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Charles Mackintosh

 - Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Art of the Four
Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Art of the

The Glasgow Style is the name given to the work of a group of young designers and architects working in Glasgow from 1890–1914. At its centre were four young friends who had trained at Glasgow School of Art; two architects and two artists – Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Herbert MacNair, Margaret Macdonald and Frances Macdonald – who were simply known by their friends and contemporaries as ‘The Four’. Their work was a personal vision in the new international style of the 1890s, Art Nouveau, and is perhaps best known for Mackintosh’s architecture and furniture. But at the root of this new style was a graphic language which all four shared.Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Art of The Four presents the most coherent story to date of this important group, concentrating on the entirety of their artistic imagery and output, far beyond the best known work of the 1890s, and charting the constantly changing relationships between the artists and their work.  

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 - StealStreet 11.5-Inch Tall Look Roses Curvilinear Art Nouveau Vase Pewter
StealStreet 11.5-Inch Tall Look Roses Curvilinear Art Nouveau Vase

This gorgeous 11.5 inch Tall Art Nouveau Vase Pewter Look Roses Curvilinear Theme has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere. The 11.5 inch Tall Art Nouveau Vase Pewter Look Roses Curvilinear Theme is truly remarkable. Product is crafted with: Polyresin. ITEM SKU: SS-US-AN10487V4.

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 - Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Charles Rennie Mackintosh

The great Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868–1928) has come to be seen as one of the most influential early modern designers. Like Frank Lloyd Wright, whom he rivals in popularity today, Mackintosh viewed the design of furniture and interiors as a vital part of his architectural work. Today, reproductions and objects based on his design ideas are wildly popular. This is the fourth edition of the primary reference work on Mackintosh furniture and the first time it has been in print in more than twenty years. Completely revised and redesigned, with new information and many new color illustrations, the book documents every surviving piece of Mackintosh furniture and every drawing, as well as his interior designs (including reconstructions of interiors that have been destroyed).

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 - The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Colouring Book
The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Colouring

As an outstanding exponent of Art Nouveau and leader of the ‘Glasgow Style’, Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s buildings, designs and paintingsare known the world over. In this book Eilidh Muldoon shares her passion for one of the twentieth-century’s artistic giants. From Mackintosh’smost iconic buildings, such as the Glasgow School of Art, The Cranston Tearooms and Hill House to furniture, stained glass and fabric designs,these drawings are an ideal way to explore his artistic world, and by adding colour, adding your own personal stamp.

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 - Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Life and Work
Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Life and

A major architectural study of one of the pioneers of modernism.Charles Rennie Mackintosh was Scotland’s greatest architect and arguably one of the world’s most admired. He had far fewer commissions than his contemporary Frank Lloyd Wright, but with a few bold and innovative structures―the Glasgow School of Art and Hill House among them―he had a profound influence on art and architecture at the turn of the twentieth century. Like Wright, Mackintosh designed in totality, down to the furniture and fabrics used in his structures, and he was influenced by the Japanese, particularly in the simplicity of his designs and themes from nature.Hailed as a pioneer of modernism, Mackintosh was, however, perhaps truer to the Arts and Crafts movement than has been realized. With both historic photographs and modern images of Mackintosh’s major works taken by the noted architectural photographer Mark Fiennes, this is an essential and beautiful addition to the Mackintosh canon and to architectural history. 50 four-color and 120 black-and-white photographs and illustrations

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 - Designing the New: Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow Style
Designing the New: Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow

A celebration of the achievements and transformative power of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's work that has inspired generations of artists and designers.In the final decades of the 19th century, the Glasgow Style introduced Art Nouveau in Britain and helped transform an industrial city into Scotland's premier cultural capital. The predominant force behind the Glasgow Style was Charles Rennie Mackintosh, an architect and designer who personified the movement's intellectual freedom, sensuality, and spirit of collaboration. This lively and informative book showcases the work of Mackintosh and contextualizes it in relation to a larger circle of designers and craftspeople with which he shared sources, stylistic features, and patrons. Filled with color illustrations, archival materials, and essays, this volume explores every aspect of the Glasgow Style--from beautifully appointed homes and restaurants to everyday works of needlepoint, cups and saucers, stained glass windows, magazine illustrations, and textiles. It traces the birth of the Glasgow Style to The Glasgow School of Art, where Mackintosh met fellow students, including his future wife, who would form an influential circle nicknamed the "Immortals." It also reveals how the rise of the Glasgow Style went hand-in-hand with the foun...

