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Happy Traums Flatpicking Guitar

 - Happy Traum's Flatpicking Guitar Method
Happy Traum's Flatpicking Guitar

(Homespun Tapes). 3 CDs * INCLUDES MUSIC + TAB * LEVEL 2 Covers everything from simple accompaniments to bluegrass licks, runs, fiddle tunes and more than 30 songs for the beginning flatpicker, including: John Hardy * Will the Circle Be Unbroken * Worried Man Blues * Wildwood Flower * Buckdancer's Choice.

  • ASIN: 1932964312
  • UPC: 073999572827
 - Doc's Guitar- Fingerpicking & Flatpicking
Doc's Guitar- Fingerpicking &

Recorded at the famed Merle Watson Memorial Festival in Wilkesboro, NC, this DVD captures Doc Watson teaching some of the most requested fingerpicking and flatpicking tunes in his vast repertoire.

  • Brand: Homespun
  • ASIN: B00006G2TQ
  • UPC: 073999183245
 - DVD-Easy Bluegrass & Country Guitar
DVD-Easy Bluegrass & Country

Guaranteed the quickest and easiest way to get into playing the real country guitar! Happy Traum will get you started in this popular American guitar style and get you ready to move on to more advanced studies. You'll learn to handle a flatpick, play a basic scale, then master these techniques: accompanying songs in straight and waltz time; picking out melodies while strumming chords; adding bass runs, hammer-ons, pull-offs and other variations, and playing the famous bluegrass "G Run." Songs: "John Hardy," "Bury Me Beneath The Willow," "All The Good Times Are Past And Gone," "East Virginia," "Wildwood Flower," "Mama Don't 'Low," "Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms."

  • Brand: Hal Leonard
  • ASIN: B0002DVBKS
  • UPC: 007399989503
 - Great Guitar Lessons: Bluegrass Flatpicking
Great Guitar Lessons: Bluegrass

This terrific compilation features basic to advanced lessons from some of Homespun's most celebrated pickers. After Happy Traum gives an overview of flatpicking, you'll become familiar with each instructor's teaching and playing style and expand your own guitar technique, as you master several complete tunes. Happy Traum - "Wildwood Flower" (new lesson) Nick Forster - Texas style back-up for "Sally Goodin" (Country Swing Back-Up Guitar) Russ Barenberg - "For J.L." (The Flatpicker's Guide to Better Playing) Steve Kaufman - "Liberty" (Learning To Flatpick, DVD 3) Dan Crary - "Arkansas Traveler" (Dan Crary's Bluegrass Guitar Workshop) Norman Blake - "Whiskey Before Breakfast "(The Guitar Of Norman Blake, DVD One) Tony Rice - "Church Street Blues" (An Intimate Lesson With Tony Rice).

  • Brand: Homespun
  • ASIN: B000H5TUOA
  • UPC: 884088101800
 - Basic Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar
Basic Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar

Here’s your chance to learn the basics of bluegrass back-up guitar! Steve Kaufman teaches you how to play solid rhythm, from playing behind the simplest two-chord song to the complex chord progressions needed to accompany Texas-style fiddle tunes. Steve starts with the fundamentals, showing you how to hold the pick, get good tone, and play the basic bass/chord rhythm patterns solidly and accurately. Then he moves on to important embellishments, such as adding bass walks, playing the famous Lester Flatt "G run," altering your chord shapes to add moving bass lines within a song and other essential techniques. Steve also provides valuable insiders' tips, such as "how to keep up when the going gets fast," and developing "muscle memory" for more accurate chord work. This lesson in back-up rhythm guitar is illustrated with some classic bluegrass tunes. Playing along with Steve will give you the practice you'll need to use these techniques in other bluegrass songs. You'll soon be playing solid back-ups in jam sessions or any picking situation! Songs: "Wabash Cannonball," "Blackberry Blossom," "Sally Goodin."

