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Holistic Care

 - Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self-Care
Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic

Silver Nautilus Book Award Winner for Health & Healing An antacid or an aspirin may soothe your pain, but it doesn’t cure the cause of your symptoms. Headaches, indigestion, fatigue, allergies, anxiety, eczema, high blood pressure, and other conditions are clues to a deeper imbalance in your body, and learning to read those clues is a key step in maintaining optimal health. Herbalist Maria Noël Groves shows you how to read your body’s signals and support your own wellness with herbal remedies and other natural treatments. You’ll learn how each of your major body systems — respiratory, digestive, immune, nervous, memory, reproductive, circulatory, and more — optimally functions, and you’ll discover how to use natural remedies to nourish and repair problem areas, restore lost vitality, support your body as a whole, and prevent future problems. Groves includes in-depth instructions, with step-by-step photographs, for making your own herbal remedies, as well as expert guidance on buying and effectively using commercial preparations.

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 - Holistic Goat Care: A Comprehensive Guide to Raising Healthy Animals, Preventing Common Ailments, and Troubleshooting Problems
Holistic Goat Care: A Comprehensive Guide to Raising Healthy Animals, Preventing Common Ailments, and Troubleshooting

Goats have provided humankind with essential products for centuries; indeed, they bear the noble distinction of being the first domesticated farm animal. From providing milk and meat for sustenance and fiber and hides for clothing and shelter to carrying packs and clearing brush, there isn’t much that goats cannot do. Managing goats successfully requires an understanding of how nature designed them to thrive, including nutritional and psychological needs, as well as how to identify a problem and intercede before it’s too late.  For more than a decade, Gianaclis Caldwell and her family have operated Pholia Farm Creamery, an off-grid, raw milk goat cheese dairy. In Holistic Goat Care, Caldwell offers readers a comprehensive guide to maintaining a healthy herd of goats, whether they are dairy goats, meat goats, fiber goats, or pet goats. Holistic Goat Care will empower even novice goat owners to confidently diagnose and treat most of the ailments that goats might experience. For the experienced goat farmer, the book offers a depth of insight and approaches to treatment not found in any other book. Caldwell places special emphasis throughout on holistic, natural, and alternative approaches to caring for goats, including information on:  Handling and managing goats using their ...

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 - Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums
Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and

A comprehensive guide to natural, do-it-yourself oral care, Holistic Dental Care introduces simple, at-home dental procedures that anyone can do. Highlighted with fifty-three full-color photos and illustrations, this book offers dental self-care strategies and practices that get to the core of the problems in our mouths--preventing issues from taking root and gently restoring dental health. Based on a "whole body approach" to oral care, Holistic Dental Care addresses the limits of the traditional approach that treats only the symptoms and not the source of body imbalances. Taking readers on a tour of the ecology of the mouth, dental health expert and author Nadine Artemis describes the physiology of the teeth and the sources of bacteria and decay. Revealing the truth about the artificial chemicals in many toothpastes and mouthwashes, Artemis also discusses the harmful effects of mercury fillings and the much safer ceramic filling options that are available. Covering topics that include healthy nutrition, oral care for children, and the benefits of botanical substances and plant extracts for maintaining oral health, Artemis introduces a comprehensive eight-step self-dentistry protocol that offers an effective way to prevent decay, illness, acidic saliva, plaque build-up, gum bleed...

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 - Critical Care Nursing: A Holistic Approach
Critical Care Nursing: A Holistic

Publisher’s Note:   Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.Prepare your students for successful critical care nursing practice! Focusing on preparing students to provide optimal care for critically ill patients and their families, this updated 11th Edition of Morton’s classic text integrates the latest research in health care and nursing education, while providing clear, concise writing; outstanding photographs and illustrations; and a holistic approach to the complexities of critical care nursing. By presenting theory and principles within the context of practical application, the authors promote critical thinking and clinical decision-making in every chapter and emphasize the patient as the center of the health care team’s efforts.  KEY FEATURESNEW! QSEN icons signal pertinent content within the text.Updated Spotlight on Genetics boxes include important genetic information and summaries of selected genetic disorders.Updated Case Studies with Critical Thinking Questions guide students on the journey from knowledge to practical application.Updated Evidence-Based Practice boxes include excerpts from the latest AACN practice alerts and publishe...

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 - Essentials of Critical Care Nursing: A Holistic Approach
Essentials of Critical Care Nursing: A Holistic

Essentials of Critical Care Nursing: A Holistic Approach focuses on the most common disorders and technologies encountered by a critical care nurse today. It includes enough depth to enhance the reader’s full understanding of important topics and fully prepares the student for practice. The clear, concise writing style assists students in understanding the pathophysiological basis for illness and the strategies the critical care nurse uses in assessing and managing patients. This text contains information about important psychosocial concepts, legal and ethical issues, history and physical examinations, key laboratory and diagnostic tests, as well as key nursing interventions used in critical care. Each chapter contains learning objectives to help focus the reader and a case study with critical thinking study questions that guide the student’s knowledge to practical application. Specially designed features appear throughout the text to assist students in providing competent and compassionate care to critically ill patients and their families:  Drug Therapy tables summarize information related to the administration and monitoring of drug therapy such as adverse effects, contraindications to use, measures that should be taken before administering the drug, as well as how to ...

