal Research: Exploring the Controversy (Basic

A balanced, accessible discussion of whether and on what grounds animal research can be ethically justified.An estimated 100 million nonhuman vertebrates worldwide―including primates, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds, rats, and mice―are bred, captured, or otherwise acquired every year for research purposes. Much of this research is seriously detrimental to the welfare of these animals, causing pain, distress, injury, or death. This book explores the ethical controversies that have arisen over animal research, examining closely the complex scientific, philosophical, moral, and legal issues involved.Defenders of animal research face a twofold challenge: they must make a compelling case for the unique benefits offered by animal research; and they must provide a rationale for why these benefits justify treating animal subjects in ways that would be unacceptable for human subjects. This challenge is at the heart of the book. Some contributors argue that it can be met fairly easily; others argue that it can never be met; still others argue that it can sometimes be met, although not necessarily easily. Their essays consider how moral theory can be brought to bear on the practical ethical questions raised by animal research, examine the new challenges raised by the emerging possi...

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 - Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals: Eighth Edition (Laboratory Safety)
Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals: Eighth Edition (Laboratory

A respected resource for decades, the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals has been updated by a committee of experts, taking into consideration input from the scientific and laboratory animal communities and the public at large. The Guide incorporates new scientific information on common laboratory animals, including aquatic species, and includes extensive references. It is organized around major components of animal use: Key concepts of animal care and use. The Guide sets the framework for the humane care and use of laboratory animals. Animal care and use program. The Guide discusses the concept of a broad Program of Animal Care and Use, including roles and responsibilities of the Institutional Official, Attending Veterinarian and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Animal environment, husbandry, and management. A chapter on this topic is now divided into sections on terrestrial and aquatic animals and provides recommendations for housing and environment, husbandry, behavioral and population management, and more. Veterinary care. The Guide discusses veterinary care and the responsibilities of the Attending Veterinarian. It includes recommendations on animal procurement and transportation, preventive medicine (including animal biosecurity), and clinical...

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 - Management of Animal Care and Use Programs in Research, Education, and Testing
Management of Animal Care and Use Programs in Research, Education, and

Key features - Offers a revised, updated, and comprehensive first-line management book for those working in animal care and use programs who have the responsibility to ensure the welfare of the animals in the highest quality research environment - Serves as an indispensable resource text for certification exams and credentialing boards for a multitude of professional societies - Emphasizes the importance of developing a collaborative culture of care within an animal care and use program and provides information about how behavioral management  through animal training can play an integral role in a veterinary health program - Provides a new section on Environment and Housing, containing chapters that focus on management considerations of housing and enrichment delineated by species - Expands coverage of regulatory oversight and compliance, assessment, and assurance issues and processes, including a greater discussion of globalization and harmonizing cultural and regulatory issues - Includes more in-depth treatment throughout the book of critical topics in program management, physical plant, animal health, and husbandry   Biomedical research using animals requires administrators and managers who are knowledgeable and highly skilled. They must adapt to the complexity of rapidly-c...

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 - Occupational Health and Safety in the Care and Use of Research Animals (Laboratory Safety)
Occupational Health and Safety in the Care and Use of Research Animals (Laboratory

Much has been written about the care of research animals. Yet little guidance has appeared on protecting the health and safety of the people who care for or use these animals. This book, an implementation handbook and companion to Guide For the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, identifies principles for building a program and discusses the accountability of institutional leaders, managers, and employees for a program's success. It provides a detailed description of risks-- physical and chemical hazards, allergens and zoonoses, and hazards from experiments--which will serve as a continuing reference for the laboratory. The book offers specific recommendations for controlling risk through administrative procedures, facility design, engineering controls, and periodic evaluations. The volume focuses on the worker, with detailed discussions of work practices, the use of personal protective gear, and the development of an emergency response plan. This handbook will be invaluable to administrators, researchers, and employees in any animal research facility. It will also be of interest to personnel in zoos, animal shelters, and veterinary facilities.