  • Brand: Homespun
  • ASIN: B000297NM2
  • UPC: 073999642490
 - Norman Blake's Guitar Techniques DVD 1: Songs, Instrumentals and Styles
Norman Blake's Guitar Techniques DVD 1: Songs, Instrumentals and

Legendary guitarist Norman Blake teaches flatpicking fundamentals and a variety of bluegrass and old-time country guitar techniques that have made him a hero to acoustic players everywhere. He explores arrangements for several favorite songs and instrumentals from his repertoire, discussing back-up technique, use of the capo, special tuning and lots more. Songs: Whiskey Before Breakfast * Gray Coat Soldiers * Ginseng Sullivan * and more. 90-MIN. DVD * INCLUDES MUSIC + TAB * LEVEL 3

  • ASIN: B0000APDKH
  • UPC: 073999762488
 - DVD-Easy Flatpicking Guitar Arrangements-A Song for Every Holiday
DVD-Easy Flatpicking Guitar Arrangements-A Song for Every

Steve Kaufman has come up with another winner! He has chosen eleven well-known and much-loved songs, each one associated with an important season or holiday. This lesson was made especially for beginning and early-intermediate level players. Most of the songs are easy enough to play almost immediately, but Steve throws in enough material to challenge you and, with some practicing, bring you to the next level of guitar achievement. More importantly, each piece has specific guitar techniques associated with it, so that learning them will not only increase your repertoire but will add to your knowledge of the fingerboard as well. Although not usually associated with bluegrass-style guitar, these songs will teach you the licks, chord shapes, cross-picking patterns, melody lines and other techniques that will help you play any bluegrass song. At the same time, you and your listeners will get a kick out of hearing these American holiday standards played in this style. The songs (and their associated holidays) that you’ll be learning on this unique lesson are: Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Valentine’s Day); When Irish Eyes are Smiling (St. Patrick’s Day); Dayenu (Passover); America the Beautiful (Memorial Day); Battle Hymn of the Republic (Fourth of July); We Gather Together (Thanks...

  • ASIN: B000F3UO8A
  • UPC: 884088061722
 - DVD-Norman Blake's Guitar Techniques #2
DVD-Norman Blake's Guitar Techniques

Norman demonstrates guitar techniques, musical ideas, playing style and ten great songs and instrumentals taken from his vast repertoire: Coming Down from Rising Fawn * Caperton Ferry * Uncle Joe (Miss McLeod's Reel) * Old Virginia Reel * and more. 90-MIN. DVD * INCLUDES MUSIC + TAB * LEVEL 4

  • Brand: Homespun
  • ASIN: B0000APDKI
  • UPC: 073999487398
 - Frets Magazine Vol.1 No.1 March 1979 (D0c Watson on Cover)
Frets Magazine Vol.1 No.1 March 1979 (D0c Watson on


 - Doc Watson - Flatpicking with Doc
Doc Watson - Flatpicking with

Doc and fellow flatpicker Steve Kaufman trade licks and play duets, and Doc slows down some of his most requested songs and instrumentals so that learning players can follow along. Doc's breathtaking versions of classic ballads and bluegrass songs, fiddle tunes and country songs include lead and back-up, as well as the "twin" harmony parts that make these pieces show-stoppers. Songs: Little Sadie * More Pretty Girls Than One * New River Train * White House Blues * Open Up Them Pearly Gates * Salt Creek * Ragtime Annie * Goodnight Waltz * Walk On * Boy * and more. 80-MIN. DVD * INCLUDES MUSIC + TAB * LEVEL 3

  • Brand: Homespun
  • ASIN: B00015G8KA
  • UPC: 073999664812
 - DVD-Dan Crary's Flatpick Guitar Workshop
DVD-Dan Crary's Flatpick Guitar

You won't find a better teacher than Dan Crary to show you how to play exciting flatpicking tunes on the guitar. This in-depth lesson by one of the most dynamic and accomplished players on the acoustic music scene contains a wealth of technical knowledge, encouragement, inspiration and powerful ideas that will benefit all players. It’s designed to give you a new understanding of your guitar and provide all the tools you need to develop your instrumental skills. Dan’s original arrangements of classic tunes are widely recognized as flatpicking repertoire standards. On this DVD, he takes apart five of these dazzling showstoppers, revealing some of his favorite tricks: fiddle drone effects, banjo-like runs, snapping strings, syncopated licks, pull-offs and hammer-ons and crosspicking. His invaluable advice on a wide range of topics will redefine the way you approach your practice sessions, help you set realistic learning goals, get "unstuck" from a plateau and improve your performances. Before long, you'll be playing Lime Rock, Arkansas Traveler, John Henry, Foggy Mountain Special and Sally Goodin, and creating your own variations of these classic tunes.

