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Antique Chinese Ceramics

 - Chinese Ceramics: From the Paleolithic Period through the Qing Dynasty (The Culture & Civilization of China)
Chinese Ceramics: From the Paleolithic Period through the Qing Dynasty (The Culture & Civilization of

This lavishly illustrated catalogue is a comprehensive historical review of Chinese ceramics covering newly excavated discoveries from the Paleolithic era thousands of years ago to the end of the Qing dynasty in 1911. Throughout China’s history there has been an ongoing practice of invention and innovation in the forms, materials, decorations, and functions of ceramics made in China, both for the domestic market and for its ever-growing trade with foreign markets. The creation of ceramic ware holds a special and very important place among the many arts and inventions that characterize Chinese culture, society, and civilization. The product of a ten-year collaboration among eminent American, Chinese, and Japanese scholars, Chinese Ceramics offers a new perspective in interpreting the oldest and one of the most admired Chinese art forms, from its technological aspects to its aesthetic value. The volume includes a chapter on Chinese export ceramics that delves into Chinese trade activities and ceramic wares made for export as well as a chapter about the authenticity of Chinese ceramics, discussing issues related to connoisseurship of this Chinese art. As author He Li writes, “Despite the rich variety of Chinese ceramics around the world, no fully illustrated, photographed survey...

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 - How to Read Chinese Ceramics (The Metropolitan Museum of Art - How to Read)
How to Read Chinese Ceramics (The Metropolitan Museum of Art - How to

Chinese ceramics are among the most significant and widely collected decorative arts produced anywhere in the world, with a history that spans millennia. Despite the saturation of Chinese ceramics in global culture—in English, the word “china” has become synonymous with “porcelain”—the function of these works and the meaning of their often richly decorated surfaces are not always readily apparent.   This new installment in the successful How to Read series enlightens readers on Chinese ceramics of all kinds, using highlights from the outstanding collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art as a teaching tool. Accessible to a general audience and written by an expert on the subject, this book explains and interprets 40 masterworks of Chinese ceramics. The works represent a broad range of subject matter and type, from ancient earthenware to 20th-century porcelain, and from plates and bowls to vases and sculptural figures. Lavish illustrations showcase these stunning works and the decorations that adorn them, including symbolic scenes, flowers, and Buddhist and Chinese historical figures. 

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 - Chinese Provincial Furniture: Selections from the Late Qing Dynasty (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
Chinese Provincial Furniture: Selections from the Late Qing Dynasty (Schiffer Book for

Focusing on provincial furniture of the early 1800s to early 1900s (late Qing Dynasty), this stunning book provides a detailed look at assorted chairs, benches, tables, storage pieces, beds, and screens originally created and used in eight Chinese provinces. Over 550 color photographs and accompanying text detail the construction and artistic differences characterizing these styles. Highly informative to collectors, dealers, and students of Asian furnishings, the book covers types of wood used, construction techniques, lacquer and other finishing processes, and original usage. Restoration and tips for care of antique furniture are also discussed. Descriptive captions include dimensions, circa dates, types of wood, and current market values for all pieces shown. Learning to authenticate classical antiques from China is becoming a necessity as facsimiles begin to appear in the marketplace. This book helps demystify the purchasing process and engenders an appreciation of lovely designs that blend wonderfully into contemporary homes.

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 - Chinese Ceramics: A New Comprehensive Survey from the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Chinese Ceramics: A New Comprehensive Survey from the Asian Art Museum of San

For centuries Chinese ceramics have been the objects most coveted in the West by collectors with an interest in the arts of Asia. The extraordinary innovations of Chinese potters court among the most outstanding accomplishments in the cultural heritage of the world since the Neolithic era. Systematic study of Chinese ceramics, begun in the eighteenth century with the French Jesuit Pere d'Entrecolles, has been greatly enlarged in the twentieth century, and since the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976, extensive excavations at kiln sites have yielded invaluable new insights into the chronological development of ceramic forms, glaze types and decorative styles. This remarkable book cites all the latest scientific and archaeological evidence, examining provenance, technique, archaeological and historical context, and ancient traditions of Chinese connoisseurship and patronage to provide an integrated and highly detailed approach to the subject.In over 700 color photographs specially taken for this book, a wide range of imperial and regional, decorative and practical, export and domestic, ceremonial and funerary wares are fully represented.