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 - Charles Rennie Mackintosh Masterpieces of Art
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Masterpieces of

Charles Rennie Mackintosh was one of the most intriguing and influential artists of his time. Charles Rennie Mackintosh Masterpieces of Art reveals a selection of some of his most important and popular works, from stained glass pieces and furniture through to architecture, at the same time giving an overview of his life and career.  The introduction reveals his journey from early Symbolist watercolours and Japanese-influenced details to his influence on the Vienna Secession and crowning works of architecture such as the Glasgow School of Art. The informed text and beautiful images of key artworks give depth and fuller understanding to create a beautifully rich and enjoyable tribute to the father of the 'Glasgow Style'.

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 - Charles Rennie MacKintosh: Art is the Flower
Charles Rennie MacKintosh: Art is the

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 - Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Charles Rennie Mackintosh

The Glaswegian architect, designer, and painter was a man ahead of his time. His work, as imaginative and original as other artists and architects of the Art Nouveau period, also extended in other directions and became an inspiration to aspiring artists. In his own time and environment, however, Mackintosh was largely ignored. Under Francis Newberry, the director of the Glasgow School of Art, a talented nucleus of artists was established whose work gained recognition throughout Europe. Mackintosh became a draftsman in the firm of Honeyman & Keppie, later becoming a partner and designing the modern Glasgow School of Art. He also designed several modern interiors and the appropriate furniture for them. Mackintosh finally moved to France, where he dedicated himself to painting a remarkable series of original works that have become as highly prized as his furniture pieces and other designs.

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 - CafePress - Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass Framed Til - Framed Tile, Decorative Tile Wall Hanging
CafePress - Charles Rennie Mackintosh Stained Glass Framed Til - Framed Tile, Decorative Tile Wall

Set off our decorative ceramic tile in its own stylish stained wooden frame -- the perfect way to complete a decorative gift or keepsake. Rounded edges and quality construction make this Framed Tile the ultimate wall accent. Frame measures 6" X 6" x 0.5" with 4.25" X 4.25" tile. Constructed of stained Cherrywood. Two holes for wall mounting. IMPORTED. We offer 100% money back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. Your satisfaction is our promise, and returns/exchanges are made easy.

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 - Charles Rennie Mackintosh in France: Landscape Watercolours
Charles Rennie Mackintosh in France: Landscape

Known worldwide for his architecture and interior designs, Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928) was also an extremely gifted painter. Towards the end of his life he gave up his principal career as an architect and moved to the south of France where he devoted himself to painting in watercolor. Meticulously executed and brilliantly colored, these landscape watercolors are conceived with a sense of design and an eye for pattern in nature, which owes much to his brilliance as an architect and designer. This book charts Mackintosh's time in France and explores his career as a landscape painter, placing his work in the context of the modern movement. The forty-four paintings Mackintosh is known to have completed while in France are illustrated, and are supported by documentary photographs of the places he painted as well as extracts from his letters written to his wife and friends.Contents: Sponsor's Preface; Foreword; Mackintosh's French Watercolours; Charles Rennie Mackintosh: A Painter Amongst Painters; The French Watercolours; Chronology; Maps; Exhibition Checklist; Appendix; Notes & References; Select Bibliography.

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 - Mackintosh's Masterwork: The Glasgow School of Art
Mackintosh's Masterwork: The Glasgow School of

Of the many practitioners of art nouveau in Great Britain, Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868–1928) has outlasted them all. His work bridged the more ornate style of the later nineteenth century and the forms of international modernism that followed. Like Frank Lloyd Wright, with whom he is frequently compared, he is known for so thoroughly integrating art and decoration that the two became inseparable. His work has been honored by a major exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and his designs have proliferated to such an extent that they can be found reproduced in posters, prints, jewelry, and even new buildings. His most important project was the Glasgow School of Art, which still functions as a highly prestigious art school. This glorious building is visited each year by thousands of tourists from around the world. Built over a dozen years, beginning in 1897, the Glasgow School of Art is Mackintosh’s greatest and most influential legacy. This completely redesigned and heavily illustrated edition of Mackintosh’s Masterwork has been greatly expanded and contains newly discovered material about both the early life of the architect and the formative years in which his plans for the School of Art were executed.