  • Brand: CRARY,DAN
  • ASIN: B0007LC59G
  • UPC: 073999198393
 - Flatpicking Through the Holidays: A Year's Worth of Easy Guitar Arrangements [VHS]
Flatpicking Through the Holidays: A Year's Worth of Easy Guitar Arrangements

One of today’s most popular performers of old-time music teaches six great tunes, each from a different geographical area of the Southern U.S. As you play along with Bruce you’ll learn bowing patterns, drones, rhythmic emphasis, phrasing and other subtleties that will add drive and beauty to your fiddle playing. Each piece is in a different tuning, an important aspect of the old-time style. Songs include Washington’s March from Pocahantas County, West Virginia (DDAD tuning); Saddle Up the Gray from Mississippi (GDAD); Old Bunch of Keys from North Carolina (AEAE); The Lost Indian, a Texas tune (AEAC#); and Candy Girl, a 1924 Tennessee tune (AEAD “sawmill” tuning). Do ‘Round My Lindy, from Georgia (ADAD), demonstrates how to sing and play fiddle at the same time. Bruce shows how you can use both basic and non-traditional harmonies to create compelling sounds and add to the richness of your accompaniment.

  • Brand: Homespun
  • ASIN: B00005UPIG
  • UPC: 073999581423
 - DVD-An Intimate Lesson With Tony Rice
DVD-An Intimate Lesson With Tony

Tony Rice slows down his fabulous picking style as he demonstrates his hard-driving flatpicking solos, accompaniments, intros and licks. 60-MIN DVD * INCLUDES MUSIC + TAB * EARLY INTERMEDIATE LEVEL

  • ASIN: B0006G1RJ6
  • UPC: 073999709810
 - Country Telecaster Virtuosity
Country Telecaster Virtuosity

Here are the electric guitar techniques that will add hot solos and powerful drive to any country or rock band! Ray Flacke teaches the mind-boggling licks that have made him highly sought-after for record dates, jingles and live gigs on the Nashville scene for more than thirty years. 90-MIN. * INCLUDES MUSIC + TAB * EARLY INTERMEDIATE LEVEL

  • Brand: Homespun
  • ASIN: B000A0GXKQ
  • UPC: 073999174274
 - DVD-The Art Of Guitar Crosspicking
DVD-The Art Of Guitar

This bluegrass flatpicking style, with its rolling, complex sound, has become an integral part of every hot bluegrass guitarist's arsenal. In this DVD, Steve Kaufman teaches seven songs using this technique: Back Up and Push * Blue Ridge Mountain Blues * Wildwood Flower * Bill Cheatham * Golden Eagle Hornpipe * Sweet Bunch of Daisies * and Grandfather's Clock. 60-MIN. DVD * INCLUDES MUSIC + TAB * INTERMEDIATE LEVEL

  • ASIN: B000624D1E
  • UPC: 073999755923
 - Country Swing-Back Up Guitar
Country Swing-Back Up Guitar

Add moving bass lines and jazz-based chords to fiddle tunes and country songs for authentic Western Swing style guitar accompaniment! Nick Forster provides the tools needed to move out of open positions and into the chord shapes and progressions that give this rhythm style its distinctive sound. You'll learn to create solid flatpicking accompaniments to songs and instrumentals--"Sally Goodin," "Deep Water," "Brain Cloudy Blues," "Gray Eagle" --and master chord theory, rhythm techniques and much more in this jam-packed hour.