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 - Chinese Art: A Guide to Motifs and Visual Imagery
Chinese Art: A Guide to Motifs and Visual

With over 630 striking color photos and illustrations, this Chinese art guide focuses on the rich tapestry of symbolism which makes up the basis of traditional Chinese art. Chinese Art: A Guide to Motifs and Visual Imagery includes detailed commentary and historical background information for the images that continuously reappear in the arts of China, including specific plants and animals, divine beings, mortals and inanimate objects. The book thoroughly illuminates the origins, common usages and diverse applications of popular Chinese symbols in a tone that is both engaging and authoritative.Chinese Art: A Guide to Motifs and Visual Imagery is an essential reference for collectors, museum-goers, guides, students and anyone else with a serious interest in the culture and history of China.

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 - Chinese Ceramics: Porcelain of the Qing Dynasty 1644-1911 (Far Eastern Series)
Chinese Ceramics: Porcelain of the Qing Dynasty 1644-1911 (Far Eastern

This book describes the production of porcelain, which reached a peak of technical perfection in the early eighteen century, and sets it against a wider historical and political background. The story is followed right through to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, a period which has often been neglected. Information on techniques and on kiln construction is linked with descriptions of the personalities behind the industry. Technological advances led to many manufacturing and decorating innovations, which are illustrated by key pieces from the V&A's fine collection. Rich color glazes, sparkling blue and white and brilliant enamel-decorated vessels are all testimony to the important role played by ceramics in the history of Chinese art and design.

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 - Chinese Domestic Furniture in Photographs and Measured Drawings (Dover Books on Furniture)
Chinese Domestic Furniture in Photographs and Measured Drawings (Dover Books on

Westerners have long admired Chinese furniture for its durability, inner strength, quiet restraint, and simple dignity. Especially attractive to the educated eye are its purity of line, devotion to detail, and flawless construction. This unabridged reprint of a rare classic provides lovers of Chinese furniture with an enlightened discussion of the accomplishments achieved by fine craftsmen over the centuries, including the aesthetic levels attained during the early Shang period (1766–1123 B. C.), the transitional phase of cabinetmaking during the Yuan Dynasty (1280–1368 A.D.), and the perfection in craftsmanship reached during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644 A.D.). The text also reviews the origins and development of basic forms and methods of construction — from the selection of wood to its processing, cutting, joining, ornamentation, and final polishing.Long considered the definitive work on Chinese hardwood furniture in a Western language, this indispensable guide contains 161 superb plates that include photographs and drawings of tables, chairs, couches, cabinets, cupboards, and wardrobes. There are also measured drawings for 21 exquisitely crafted pieces for woodworkers interested in creating authentic Chinese furniture.When the first edition of this volume was published...

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 - A Legacy of Ming: Ceramic Finds from the Site of the Ming Palace in Nanjing
A Legacy of Ming: Ceramic Finds from the Site of the Ming Palace in

Since the 1950's, several important excavations of porcelain wares have been conducted at the site of the Ming Palace in Nanjing, which has proved to be another important find for Ming ceramics in addition to Jingdezhen. In 1964, while the city dredged the Yudai River, ceramic archaeologists from the Nanjing Museum found a large number of ceramic shards, mainly blue and white wares dating from the late Yuan to the early Ming reigns of Hongwu, Yongle and Xuande. Through careful analysis and extensive research, their findings help identify wares of the Hongwu reign and styles and development of porcelain wares in the Yongle and Xuande reigns. The archaeologists also recognized wares produced in the interregnum period during the three reigns of Zhengtong, Jingtai and Tianshun. This comprehensive catalog features more than 200 shards illustrated in color-including lead glazed tiles and bricks, porcelain bricks, triangular and circular tile terminals, monochromes, blue and whites and polychromes-together with detailed descriptive entries and two introductory essays.