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 - Animals by Design: Exploring Unique Creature Features
Animals by Design: Exploring Unique Creature

Fur, feathers, and fins - when did they all begin? Were animals designed by a genius Creator, or did they evolve by random chance? In Animals by Design, you'll discover what the Bible and science say about the source of all life. You'll also explore the unique features of favorite, famous, and far-out creatures! You'll find answers to these questions and more! The third book in the Science for Kids series, Animals by Design will leave you in awe of your creator as you study the wonderful creatures in His world!

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 - Planning and Designing Research Animal Facilities (American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine)
Planning and Designing Research Animal Facilities (American College of Laboratory Animal

Research institutions have or are planning to build, expand and renovate animal research facilities to keep up with the demands of biomedical research caused in part by growth in the use of genetically altered rodents and the upsurge of research in infectious diseases. Properly designed facilities greatly facilitate effective management and high-quality day-to-day animal care that is required to optimally support animal research and testing. There are multiple solutions to address the myriad of factors that influence the design and construction of animal research facilities. There is no “best” design applicable for all facilities and arguably not even a single “best” design for a given facility. For this reason, Planning and Designing Research Animal Facilities is not intended to be a “how to” book. The goal is to cover the basic programmatic requirements of animal research facilities, provide ideas for meeting those requirements while, hopefully, stimulating the creative process in which designers in consultation with those who work in animal research facilities generate even better ideas. That is how progress has been made and will continue to be made.Facilitates communication between the parties involved in planning and designing animal facilities by providing contemp...

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 - Animal Reiki Research: Implications for Practice
Animal Reiki Research: Implications for

Animal Reiki Research: Implications for Practice provides insight to theresearch that supports the practice of Reiki for animals. Research todate supports Reiki as a complement to veterinary care for the followingconditions: reducing pain, reducing anxiety, promoting faster healing andimproving wellbeing, not only for the client, but the practitioner as well.Only 154 veterinarians offer Reiki in the United States, according to theAmerican Holistic Veterinary Association as of 2018. Here we explore theresearch to date, the implications for veterinary practice, and identify gaps inthe research that need further exploration.

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 - Animal Planet Deep Sea Shark Research Playset
Animal Planet Deep Sea Shark Research

Animal Planet Deep Sea Shark Research Playset

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 - The Scalpel and the Butterfly: The War Between Animal Research and Animal Protection
The Scalpel and the Butterfly: The War Between Animal Research and Animal

An engrossing and eloquent study of the history and ethics of animal experimentationThe heart of a pig may soon beat in a human chest. Sheep, cattle, and mice have been cloned. Slowly but inexorably scientists are learning how to transfer tissues, organs, and DNA between species. Some think this research is moving too far, too fast, without adequate discussion of possible consequences: Is it ethical to breed animals for spare parts? When does the cost in animal life and suffering outweigh the potential benefit to humans?In precise and elegant prose, The Scalpel and the Butterfly explores the ongoing struggle between the promise offered by new research and the anxiety about safety and ethical implications in the context of the conflict between experimental medicine and animal protection that dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. Deborah Rudacille offers a compelling and cogent look at the history of this divisive topic, from the days of Louis Pasteur and the founding of organized anti-vivisection in England to the Nazi embrace of eugenics, from animal rights to the continuing war between PETA and biomedical researchers, and the latest developments in replacing, reducing, and refining animal use for research and testing.

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 - Research Techniques in Animal Ecology
Research Techniques in Animal

The present biodiversity crisis is rife with opportunities to make important conservation decisions; however, the misuse or misapplication of the methods and techniques of animal ecology can have serious consequences for the survival of species. Still, there have been relatively few critical reviews of methodology in the field. This book provides an analysis of some of the most frequently used research techniques in animal ecology, identifying their limitations and misuses, as well as possible solutions to avoid such pitfalls. In the process, contributors to this volume present new perspectives on the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data.Research Techniques in Animal Ecology is an overarching account of central theoretical and methodological controversies in the field, rather than a handbook on the minutiae of techniques. The editors have forged comprehensive presentations of key topics in animal ecology, such as territory and home range estimates, habitation evaluation, population viability analysis, GIS mapping, and measuring the dynamics of societies. Striking a careful balance, each chapter begins by assessing the shortcomings and misapplications of the techniques in question, followed by a thorough review of the current literature, and concluding with possible so...

