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Water Wastewater Treatment

 - Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants: A Field Study Training Program: 1
Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants: A Field Study Training Program:

Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Volume 1

  • ASIN: 1593710399
 - Water and Wastewater Treatment: A Guide for the Nonengineering Professional, Second Edition
Water and Wastewater Treatment: A Guide for the Nonengineering Professional, Second

Lauded for its engaging, highly readable style, the best-selling first edition became the premier guide for nonengineers involved in water and wastewater treatment operations. Water and Wastewater Treatment: A Guide for the Nonengineering Professional, Second Edition continues to provide a simple, nonmathematical account of the unit processes used to treat both drinking water and wastewater.Completely revised and expanded, this second edition adds new material on technological advances, regulatory requirements, and other current issues facing the water and wastewater industries. Using step-by-step, jargon-free language, the authors present all the basic unit processes involved in drinking water and wastewater treatment. They describe each unit process, the function of the process in water or wastewater treatment, and the basic equipment used in each process. They also explain how the processes fit together within a drinking water or wastewater treatment system and discuss the fundamental concepts that constitute water and wastewater treatment processes as a whole.Avoiding mathematics, chemistry, and biology, the book includes numerous illustrations for easy comprehension of concepts and processes. It also contains chapter summaries and an extensive glossary of terms and abbreviat...

  • ASIN: B00BC7E3KS
 - Practice Exams:  Water Treatment Operator Certification
Practice Exams: Water Treatment Operator

This book contains 4 full-length practice exams for water treatment certification. Each practice exam consists of 100 questions, which test the operator's knowledge of water treatment concepts and ability to solve relevant math problems. The 400 common test questions contained in this book are based on actual exams. The questions cover the following topics: 1. Water source 2. Reservoirs and intakes 3. Coagulation and flocculation 4. Sedimentation 5. Filtration 6. Disinfection 7. Corrosion 8. Taste and odor 9. Plant operations 10. Lab procedures 11. Safety 12. Drinking water regulations 13. Pumps . The book is geared towards those who are in the earlier stages of their career, such as the first two certification levels.

  • ASIN: 1533506396
 - Practice Exams: Wastewater Treatment Operator Certification
Practice Exams: Wastewater Treatment Operator

This book is for newer wastewater treatment operators who are studying for the Grade 2 exam (second certification level from the bottom). It contains 360 questions that help operators prepare for the wastewater treatment operator certification exam. There are 4 full-length practice exams in this book. Each test consists of 90 questions that cover wastewater treatment concepts and relevant math problems. The first two exams are all multiple choice, while the last two exams contain both true/false and multiple choice questions. Topics covered: Preliminary Treatment, Screening, Grit Channel, Primary Treatment, Primary Sedimentation, Secondary Treatment, Trickling Filters, Activated Sludge, RBC, Secondary Sedimentation, Waste Stabilization Ponds, Disinfection, Sludge Handling, Anaerobic Digestion, Safety, Sampling, Pumps, Laboratory Work, Analysis of Wastewater Constituents, and Basic Supervision Responsibilities. Math Section: Hydraulic Loading, Organic Loading, SVI, Removal Efficiency, F/M Ratio, MCRT, Pumping Rate, Percent Volatile Solids Reduction, Flowrate of Primary Sludge, Detention Time, Chlorine Residual and Demand, Weir Overflow Rate, Sludge Age, Surface Loading Rate, Solids Loading Rate, and Population Loading.

  • ASIN: 1542311454
 - Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery
Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource

Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Resource Recovery, 5/e is a thorough update of McGraw-Hill's authoritative book on wastewater treatment. No environmental engineering professional or civil or environmental engineering major should be without a copy of this book - describing the rapidly evolving field of wastewater engineering technological and regulatory changes that have occurred over the last ten years in this discipline, including: a new view of a wastewater as a source of energy, nutrients and potable water; more stringent discharge requirements related to nitrogen and phosphorus; enhanced understanding of the fundamental microbiology and physiology of the microorganisms responsible for the removel of nitrogen and phosphorus and other constituents; an appreciation of the importance of the separate treatment of return flows with respect to meeting more stringent standards for nitrogen removal and opportunities for nutrient recovery; increased emphasis on the treatment of sludge and the management of biosolids; increased awareness of carbon footprints impacts and greenhouse gas emissions, and an emphasis on the development of energy neutral or energy positive wastewater plants through more efficient use of chemical and heat energy in wastewater. This revision contains a s...