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 - Charles Rennie Mackintosh Wall Calendar 2019 (Art Calendar)
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Wall Calendar 2019 (Art

Charles Rennie Mackintosh was a major influence on the architecture and design of the twentieth century. A gifted artist, designer, craftsman and architect, he is one of the key figures of the Arts & Crafts Design Movement in Britain and the flourish of Art Nouveau in Scotland. As part of a group of artists known as ‘The Four’ he helped develop the ‘Glasgow’ style. Informative text accompanies each work and the datepad features previous and next month’s views.

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 - Prince of Scots English Pewter Flask with Charles Rennie Mackintosh Art Nouveau Design Flask
Prince of Scots English Pewter Flask with Charles Rennie Mackintosh Art Nouveau Design

Charles Rennie Mackintosh pewterware provide the perfect example of how utility and artistry can combine to create a thoughtful and wonderful gift for any occasion. This 5 inch by 3 1/2 inch 6 ounce pewter hip flask is beautifully decorated by an art nouveau design from world renowned Scottish artist and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and it is this design that makes the flask both eye-catching and elegant at the same time. Lovingly crafted from high quality lead free pewter the appearance of the flask will not be spoilt over time by tarnishing,

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 - Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Charles Rennie Mackintosh

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 - Taking Tea with Mackintosh: The Story of Miss Cranston's Tea Rooms
Taking Tea with Mackintosh: The Story of Miss Cranston's Tea

In 1896, Kate Cranston, the pioneer of Glasgow tea rooms in the late nineteenth century, commissioned Charles Rennie Mackintosh -- who would become one of the Western world's most renowned designers -- to design her tea rooms, and over the next two decades he did so with dazzling inventiveness. (Mackintosh's wife, Margaret, herself an artist, also made important contributions to the interior designs.) A pair of perfectionists, Cranston and Mackintosh opened up a unique, avant-garde artistic world to thousands of ordinary people. Their tea rooms became internationally famous.Taking Tea with Mackintosh illustrates this exciting collaboration with black-and-white historical photographs of the tea rooms and color photographs of their surviving components. In addition, sixteen recipes for traditional tea room cakes, breads, and pastries are supplied, offering the best chance the reader will have to revisit these extraordinary places.

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 - Mackintosh Furniture: Techniques & Shop Drawings for 30 Designs
Mackintosh Furniture: Techniques & Shop Drawings for 30

Recreate Mackintosh's Signature Style Architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed hundreds of pieces of furniture throughout his career. Ranging in style from Arts & Crafts to Art Nouveau to Modern, his furniture occupies an interesting place in history and had tremendous influence on American and European furniture design.Mackintosh Furniture: Techniques & Shop Drawings for 30 Designs is a guide to recreating Mackintosh's work. The measured drawings in this book were painstakingly rendered using known dimensions from architectural drawings and those extrapolated from catalog and auction photos. You'll find comprehensive views for each design and complete materials lists as well as historical notes and construction and finishing advice to help you through each build. The book features:Shop drawings for 30 Mackintosh furniture designs including chairs, tables, bookcases, desks and many other forms2 complete step-by-step projects (a taboret and a nightstand) showcasing some of Mackintosh's signature furniture detailsHistorical and cultural insight into Mackintosh's impact on architecture and furniture designPractical advice on wood selection, construction, hardware sources and finishing techniquesHelpful tools and techniques adviceOften emulated, Mackintosh's furnitur...

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 - Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Textile Designs
Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Textile

Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s (Scottish, 1868-1928) textile designs are not widely known—unlike his architecture, furniture, and watercolors. Fortunately, many of his original drawings for textile designs, made between 1915 and 1923, have survived and are presented in this book, an expanded and revised edition of Mackintosh: Textile Designs (John Murray, 1982). Roger Billcliffe is a noted expert on Scottish art and on Mackintosh in particular. His previous books include Mackintosh Watercolours (Taplinger, 1978); Charles Rennie Mackintosh: The Complete Furniture, Furniture Drawings and Interior Designs (Taplinger, 1979), and Mackintosh Furniture (1984). 112 pages, 90 full-color reproductions, size: 9 x 11 1/2". Casebound book with dust jacket.

  • Brand: Brand: MSM Associates, L.L.C.
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 - The Life, Times and Work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh
The Life, Times and Work of Charles Rennie

The work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh was ground-breaking in his own time and still inspires and influences much of the art world today. This beautifully illustrated book captures the excitement and vitality of his art, presenting a fascinating insight into the life of one of the world’s most celebrated designers. High-quality reproductions of some of his most important and lesser-known work, bring to life one of Britain’s greatest artistic eras. 2018 will mark the 150th anniversary of his birth.

