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Railroad Rolling Stock

 - Railroad Rolling Stock (Gallery)
Railroad Rolling Stock

For as long as locomotives have been the stars of North American railroads, rolling stock has trundled and raced along behind, carrying raw materials, finished goods, and people. Illustrated with more than 250 photographs, Railroad Rolling Stock traces the evolution of various forms of rolling stock from throughout the history of North American railroading. Each chapter features a specific type: from boxcars, gondolas, and hoppers to tankcars, flatcars, and auto racks, intermodal rolling stock, passenger equipment, the venerable caboose, and even maintenance-of-way (MOW) equipment. Throughout, the photographs reflect the grand geographic and technological breadth of North American railroading and are accompanied by detailed captions identifying the rolling stock pictured and explaining their roles in the history of North American railroading from the “Golden Age” to present.

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 - Beginner's Guide to Locomotives & Rolling Stock
Beginner's Guide to Locomotives & Rolling

Keeping locomotives in good condition is critical to smooth operations on a model railroad. In the newest Essential Series book by Cody Grivno, Beginner s Guide to Locomotives and Rolling Stock, modelers will learn:How to choose, buy, and maintain locomotives, freight cars, and passenger cars with a focus on HO and N scales.How to perform basic maintenance and simple upgrades using detail parts, new couplers and new wheels.The basics about steam and diesel locomotive and freight car types.

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INTRODUCTIONMaintenance of railway equipment is performed to keep equipment in a safe and serviceable condition. The effectiveness of that maintenance directly affects the efficiency of railway operations, particularly in atheater of operations. Military railway men and all transportation officers should know how, when, and why to inspect and maintain railway equipment.This subcourse introduces you to the Army's dieselelectric locomotives and rolling stock, regulations that govern railway equipment and maintenance, forms used to guide inspectors and maintenance men inperforming their duties, and preventive maintenance indicators for railway equipment.

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 - Make it run like a Dream: Rolling Stock (Volume 2)
Make it run like a Dream: Rolling Stock (Volume

The Run like a Dream series came out of Joe Fugate's own experiences trying to get his HO Siskiyou Line layout to run as flawlessly as possible. While roadbed and trackwork are half the battle of good operation, good performing rolling stock forms much of the other half. Excellent performance doesn’t happen by accident, either. There are many preventive tricks you should apply, plus clever debugging tips for getting to the bottom of a problem quickly. And finally, regular maintenance done right keeps things running well. Achieving and maintaining excellent performing rolling stock is the focus of this book.

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 - Nordic Railways - Rolling Stock Recognition Guide 2014
Nordic Railways - Rolling Stock Recognition Guide

Nordic Railways - Rolling Stock Recognition Guide brings you around 150 of the most commonly seen electric, electric-hybrid and diesel locomotives, electric and diesel multiple units and some vintage museum equipment for easy recognition. Some of these are unique, many rare. Most vehicles also have much data added there through research and studying by the actual vehicles. Crowning the book are 250 pictures, so you will be able to browse through a certain section if you see something interesting and wish to know more. Contents:0. Welcome!1. Rolling Stock in Sweden and Norway1.1. Electric Locomotives1.2. Some Vintage Electric Locomotives1.3. Diesel Locomotives and Locotractors1.3. Electric Multiple Units 1.4. Diesel Multiple Units and Railcars2. Rolling Stock in Denmark2.1. Electric Locomotives2.2. Diesel Locomotives2.3. Electric Multiple Units2.4. Diesel Multiple Units3. Rolling Stock in Finland3.1. Electric and Electric Hybrid Locomotives3.2. Diesel Locomotives and Locotractors3.3. Vintage Diesel Locomotives, Broad Gauge3.4. Electric Multiple Units3.5. Diesel Multiple Units and Railbuses3.6. Helsinki Metro 3.7. Helsinki Trams 4. Rolling Stock of Iceland5. Other books from Bonbytes PublishingIf you wish to know more about the railroad rolling stock in the Nordic countries Sweden,...

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 - Field Guide to Trains: Locomotives and Rolling Stock (Voyageur Field Guides)
Field Guide to Trains: Locomotives and Rolling Stock (Voyageur Field

Now you can be the human Wikipedia page of trains--from locomotives to rolling stock. No Great American road trip would be complete without seeing trains streaming across wild prairies and through thick forests. All kinds of diesel and even a few steam locomotives can be seen, with everything from boxy frontends to curving streamlined bodies. The containers, flat cars, and boxcars pulled by these locomotives carry diverse freight, and the variety of these cars is wide. Field Guide to Trains: Locomotives and Rolling Stock is the source for easy-to-digest information on locomotives and cars. Model railroaders will also find this book indispensible, as it offers myriad ideas for realistic train systems.The book is divided by diesel-electric locomotives, self-propelled passenger trains, passenger cars, freight cars, rail transit, and preserved equipment at museums and excursion steam locomotives. It also touches on historic diesels, vintage trams, maintenance trains, snowplow engines, and circus trains. Featuring North American and world examples of trains, Field Guide to Trains includes just about any type of locomotive and train car you are likely to see on the rails today, making this book the only available comprehensive guide to locomotives and rolling stock out there.Bring Fiel...