  • Brand: Brand: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
  • ASIN: 0073401188
 - Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Made Easy: A Practical Guide for Licensure
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Made Easy: A Practical Guide for

· Wastewater technologies and math presented in basic, understandable terms · Clear, full explanations of unit processes from screening to activated sludge · Math review focused on wastewater plant and licensure test calculations · Questions and quizzes designed for exam preparation · Numerous drawings and solved problems illustrating key ideas This book gives plant operators and students of wastewater a simple and math-based introduction to all major unit processes in the modern wastewater treatment plant.Written with plant personnel in mind, the book furnishes easy-to-understand explanations of each step in treating wastewater--from screening, through sedimentation and settling, to activated sludge. The work is designed for operators and managers to run plants and to advance their careers by passing state licensure exams. Sample questions and problems in the text have been selected to prepare for operator examinations. Each chapter of the book is devoted to fully clarifying a unit process, and includes sample questions and problems. The book opens with a review of math, as this is applied to wastewater calculations. Many sample problems throughout give the reader an opportunity to practice and apply math formulas in realistic wastewater situations. Step-by-step description...

  • ASIN: 1932078096
 - Applied Math for Wastewater Plant Operators (Mathematics for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators Series)
Applied Math for Wastewater Plant Operators (Mathematics for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators

With many worked examples, this book provides step-by-step instruction for all calculations required for wastewater treatment. Pertinent calculations are conveniently summarized in each chapter. The text covers all the fundamental math concepts and skills needed for daily wastewater treatment plant operations. The workbook for this book can be purchased separately or together in the Applied Math for Wastewater Plant Operators Set (ISBN: 9781566769891).

  • ASIN: B00UVA71IS
 - Coagulation and Flocculation in Water and Wastewater Treatment - Third Edition
Coagulation and Flocculation in Water and Wastewater Treatment - Third

Coagulation and Flocculation in Water and Wastewater Treatment provides a comprehensive account of coagulation and flocculation techniques and technologies in a single volume covering theoretical principles to practical applications. Thoroughly revised and updated this new edition has been progressively modified and increased in scope to cater for the requirements of practitioners involved with water and wastewater treatment. New topics in this new edition include : *activated sludge bulking and foaming control and enhanced bioflocculation; *algae removal and harvesting; *dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) removal; *inorganics removal; *turbidity and its measurement; *wastewater treatment by coagulation and chemically enhanced primary treatment (CEPT). The book presents the subject logically and sequentially from theoretical principles to practical applications. Successive chapters deal with, in turn, properties of materials present in waters and wastewaters; characteristics and types of coagulants commonly in use; mechanisms and practical implications of destabilization of waterborne material using metal coagulants and polyelectrolytes; considerations and requirements for coagulant addition at the rapid mixing stage; theoretical and practical considerations of flocculation; and de...

  • ASIN: 1780407491
 - The Wastewater Operator's Guide to Preparing for the Certification Examination
The Wastewater Operator's Guide to Preparing for the Certification

The Wastewater Operator's Guide to Preparing for the Certification Examination was prepared jointly by the Water Environment Federation, the Association of Boards of Certification (ABC), and the Certification Commission for Environmental Professionals (C2EP). It outlines what you can expect from the exam, provides key formulas, and lets you test your skills with sample questions. Updated job tasks and types of knowledge are addressed in four levels of competency. The approximately 200 questions included in this guide have been chosen to sample as many different aspects of a wastewater operator's job responsibilities as possible. Questions in the study guide are intended to provide an example of style and possible topics for certification exam questions. This guide includes C2EP 's education and experience requirements, tips for taking a certification examination, and sample formulas and conversions. Detailed answers to mathematical problems and references are provided

  • ASIN: 1572783338
 - Lumpy Water Math: Math for Wastewater Operators
Lumpy Water Math: Math for Wastewater

Lumpy Water Math was written to help wastewater treatment plant operators and collection system operators with the basic problem solving ability needed to evaluate and control these systems. This understanding will help the operator use math in day-to day operation as well as help prepare for certification exams. The math will be helpful to water supply and distribution system operators as the math used is basically the same. The instruction begins with basic instruction in solving for areas and volumes, detention time, flow calculations, hydraulic and organic loading and progresses to specialty areas such as activated sludge and laboratory calculations. The book includes tips for making problem solving and use of calculators easier. Typical state design standards are listed so that problem answers can be compared to accepted values. The book includes many practice problems with answers given in the appendix to help operators become proficient in basic problem solving.

  • ASIN: 1419659200

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How Do Wastewater Treatment Plants Work?

Water Wastewater Treatment

SUPPORT CR on PATREON: http://bit.ly/2qBHcvf It's a topic we'd rather not think about, where does last nights dinner go when we flush it down the drain? While you may already be grossed out just thinking about it, this question leads way to a significant subset of civil engineering and a massive...

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Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour - "Flush To Finish"

Water Wastewater Treatment

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How Do Water Treatment Plants Work?

Water Wastewater Treatment

For most everyone around the world, turning on your tap and getting fresh clean water is just a way of life. While this might seem to be a simple fact of modern civilization, it's a relatively new innovation in the timeline of human development. Access to fresh water is one of the largest driver...

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