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 - Holistic Care for Birds
Holistic Care for Birds

Birds are ideal subjects for holistic care. They are especially sensitive to emotional and physical stresses. Based on what we have learned from wild birds and studies completed in the last 10-20 years, this book will help you provide your bird with a longer, healthier life. Each beautifully illustrated chapter is written from two viewpoints, one from the leading holistic avian veterinarian and the other from a bird owner's viewpoint. Holistic care is defined and the value of this type of care in relation to conventional western medicine is discussed. Other interesting topics include the physical bird, the emotional bird, nutrition and special holistic therapies.

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 - Holistic Living in Life Plan Communities: Providing a Continuum of Care for Seniors
Holistic Living in Life Plan Communities: Providing a Continuum of Care for

If you’re retired or soon to be retired, you owe it to yourself to learn about residential options, including life plan communities. In contrast to traditional continuing care retirement communities, life plan communities recognize that seniors are retiring from work, not from life. They are designed for residents who still want to participate fully in their communities, engaging in activities, programs, and volunteer opportunities. But they also provide the security of different levels of care and assistance, available on an as-needed basis. To help you determine whether a life plan community is right for you, author Frederick Herb first describes the range of residential options for retirees. He then focuses on the structure and services of life plan communities, payment plans, and living arrangements. The book also offers detailed information to help you select the residential option that will best meet your needs and budget. You’ll learn how to understand the resident care agreement, what to inspect before moving in, and how to finance and arrange your move. With Herb’s facts and advice at your fingertips, you’ll be well prepared for an easy transition into the next stage of an enjoyable, fulfilling life.

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 - Deeply Holistic: A Guide to Intuitive Self-Care--Know Your Body, Live Consciously, and Nurture Your Spirit
Deeply Holistic: A Guide to Intuitive Self-Care--Know Your Body, Live Consciously, and Nurture Your

This user-friendly guide gives straightforward and practical advice to anyone who wants a holistic approach to taking care of themselves naturally. Following the traditional framework of an anatomy book that explains each body system chapter-by-chapter, Pip Waller—an experienced practitioner and teacher—provides fundamental information and tips about exercise, diet, supplements, understanding and caring for your emotional and mental health, naturopathic principles from various traditions, and simple yet effective ways of working with spiritual energy. Based on the premise that an underlying vital force—which needs to be in balance for health to be fully present—animates all life, this book is designed to support and promote our inherent tendency toward wholeness and equilibrium. Each chapter includes fun recipes to enhance health and well-being.

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 - The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care: An Illustrated Handbook
The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care: An Illustrated

Celeste Yarnall’s time-tested natural and holistic expertise gives cat owners insight into natural alternatives in food, medication, alternative therapies, and healing practices, improving the lives of feline friends and well as their caregivers. With Dr. Jean Hofve, the esteemed holistic veterinarian, she explores nutrition as preventative medicine, vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathic treatments, and groundbreaking anti-aging modalities never before published in a pet care guide. The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care also includes a complete bibliography and a list of suppliers of holistic remedies and services. As with all other pet health guides, it is a comprehensive resource intended to complement veterinary care, not replace it.

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 - Healing Justice: Holistic Self-Care for Change Makers
Healing Justice: Holistic Self-Care for Change

In the context of multiple forms of global economic, social, and cultural oppression, along with intergenerational trauma, burnout, and public services retrenchment, this book offers a framework and set of inquiries and practices for social workers, activists, community organizers, counselors, and other helping professionals. Healing justice, a term that has emerged in social movements in the last decade, is taught as a practice of connecting to the whole self, what many are conditioned to ignore -- the body, mind-heart, spirit, community, and natural world. Drawing from the East-West modalities of mindfulness, yoga, and Ayurveda, the author introduces six capabilities -- mindfulness and compassion; critical thinking and curiosity; and effort and equanimity -- which can guide practitioners on a transformative and empowering journey that can ultimately make them and their colleagues more effective in their work. Using case studies, critical analysis, and skill sharing, self-care is presented as an act of resistance to disconnection, marginalization, and internalized oppression. Healing justice is a trauma-informed practice that empowers social practitioners to cultivate the conditions that might allow them to feel more connected to themselves, their clients, colleagues, and commun...

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Holistic Care Nursing

Holistic Care

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Holistic Care

Claire Berggren demonstrates the importance of holistic cancer treatment as she narrates her twin brother’s story of survival and struggle as a cancer patient. She stresses treating the entire patient, mind, body and soul. Claire Berggren is a senior at Singapore American School. She saw a diffe...

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Holistic Care: Health Care for the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Holistic Care

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