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 - Animals Time : Free Animals Encyclopedia
Animals Time : Free Animals

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 - Animal Ethics in Animal Research
Animal Ethics in Animal

The use of animals in research has always been surrounded by ethical controversy. This book provides an overview of the central ethical issues focusing on the interconnectedness of science, law and ethics. It aims to make theoretical ethical reasoning understandable to non-ethicists and provide tools to improve ethical decision making on animal research. It focuses on good scientific practice, the 3Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement), ethical theories applied to specific cases and an overview of regulatory issues. The book is co-authored by experts in animal research, animal welfare, social sciences, law and ethics, and provides both animal researchers and members of animal ethics committees with knowledge that can facilitate their work and communication with stakeholders and the public. The book is written to provide knowledge, not to argue a certain position, and is intended to be used in training that aims to fulfil EU Directive 2010/63/EU.

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 - Animal Testing: Life-Saving Research vs. Animal Welfare (Perspectives Flip Books: Issues)
Animal Testing: Life-Saving Research vs. Animal Welfare (Perspectives Flip Books:

Should animal testing be banned? Is animal testing necessary to save human lives? Or is it too cruel to animals? Perspectives Flip Books are like two books in one: Start from one end and learn why some people argue animal testing is needed. Then flip it over and discover why others argue it should be banned. Critical thinking questions help you analyze both perspectives and form your own opinions about the issue.

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 - All About Animals - Creative Writing & Research Journal: Write, Color, Research & Doodle - All Ages
All About Animals - Creative Writing & Research Journal: Write, Color, Research & Doodle - All

All About Animals - Creative Writing & Research Journal: Write, Color, Research & Doodle - All Ages B2, C1, & C2 ideal for ages 9+, even adults! Combine Science, Art, Writing, and Research into one book! This creative writing book is sure to inspire even the most reluctant writers. With beautiful drawings of animals and plenty of space to jot down your stories. This is sure to become a treasured keepsake. Perfect for all students, especially struggling writers and gifted students. “My son has always loved animals! This book makes his learning fun in a way he is wanting to do work and the best thing about it is that his younger brother and sister is wanting to be involved as well!!” An Amazon Customer “My daughter doesn't care for writing, so I figured after I seen this book, she would not be impressed. It is simply very pretty pictures of an animal on one page, with a blank page beside it to use for writing about the animal/picture. But when she picked it up, she said it was her favorite. She loves the animal sketches and finds them inspiring. Who knew! Any book that gets this response from my reluctant writer gets 5 stars!!!” Amazon Customer (April 8, 2016) ISBN-10: 1530979986 ISBN-13: 978-1530979981 Perfect for blending art, language arts, science and research!

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 - Guidelines for the Care and Use of Mammals in Neuroscience and Behavioral Research
Guidelines for the Care and Use of Mammals in Neuroscience and Behavioral

Expanding on the National Research Council’s Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, this book deals specifically with mammals in neuroscience and behavioral research laboratories. It offers flexible guidelines for the care of these animals, and guidance on adapting these guidelines to various situations without hindering the research process. Guidelines for the Care and Use of Mammals in Neuroscience and Behavioral Research offers a more in-depth treatment of concerns specific to these disciplines than any previous guide on animal care and use. It treats on such important subjects as: The important role that the researcher and veterinarian play in developing animal protocols. Methods for assessing and ensuring an animal’s well-being. General animal-care elements as they apply to neuroscience and behavioral research, and common animal welfare challenges this research can pose. The use of professional judgment and careful interpretation of regulations and guidelines to develop performance standards ensuring animal well-being and high-quality research. Guidelines for the Care and Use of Mammals in Neuroscience and Behavioral Research treats the development and evaluation of animal-use protocols as a decision-making process, not just a decision. To this end...

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 - Guide to Animals
Guide to Animals

How do fish breathe and birds fly?Why do some animals migrate and others hibernate?And what happened to the dinosaurs and other extinct animals?Get the answers from zoologist Frank Sherwin in the latest book in ICR’s popular "Guide to" series!This beautiful hardcover edition is loaded with full-color illustrations, fun facts, and the science about some of your favorite animals in creation!Topics include:•Creation of the Animals•Are Humans Animals?•Tigers—Big Cats, Small Numbers•Animals on the Ark•Designed for Flight•Snakes—Limbless Land Animals•Dinosaurs—“Terrible Lizards”•Fossilized Animals•Sharks—Vertebrates with No Bones•Camouflage•Extreme Habitats•Horses—Animals Built for Work•And special sections dedicated to dolphins, monkeys, penguins, dogs, cats…and many more!For more information, visit www.icr.org.