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 - Kit Building for Railway Modellers: Volume 1 - Rolling Stock
Kit Building for Railway Modellers: Volume 1 - Rolling

Most modellers, regardless of what scale they work in, rely heavily on the humble plastic or metal kit, and this book will help both novice and more experienced modellers to achieve the very best results. George Dent presents here a clearly written foundation course in constructing rolling stock from kits. Examines tools, glues and materials; Describes how to successfully construct a chassis for wagons and carriages; Covers work in plastic, resin, white metal and brass; Presents an essential in-depth guide to soldering; Considers detailing, modifying and scratch-building; Discusses painting, transfers and weathering. A comprehensive guide to constructing rolling stock from kits, aimed at railway modellers of all abilities - it helps the modeller to achieve the best results form every kit. Volume one outlines all the necessary foundations and techniques relating to the construction, painting, detailing and finishing of rolling stock kits. Superbly and extensively illustrated with 591 colour photographs. George Dent is a highly respected model-maker and author.

 - How to draw rolling stock
How to draw rolling stock

Paul B. Mann was a British illustrator in the 1940s and 1950ss who specialized in industrial and engineering subjects. He illustrated several Picture Puffin books, including The Story of Iron, Locomotives, and Marvellous Models. How to Draw Rolling Stock is the companion to Mann's How to Draw Locomotives.

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 - Weathering for Railway Modellers: Volume 1 - Locomotives and Rolling Stock
Weathering for Railway Modellers: Volume 1 - Locomotives and Rolling

Once seen as a niche practice, the craft of weathering has now become firmly rooted in the railway modelling mainstream. Not simply a means of rendering models in layers of dirty paint, weathering involves a myriad of techniques aimed at improving realism, including distinctive surface textures, highlights and shading, burnishing and peeling paint finishes. The weathering process brings out the best in a model, making moulded relief or a lustrous livery really stand out. As well as replicating the real world more closely, weathering also helps a model to look at home within a scenic setting. Aimed at modellers of all abilities and eras, this book is an essential guide to creating the most realistic locomotives and rolling stock in any scale. It includes: a guide to tools, paints, washes, dry pigments and other innovative media; the correct techniques for model preparation; a wide range of techniques for wagons, carriages, locomotives and multiple units in any scale; how to replicate authentic surface textures and effects, from polished surfaces to corroded metal and worn timber; how to bring models to life with faded paintwork, peeling and chipped finishes and subtle highlights and shading; the secret to successful airbrushing. This book will be of great interest to railway m...

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 - My Big Train Book (My Big Board Books)
My Big Train Book (My Big Board

This updated edition of an all-time Priddy Books favorite is the perfect addition to the bookshelf of any train-crazy toddler! From high-speed trains to steam trains, passenger trains to freight trains, My Big Train Book is packed with photographs of all different kinds of trains from over the world to delight and captivate young readers.

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Upgrade Model Railroad Rolling Stock

Railroad Rolling Stock

In this video I show you how I upgrade model railroad rolling stock. I upgrade to metal wheel sets, install micro-trains couplers, and check the weight on various freight cars and rolling stock for optimal performance on your model railroad. ✅ RTNT Amazon Page: https://www.amazon.com/shop/ronst...

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Model Railway / Railroad - 3D Printed Locos & Rolling Stock

Railroad Rolling Stock

Model Railway / Railroad - 3D Printed Locos & Rolling Stock http://budgetmodelrailways.co.uk Gear: Main Camera: http://amzn.to/2j0tyB5 Second Camera: http://amzn.to/2j1qVPv Microphone: http://amzn.to/2CMs9pO Tripod: http://amzn.to/2CMrsgc Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/budget....

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How to Weather Rolling Stock for Your Model Railroad

Railroad Rolling Stock

How to weather rolling stock for your model railroad. In this video I am upgrading and weathering an N scale covered hopper LO. I am upgrading to Fox Valley metal wheel sets and fading and rusting the car body. It looks amazing, and you can do this too. Amazon Picks of the Week: http://amzn.to/2...

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