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 - Korean BBQ: Master Your Grill in Seven Sauces
Korean BBQ: Master Your Grill in Seven

JAMES BEARD AWARD FINALIST • A casual and practical guide to grilling with Korean-American flavors from chef Bill Kim of Chicago's award-winning bellyQ restaurants, with 80 recipes tailored for home cooks with suitable substitutions for hard-to-find ingredients.Born in Korea but raised in the American Midwest, chef Bill Kim brings these two sensibilities together in Korean BBQ, translating Korean flavors for the American consumer in a way that is friendly and accessible. This isn't a traditional Korean cookbook but a Korean-American one, based on gatherings around the grill on weeknights and weekends. Kim teaches the fundamentals of the Korean grill through flavor profiles that can be tweaked according to the griller's preference, then gives an array of knockout recipes. Starting with seven master sauces (and three spice rubs), you’ll soon be able to whip up a whole array of recipes, including Hoisin and Yuzu Edamame, Kimchi Potato Salad, Kori-Can Pork Chops, Seoul to Buffalo Shrimp, BBQ Spiced Chicken Thighs, and Honey Soy Flank Steak. From snacks and drinks to desserts and sides, Korean BBQ has everything you need to for a fun and delicious time around the grill.

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 - Chinese Porcelain in the Conde Collection
Chinese Porcelain in the Conde

The Chinese porcelain objects collected by Alvaro Conde constitute one of the finest private collections worldwide. This publication includes texts by leading experts in this area: an introduction by Christie's Becky Mcquarie, a main essay by porcelain specialist William Sargent and an essay about the business relationship between China and New Spain by Maria Bonta de La Pezuela.

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 - The Handbook of Marks on Chinese Ceramics (English and Chinese Edition)
The Handbook of Marks on Chinese Ceramics (English and Chinese

The Handbook of Marks on Chinese Ceramics

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 - Chinese Ceramics In Khmer Area: 9-19th Century
Chinese Ceramics In Khmer Area: 9-19th

Chinese Ceramics in Khmer Area during 9-19th century displays over 120 pieces ceramic of various kinds collected in Cambodia by the Research Center of Ancient Southeast Asia & Chinese Exported Ceramics. This book shows us the Khmer history of ceramic imports from China during 9-19th century.

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 - Chinese Ceramics in the Collection of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam: The Ming and Qing Dynasties
Chinese Ceramics in the Collection of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam: The Ming and Qing

Book by Jorg, Christiaan J. A.

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 - Understand the Art of China: A Collector's Guide for Antique Chinese Porcelain
Understand the Art of China: A Collector's Guide for Antique Chinese

This useful handbook provides you essential wide covered knowledge for collectors of antique Chinese porcelain.- Helps you understand the real value of an artifact- Learn how to recognize authentic antiques from fakes- Useful knowledge of porcelain design

 - Allen's Authentication of Ancient Chinese Ceramics
Allen's Authentication of Ancient Chinese

The focus of this book is primarily on the authentication and dating of ancient Chinese ceramics, covering the 5,000 years from the Neolithic period to the Ming dynasty, using techniques and visual indicators which the author has learned in his 23 years of collecting and dealing in these wares.

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 - Peranakan Chinese Porcelain: Vibrant Festive Ware of the Straits Chinese
Peranakan Chinese Porcelain: Vibrant Festive Ware of the Straits

With over 800 unique photographs, this Chinese art book is a feast for the eyes.Produced exclusively for wealthy Chinese communities along the Strait of Malacca in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Peranakan Chinese porcelain is enjoying a resurgence of interest among collectors.Straits-born Chinese, or Peranakans, in Penang, Malacca and Singapore, used this ornate and colorful enamelware on festive occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and Chinese New Year.Peranakan Chinese Porcelain is richly illustrated and includes key information on reign marks and factory marks. In-depth discussion of the motifs, colors, forms and functions of Peranakan Chinese ceramics makes this an invaluable reference. Supporting photographs and text introduce related aspects of Peranakan culture including architecture, dress, cuisine and customs, making Peranakan Chinese Porcelain a wonderful contribution to the history of the Straits Chinese.