 - Recognition and Alleviation of Distress in Laboratory Animals
Recognition and Alleviation of Distress in Laboratory

Scientific advances in our understanding of animal physiology and behavior often require theories to be revised and standards of practice to be updated to improve laboratory animal welfare. This new book from the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (ILAR) at the National Research Council, Recognition and Alleviation of Distress in Laboratory Animals, focuses on the stress and distress which is experienced by animals when used in laboratory research. This book aims to educate laboratory animal veterinarians; students, researchers, and investigators; animal care staff, as well as animal welfare officers on the current scientific and ethical issues associated with stress and distress in laboratory animals. It evaluates pertinent scientific literature to generate practical and pragmatic guidelines. Recognition and Alleviation of Distress in Laboratory Animals focuses specifically on the scientific understanding of the causes and the functions of stress and distress, the transformation of stress to distress, and the identification of principles for the recognition and alleviation of distress. This book discusses the role of humane endpoints in situations of distress and principles for the minimization of distress in laboratory animals. It also identifies areas in which further sc...

  • ASIN: 0309108179
 - Animals in Space: From Research Rockets to the Space Shuttle (Springer Praxis Books)
Animals in Space: From Research Rockets to the Space Shuttle (Springer Praxis

This book is as a detailed, but highly readable and balanced account of the history of animal space flights carried out by all nations, but principally the United States and the Soviet Union. It explores the ways in which animal high-altitude and space flight research impacted on space flight biomedicine and technology, and how the results - both successful and disappointing - allowed human beings to then undertake that same hazardous journey with far greater understanding and confidence. This complete and authoritative book will undoubtedly become the ultimate authority on animal space flights.

  • ASIN: 0387360530
 - Think Like an Animal
Think Like an Animal

 - The Scalpel and the Butterfly:The War Between Animal Research and Animal Protection
The Scalpel and the Butterfly:The War Between Animal Research and Animal

  • ASIN: 0374254206
 - The Welfare of Animals Used in Research: Practice and Ethics (UFAW Animal Welfare)
The Welfare of Animals Used in Research: Practice and Ethics (UFAW Animal

The Welfare of Animals used in Research: Practice andEthics gives a complete and balanced overview of the issuessurrounding the use of animals in scientific research.  Thefocus of the book is on the animal welfare implications and ethicsof animals in research. It covers the topics with sufficient depthto show a real understanding of varied and complex subjects, butconveys the information in a beautifully reader-friendlymanner.Key features:Provides those who are not working in the field with areasonable understanding as to why and how animals are used inresearch.Gives an introduction to the ethical issues involved in usinganimals, and explains how these are addressed in practice.Details the advances in animal welfare and the use anddevelopment of the 3Rs principles, and how these have becomefundamental to the everyday use and regulation of animals used inresearch.The focus is on principles making it suitable for aninternational audience.This book is a useful introduction to the issues involved inlaboratory animal welfare for those who intend to work in researchinvolving animals. It is also useful to prospective animal carestaff and animal welfare scientists, and to those involved inethical review. It will help inform debate amongst those who arenot involved in experimentation but...

  • ASIN: 1119967074
 - Why Animal Experimentation Matters: The Use of Animals in Medical Research (New Studies in Social Policy)
Why Animal Experimentation Matters: The Use of Animals in Medical Research (New Studies in Social

Animal experimentation has made a crucial contribution to many of the most important advances in modern medicine. The development of vaccines for deadly viruses like rabies and yellow fever depended upon animal research, and much of our basic knowledge about human health and physiology was discovered through the use of animals as well. Inspite of these gains, animal rights activists have been zealous in communicating to the public and policymakers their view that the use of animals in medical research is morally wrong and should be severely curtailed or eliminated. The activists' arguments draw upon a range of disciplines and focus on both practical and ethical aspects of animal experimentation. Advocates of animal experimentation have been slow to respond to these arguments. Given that the worldwide toll of communicable diseases is still immense--and that deadly new pathogens may emerge at any time in the future to menace human health--failing to defend animal experimentation from the arguments of its opponents has disastrous implications. A quick response to an unanticipated threat on the order of the AIDS epidemic is unimaginable absent a vigorous research establishment, which in turn is dependent on animal proxies. Why Animal Experimentation Matters is a first attempt by rese...

