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Aluminum Repousse Panel

 - NOVICA 39539
NOVICA 39539" Duel of Elephants Aluminum Repousse

Renowned silversmith thiva boonnak expertly creates this exquisite aluminum repousse panel depicting the dramatic battle fought during the siege of chiang mai led by the king taken of ayutthaya. Here, boonnak engraves with delicacy every minuscule detail of the scene, evident in the soldiers' fearless expressions and almost palpable violence. The kingdom of lanna in northern thailand was an independent country for over 200 years, extending north to burma and south to lampang. The first ruler was king mengrai, who founded both the mengrai dynasty and the city of chiang mai. Years later the burmese overran the kingdom of lanna and occupied it until 1775. The king taken of ayutthaya recaptured chiang mai, and the kingdom of lanna was eventually incorporated into siam in the reign of rama v. Boonak frames this vivid scene with an exotic rain tree frame and may be displayed on a wall from small ring at the back or atop a shelf from its pivotal stand. Thiva boonnak describes the traditional and demanding process she follows for this remarkable home adornment: "for this panel, my suppliers provide me with 100Percent aluminum sheets. Once i got these sheets i heat up a mixture of oil and pitch, and i apply a coat of this mixture on a wooden surface. I apply another coat of that mixture t...

  • Brand: NOVICA
  • ASIN: B00014W33C
  • UPC: 808773276505
 - NOVICA 104592
NOVICA 104592" The Farmer's Friend Aluminum Repousse

Daily life customs of centuries ago inspire this fine repousse panel by thiva boonnak. The versatile Thai artist creates a scene of vivid detail featuring farmers at work in a variety of tasks. "Some of these tasks have been replaced by technology," explains boonnak. "However, the Buffalo remains the farmer's friend." Arrives in a rain tree wood frame.

  • Brand: NOVICA
  • UPC: 808773047525
 - NOVICA 172413
NOVICA 172413" The Dragon Emperor Aluminum Repousse

The Asian Dragon is believed to be a benevolent creature, ruler of the waters and weather. According to the Chinese horoscope, it is one of the most auspicious signs. Thiva boonnak honors this legendary creature with a detailed representation in aluminum repousse flanked by a sun emblazoned with the Fu , Lu , shou characters which, according to taoist beliefs stand for good Fortune, prosperity and longevity, respectively. Underscored by red velvet, the panel is framed in rain tree wood.

  • Brand: NOVICA
  • ASIN: B0041SN0YA
  • UPC: 808773195745
 - NOVICA 104623
NOVICA 104623" Life in The Country Aluminum Repousse

Quiet homes follow the course of a crystalline stream that flows through the Thai countryside. Villagers Chat or go about their daily chores while barking dogs romp with giggling children. Thiva boonnak's beautiful landscape is created in a repousse panel framed in rain tree wood.

  • Brand: NOVICA
  • UPC: 808773047532
 - NOVICA 191131
NOVICA 191131" Lanna Countryside Aluminum Repousse

A vision from thailand's past and yet still practiced today, villagers go about their chores tending their fields and animals. Thiva boonnak works with repousse techniques on aluminum to create a composition of exquisite artistry. Skillfully detailed, the panel is framed in velvet and rain tree wood.

  • Brand: NOVICA
  • ASIN: B0073TGWIU
  • UPC: 808773323452
 - NOVICA 172414
NOVICA 172414" The Dragon and The Pearl Aluminum Repousse

Inspired by ancient myths, thiva boonnak portrays with exquisite detail in aluminum repousse, a Dragon holding a pearl. Pearls were believed to be the tears of the moon, and some were swallowed by oysters, some were Guarded by Dragons, and others were bestowed upon those who needed it, like in the tale of a boy called xiao Sheng. He found a magical pearl that seemed to multiply all that was around it. Though xiao Sheng shared its gifts with the rest of the villagers, some demanded that the pearl itself had to be shared. The boy swallowed it and became so thirsty he drank all the water in the River, and then began to turn into a Dragon. Everyone recognized the pearl as the legendary pearl of the River Dragon, the most coveted and beloved treasure. When xiao Sheng fully became a Dragon he brought the much-needed rain and carved a River as a way of saying Farewell.

  • Brand: NOVICA
  • ASIN: B0041SP3IG
  • UPC: 808773195752
 - NOVICA 104624
NOVICA 104624" Red Dragon Aluminum Repousse

Working in a Chinese style, Thiva Boonnak depicts a majestic dragon in gleaming repousse. Flames envelop its sinuous body as it exhales tendrils of smoke. Legend tells that the dragon's eggs lay beside riverbanks for a thousand years. The sound of their cracking caused furious storms and tiny snakes emerged to face the wind and rain. They grew rapidly into flying dragons. Set on velvet, the repousse image is framed in rain tree wood.

  • Brand: NOVICA
  • UPC: 808773047549
 - NOVICA 190019
NOVICA 190019" Blissful Relationship Aluminum Repousse

NOVICA, in association with National Geographic, works together with talented artisan designers around the world to produce stunning, keepsake treasures. Our mantra is to spread global happiness, so rest assured - we’ll do everything we possibly can to ensure you’re a happy customer. About this item: Thiva Boonnak invokes the presence of Huang, the mythological bird of East Asia that reigns over all other birds. The male version, Feng, was fused with Huang and therefore they became known as Fenghuang, a female entity to be paired with the Chinese dragon. Together they augur a blissful marriage as they represent husband and wife. Fenghuang is known in the West as the Chinese phoenix and she symbolizes the concept of yin and yang, as well as high virtue and grace. Fenghuang's beauty is captured with magnificent artistry in this repoussé panel framed in rain tree wood. - Arrives framed About our Artist: Thiva Boonnak speaks reflectively of her art in her family's old-fashioned workshop. 'Our region's designs are all special. Each one is unique and grandiose. My father taught us the silversmith craft – not only the technical, intricate skills, but also the smith's labor of love,' she says. With such passion flowing from their hearts to their hands it is not difficult to un...

  • Color: Red Metallic
  • Brand: NOVICA
  • ASIN: B0082HCKM4
  • UPC: 808773322639

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