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 - Chinese Furniture: A Guide to Collecting Antiques
Chinese Furniture: A Guide to Collecting

The international market for antique Chinese furniture is booming, and masterpieces from the Ming and Qing dynasties are now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Chinese Furniture is a survey of these collectibles—from the very best hardwood pieces featured to standard softwood specimens still available on the Asian market. The book presents an overview of carving styles, wood types, regional variations, class distinctions and restoration techniques.With this renewed interest in antique furniture, a forgery market has emerged. Thousands of factories in southern China are churning out brand new or refurbished furniture and passing them off as antiques. Chinese Furniture unearths these forgeries and serves as an indispensable reference guide to collectors.

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 - Ships of the Silk Road: The Bactrian Camel in Chinese Jade
Ships of the Silk Road: The Bactrian Camel in Chinese

For hundreds of years the Bactrian camel ploughed a lonely furrow across the vast wilderness of Asia. This bizarre-looking, temperamental yet hardy creature here came into its own as the core goods vehicle, resolutely and reliably transporting to China – over huge and unforgiving distances – fine things from the West while taking treasures out of the Middle Kingdom in return. Where the chariot, wagon and other wheeled conveyances proved useless amidst the shifting desert dunes, the surefooted progress of the camel – archetypal 'ship of the Silk Road' – now reigned supreme. The Bactrian camel was a subject that appealed particularly to Chinese artists because of its association with the exotic trade to mysterious Western lands. In his lavishly illustrated volume, Angus Forsyth explores diverse jade pieces depicting this iconic beast of burden. Almost one hundred separate objects are included, many of which have not been seen in print before. At the same time the author offers the full historical background to his subject. The book will have a strong appeal to collectors and art historians alike.

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 - Allen's Authentication of Later Chinese Porcelain (1796 AD - 1999 AD)
Allen's Authentication of Later Chinese Porcelain (1796 AD - 1999

ALLEN'S AUTHENTICATION OF LATER CHINESE PORCELAIN . . . continues on from the earlier "Allen's Introduction to Later Chinese Porcelain" in a more detailed examination of aspects of dating, and provides even the novice collector or dealer with information, dating techniques, and illustrations, which would otherwise take years to learn. The focus of the work is primarily on the dating of porcelain made between the beginning of the Jiaqing reign in 1796 AD, and ending in the penultimate year of the 20th Century, 1999. As many of the porcelains made in this 200-year period were copies of earlier periods, there are also a number of illustrations of genuine porcelain and pottery pieces made in the late Ming and earlier Qing dynasties; i.e. prior to 1796 AD. Progressing chronologically through the late Qing dynasty reigns of Jiaqing through Xuantong, this book then examines the porcelain of the Republic period (1912 to 1949), and then the Mao period of the People's Republic of China, before concluding with a preliminary look at the dating of Chinese redwares, and details of the author's visit to Jingdezhen in 1998. With over 480 full colour illustrations of not only the items, but of their backs and undersides, close-ups of marks, footrims , and glazes, this is undoubtedly the most deta...

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 - A handbook of Chinese ceramics
A handbook of Chinese

Book by Suzanne G Valenstein

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 - Chinese Export Porcelain, Standard Patterns and Forms, 1780-1880
Chinese Export Porcelain, Standard Patterns and Forms,

Chinese Export Porcelain, Standard Patterns and Forms contains over 1000 items illustrated in black and white and 49 color plates. This book tells the story of the exciting and dangerous "China Trade." The principal purpose of this book is to show and discuss the many forms and variations that have made this field so fascinating. The text is simple and factual and explodes many cherished myths and fantasies about these wares. The pictures and captions tell the story.

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 - The Art of the Chinese Snuff Bottle: The J & J Collection
The Art of the Chinese Snuff Bottle: The J & J

This two-volume boxed edition presents in its entirety the collection of Chinese snuff bottles owned by James and Julie Li. The 451 bottles and 33 related craft items in this collection comprise some of the most outstanding works of the genre. Almost every piece is shown at actual size, while the text offers an examination of each piece, both in terms of their physical qualities and its history and significance as a work of art.