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 - Stained Glass Mackintosh Rose Stem - Red
Stained Glass Mackintosh Rose Stem -

Mackintosh Rose Stem This flower needs no water, is always in bloom, and won't die. This rose stem in the style of artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh is made with the Tiffany method and features a deep red cathedral glass "bloom" and green opalescent glass leaves. The stem is real copper. *Vase not included*. Place the flower into a single-stem vase (a heavy one to prevent tipping), insert into the soil in a pot, or place in the ground in your garden. This item is 100% lead free. Made with tin/copper/silver solder. Weight: approx. 2 ozDimensions: approx. 11 inches tall including stem. Bloom is 1.75 inches in diameter. Contains no plastic. No plastic shipping materials used.

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 - Design By Desire: A Novel Of Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Design By Desire: A Novel Of Charles Rennie

Modigliani, Van Gough, James Dean, Amy Whitehouse, George Best, Richard Burton, Alex Higgins . . . if the saddest thing in life is wasted talent then shed some tears for Charles Rennie Mackintosh - a genius born to create beautiful buildings at a period in history when the rest of the world was intent on tearing them down, a man ahead of his time, but destroyed by it. Yet the beauty remains his legacy . . . and hope for all lovers.

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 - The Life and Times of Charles Henry Mackintosh: A Biography
The Life and Times of Charles Henry Mackintosh: A

The Life and Times of Charles Henry Mackintosh Charles Henry Mackintosh was one of the major evangelists and Brethren authors of the 19th century. Born in Ireland in 1820 and converted when he was 18, he briefly farmed and then ran a school before fully committing himself in 1854 to serving the Lord whom he so fervently loved. The rest of his life he spent very actively preaching the gospel to the unsaved and presenting sound ministry both in writing and preaching, travelling widely in the British Isles and living in a number of towns in Ireland and England. He was very active in the Ulster Revival of 1859. His writings helped to propagate Brethren's teaching as his style of writing was easily understood and was particularly influential among North American evangelicals. He also edited for a number of years a magazine called Things New & Old, which had a worldwide distribution and reputation. CHM, as he was generally known, continued serving Christ and His people until virtually his very last days. He was called home in 1896.

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 - Charles Rennie Mackintosh: (1868-1928) (Big Series) (English, French, and German)
Charles Rennie Mackintosh: (1868-1928) (Big Series) (English, French, and

Book by Fiell, Charlotte, Fiell, Peter

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 - Essential Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Essential Charles Rennie

Charles Rennie Mackintosh (7 June 1868 - 10 December 1928) was a Scottish architect, designer, water colourist and artist. His artistic approach had much in common with European Symbolism. His work, alongside that of his wife Margaret Macdonald, was influential on European design movements such as Art Nouveau and Secessionism. Combining his roots in Modernism and interest in Art Nouveau with a Scottish art tradition, Mackintosh invested his own instantly recognizable style. His most famous building is surely the legendary Glasgow School of Art, one of the most famous landmarks of that city and acclaimed as the first "truly modern" building. Also in Glasgow are the Mackintosh-designed Willow Tea rooms, Argyle Street Tea rooms, and Buchanan Street Tea Rooms, all of which are featured in this book. The breadth of Mackintosh's creative output was considerable, ranging from interior decoration schemes and designs for furniture, textiles and posters, through watercolors and pencil drawings, to vast public architecture projects. Gathered together here are many of his greatest works, offering a comprehensive visual appreciation of a unique style.

  • ASIN: 0752553518
 - Charles Rennie Mackintosh Designs Coloring Book
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Designs Coloring

Pomegranate's Charles Rennie Mackintosh coloring book features 22 drawings based on fabric designs. Coloring pages are blank on the back so they can be cut out and displayed. Includes brief Introduction about Charles Rennie Mackintosh.One forty-eight page 8 1/2 x 11 in. book with twenty-two images to color. Each illustration is reproduced in a small, color version of the original artwork and as a full-page black line drawing. Published by PomegranateKids, an imprint of Pomegranate Communications. ISBN 978-0-7649-5531-0. This item is CPSIA compliant.

  • ASIN: 0764955314

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http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLM4S2hGZDSE62wl5iACEItnDm13Eg-8Wx Charles Rennie Mackintosh, architect, designer and artist is celebrated around the world as one of the most significant talents to have emerged in the period from the mid 1890s to the late 1920s. He was one of the greatest, m...

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