  • ASIN: B000G8NVTI
  • UPC: 884088096762
 - DVD-Techniques For Soloing And Improvising Flatpick Style
DVD-Techniques For Soloing And Improvising Flatpick

Here’s a DVD lesson that will provide hours of practicing fun, and keep your guitar fingers busy for months! Nashville session guitarist Pat Flynn opens up your creative doors, demonstrating his own method for creating solos and improvising across the entire guitar fingerboard. You’ll learn how to work up the neck, finding the chord centers on which you can base scales and, ultimately, create exciting guitar solos. Combining these with open, ringing notes will give your playing the unique sound that has made Pat one of the most sought-after acoustic pickers on the country/rock scene today. Pat covers the "Five T’s" that he considers indispensable for any good musician: Timing, Tuning, Tone, Taste and Technique. He discusses each of these with the goal of creating solos for maximum effect. You’ll get new ideas for adding harmonies within chords, improvising blues and minor-key songs, and innumerable tips on hand positions, pick style, left and right-hand technique and more.

  • Brand: Hal Leonard
  • ASIN: B0009WSOAW
  • UPC: 073999562149
 - Learning To Flatpick-Building Bluegrass Technique DVD#2
Learning To Flatpick-Building Bluegrass Technique

DVD #2, Building Bluegrass Technique, Steve Kaufman helps you move beyond the basics and on to the next level of flatpicking technique. You'll be playing more smoothly in no time with Steve's clear and patient instructions. He helps you build your runs vocabulary, and his crosspicking tips (on upswing, continuity, resistance, tone, sustaining notes and timekeeping) are priceless. Learn how to build a flatpicking solo right along with Steve as he works on bringing your playing up to speed. You'll be playing simple solos as well as more challenging crosspicking versions to Bury Me Beneath the Willow; Wildwood Flower; Wabash Cannonball; Old Joe Clark; Arkansas Traveler; and Down Yonder.

  • Brand: Hal Leonard
  • ASIN: B0013UQUUU
  • UPC: 884088214937
 - Roger McGuinn's Basic Folk Guitar
Roger McGuinn's Basic Folk

Roger McGuinn brings his love of folk guitar to novice and intermediate players, providing a solid repertoire of a dozen classic songs and the basic techniques needed to play them. The songs he teaches are part of the backbone of the American folk music tradition. They include sea chanteys, ballads, blues, spirituals and cowboy songs, plus McGuinn originals such as "Gate of Horn" and the Byrds' hit, "Chestnut Mare," which Roger demonstrates on his Martin 12-string for a more authentic Byrds sound. 75-MIN. DVD or VIDEO * LEVEL 2

  • Brand: Homespun
  • ASIN: B00008JUHB
  • UPC: 073999934229
 - Learning To Flatpick-Developing Speed and Style DVD#3
Learning To Flatpick-Developing Speed and Style

DVD 3- Developing Speed and Style. Move beyond the basics and get into the finer points of bluegrass flatpicking! You'll be jamming with the best of them once you've mastered the tunes and techniques on this final DVD of the series. Steve Kaufman broadens your musical vocabulary by focusing on the essentials of good picking techniques. You'll learn to play six classic fiddle tunes-Liberty, Salt Creek, Blackberry Blossom, Clarinet Polka, Home Sweet Home and Ragtime Annie. Steve slows each one down, highlighting the tricky areas and then playing it up-to-speed so you'll hear how it should sound in performance.

  • ASIN: B0014ZDWY6
  • UPC: 884088214944

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Easy Bluegrass and Country Guitar by Happy Traum

Happy Traums Flatpicking Guitar

Here's a sample from Easy Bluegrass and Country Guitar, Taught by Happy Traum. Available at www.homespun.com, catalog number DVD-HAP-BC21.


Peter Rowan Teaches Wayfaring Stranger (w/ host Happy Traum)

Happy Traums Flatpicking Guitar

A sample from "Lead Singing and Rhythm Guitar: Finding Your Bluegrass Voice" available as an instant download here: https://leapingbrain.com/modshop/checkout/?shop=7&cart=669 One of America's greatest bluegrass musicians has made a lesson that will help you improve your singing and strengthen yo...

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Bluegrass Guitar - Book Audio by Happy Traum (1974)

Happy Traums Flatpicking Guitar

This is a recording from an old floppy record that came with the book Bluegrass Guitar by Happy Traum (1974). This video has both sides, 1 and 2 - including pops, clicks, warble and all! Side 1: (0:00) Tuning (0:52) Basic strum (2:44) Basic strum in C with hammer-ons and pull-offs (4:10) G (Fla...

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