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 - Chinese Country Antiques: Vernacular Furniture and Accessories, C.1780-1920
Chinese Country Antiques: Vernacular Furniture and Accessories,

A new kind of antique Chinese furniture swept onto the market in the early 1990s. It appealed to people who were sure they did not like Chinese furniture, people who were ready for new ideas about Orientalia, and people who couldn't afford the five- and six-figure prices routinely attached to classical Chinese pieces. It struck a surprisingly sympathetic chord with Western tastes, and the prices are still surprisingly low. It comes from the last days of the emperors, and expresses a sense of creative freedom, vigor, and visual elegance. Here are cabinets, tables, chairs, and accessories in various woods and finishes to enhance each room of your home. This third edition offers a comprehensive and compelling look at Chinese country furniture from the consumer's point of view. 380 color images, some in room settings, others with great detail, bring the beautiful designs to life. A guide to pricing makes this a useful tool for collectors and dealers alike. Because of a changing political and economic landscape in China, this late-Ching furniture has flooded Western markets, giving retail customers equal footing with collectors and keeping prices reasonable, for now. Because the quality covers a wide range, it takes an informed buyer to navigate between the real and the not-quite-so-r...

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 - Shiwan Ceramics: Beauty, Color, and Passion (English and Chinese Edition)
Shiwan Ceramics: Beauty, Color, and Passion (English and Chinese

Among the ceramic sculptures of China, none can surpass the Schiwan figures in terms of modeling, vivid expression, and colorful glazes. This presentation of the Shiwan ceramics features 100 figurines and vessels from American collections dating from the Song dynasty to the present. An appendix includes signatures and seals from the pieces.

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 - Hollow Ceramic Chinese vase with Base Colorful Antique Porcelain Flower vase Traditional Modern Decorative Home Centerpiece Traditional Chinese vase-A H28cmxW17cm
Hollow Ceramic Chinese vase with Base Colorful Antique Porcelain Flower vase Traditional Modern Decorative Home Centerpiece Traditional Chinese vase-A

Our Chinese Vase Is The Best Home Decor Accessories,This Chinese Art Must Be The Most Shining Star No Matter Where You Put Our Chinese Vase. With Perfect Collocation, Simple And Modern, Our Vase Give You A Different Life Of Emotional Appeal, Modern Design To Any space. As A Party Or Wedding Decoration, Believe Our Vase Also Attracts A Lot Of attention. Perfect Gifts For Planter Lover, Housewarming Or Presents For Christmas Or Thankgiving To Your Families And friends. Our Vases For Flowers Wall Vase Adds A Bright Color Into Your Home, Which Is Also Perfect Gifts For Women, Birthday Gifts For Women, Gift For Valentine's Day, Christmas Or Gifts. Our Vase Widely Used In Home And Office Decoration. Great For Place Our Vase In Livingroom, Bedroom, Dinning Room, And Coffee Room.Our Vase Perfect Gifts For Housewarming Or Presents For Christmas Or Thankgiving To Your Families And friends. Our Vase Is A Perfect Birthday Decoration., Wedding Decoration., Decorations For Living Room, Home Decorations For Living Room, Kitchen Decoration., Bedroom Decoration, Table Decoration, Bathroom Decoration, Dressing Table Decoration, Study Decoration And So on. Careinstructions Washvase By Warm water. Becarefulandnotfallthisbeautifulvaseonground. Warm kind Our Vase Is Packed With Foamand Shockproofbox ...

  • Color: A
  • Brand: CeramicVase

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Tips on How to Identify Authentic Antique Chinese Porcelain vs. Modern Copies and Fakes - Part 1

Antique Chinese Ceramics

A short tutorial that looks at some tips on how to spot modern Chinese porcelain vs.authentic antiques. If you have Chinese porcelain at home that curious about, feel free to contact through our website at chamberlainantiques.com

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Dating and Understanding Chinese Porcelain and Pottery

Antique Chinese Ceramics

Dating and Understanding Chinese Porcelain and Pottery. Visit Us at https://bidamount.com/chinese-art-asian-antiques-auction-news-letter-ebay A narrated examination of 237 images of Chinese pottery and porcelain ranging from the Song to Republican period. Numerous images of details, foot rims, ...

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1/4 Treasures of Chinese Porcelain

Antique Chinese Ceramics

http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLM4S2hGZDSE7BZYU45L4NtEc_lQvTMwmY First broadcast: 11 Oct 2011. In November 2010, a Chinese vase unearthed in a suburban semi in Pinner sold at auction for £43 million - a new record for a Chinese work of art. Why are Chinese vases so famous and so expensive?...

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