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  • ASIN: 0765806851
 - The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World
The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost

A sweeping and groundbreaking history of the age of dinosaurs, from one of our finest young scientistsThe dinosaurs. 66 million years ago, the Earth’s most fearsome and spectacular creatures vanished. Today their extraordinary true story remains one of our planet’s great mysteries. In this stunning narrative spanning more than 200 million years, Steve Brusatte, a young American paleontologist who has emerged as one of the foremost stars of the field—discovering ten new species and leading groundbreaking scientific studies and fieldwork—masterfully tells the complete, surprising, and new history of the dinosaurs, drawing on cutting-edge science to dramatically bring to life their lost world and illuminate their enigmatic origins, spectacular flourishing, astonishing diversity, cataclysmic extinction, and startling living legacy. Captivating and revelatory, The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs is a book for the ages.Brusatte traces the evolution of dinosaurs from their inauspicious start as small shadow dwellers—themselves the beneficiaries of a mass extinction caused by volcanic eruptions at the beginning of the Triassic period—into the dominant array of species every wide-eyed child memorizes today, T. rex, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, and more. This gifted scientist and...

  • ASIN: B0727TN8H6
 - National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books)
National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs (National Geographic Little Kids First Big

The third title in National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book series, this book is for kids 4- to 8-years-old who LOVE dinos! The prehistoric world comes alive with dinosaurs small, big, giant, and gigantic, with stunning illustrations by Franco Tempesta—who illustrated National Geographic Kids The Ultimate Dinopedia. Bursting with fun facts and age appropriate information, each spread features a different dinosaur, along with simple text in big type that is perfect for little kids. Young dino fans will love the interactivity included in every chapter, and parents will appreciate tips to help carry readers’ experience beyond the page.

  • Brand: National Geographic
  • ASIN: 1426308469
 - Advancing Disease Modeling in Animal-Based Research in Support of Precision Medicine: Proceedings of a Workshop
Advancing Disease Modeling in Animal-Based Research in Support of Precision Medicine: Proceedings of a

Precision medicine is focused on the individual and will require the rapid and accurate identification and prioritization of causative factors of disease. To move forward and accelerate the delivery of the anticipated benefits of precision medicine, developing predictable, reproducible, and reliable animal models will be essential. In order to explore the topic of animal-based research and its relevance to precision medicine, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine convened a 2-day workshop on October 5 and 6, 2017. The workshop was designed to focus on the development, implementation, and interpretation of model organisms to advance and accelerate the field of precision medicine. Participants examined the extent to which next-generation animal models, designed using patient data and phenotyping platforms targeted to reveal and inform disease mechanisms, will be essential to the successful implementation of precision medicine. This publication summarizes the presentations and discussions from the workshop.

  • ASIN: 0309471168

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Experimenting on Animals: Inside The Monkey Lab

Animal Research

VICE News gets rare access to Europe’s largest primate testing facility, the Biomedical Primate Research Center (BPRC) in the Netherlands, where scientists try to find cures for the worst human diseases, while claiming to provide unparalleled care for the monkeys in the hope they live the most an...

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Fighting cancer: Animal research at Cambridge

Animal Research

Animal research plays an essential role in our understanding of health and disease and in the development of modern medicine and surgical techniques. As part of our commitment to openness, this film examines how mice are helping the fight against cancer. It takes a in-depth look at the facilities...

Tags: Fighting cancer: Animal research at Cambridge,A...

Dispelling myths around animal research

Animal Research

This animation was produced for the Politics.co.uk website to brief politicians and policy makers about animal research. The full script and a download are available here: http://www.understandinganimalresearch.org.uk/news/video-of-the-week/dispelling-myths-around-animal-research/

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