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Creek Sweet

 - Gunslingers Don't Die (Brides of Sweet Creek Ranch Book 2)
Gunslingers Don't Die (Brides of Sweet Creek Ranch Book

MAGGIE REED HAVEN, formerly known as Lady Lily, Female Bounty Hunter, once loved risk and adventure, but she has exchanged her reckless ways for a more stable life. Ready to begin her career as a teacher, she has the shock of her life when she discovers that the gunslinger she had foolishly married, and who she believed had promptly got himself killed in a shootout, is alive and well. The revelation presents an enormous, unavoidable problem—Boone Haven is the father of her three-year-old son. Determined to do right by her son and Boone she returns to Wyoming, where the wild allure of the West and the dark danger of the gunslinger tempt her to give up the new life she has created. Maggie finds herself torn between her tornado-like attraction for this deadly gorgeous man and her need for a safe, respectable future. BOONE HAVEN hates his lonely life. But a man who makes his living as a hired gun, is bound to attract a passel of trouble. Hounded by outlaws, he can’t go home. But when Maggie, aka Lady Lily, explodes back into his life with his son and dog in tow, Boone has no good choices. If he stops running, he risks exposing his loved ones to danger. If he continues his wandering existence, his son might never know his father. And if he forgives Maggie, he risks falling under h...

  • ASIN: B01LZE1AX3
 - The Cowboy Refuses to Lose (Brides of Sweet Creek Ranch Book 3)
The Cowboy Refuses to Lose (Brides of Sweet Creek Ranch Book

Swedish immigrant, BRIGETTA LYNDTZ makes the difficult decision to leave her nanny job in Wyoming and fulfill her dream of owning and operating a bakery. The opportunity in Chicago won’t last long. All she must do is leave behind the family she’s come to cherish and, as one of the few marriageable women in the frontier town, fend off the cowboys who come courting. She considers them crude oafs—except for maybe one determined young cattleman.Aspiring rancher GARRETT HAVEN yearns to overcome the spirited Brigetta’s disdain of cowboys and win her trust and affection. He sure admires her good-hearted concern for folks, and is certain her dislike of bronco riding and cattle herding arises from fear for his safety. But Garrett’s hopes for the future could turn to ash when a cattle baron intent on stealing his land strikes a disastrous blow. Beaten, bloodied, and penniless, Garrett rejects defeat. He vows to win Brigetta’s love and save his ranch, even if it means risking his neck in the rodeo ring.Will the nanny pursue her dream? Or will she linger too long over the delectable temptation of…The Cowboy Who Refuses to Lose?

  • ASIN: B072BD45LM
 - Sweet Home Carolina
Sweet Home Carolina

 - Homecoming (Sweet Hearts of Sweet Creek Book 1)
Homecoming (Sweet Hearts of Sweet Creek Book

A heart broken twice by love and family.Can a trip to the ranch give her a second chance with both?Sheryl Kyle isn’t the trusting type. After all, her abusive late husband and her disapproving stepfather haven’t given her much reason to feel otherwise. But when a rugged rancher named Mark seeks her out she learns her stepfather is on his deathbed. And his dying wish is for her to return to Sweet Creek for one last chance to reconcile…Mark can’t help but be fascinated by Sheryl. Despite hearing the worst about her from her stepbrother, he’s drawn to the hauntingly beautiful woman. When his ranching partner suffers an injury at the worst possible time, he’s surprised and delighted that Sheryl agrees to work by his side…As Sheryl and Mark’s friendship deepens, she suppresses her growing feelings toward him. Can she forgive her family and herself before Mark too becomes a man of her past?Homecoming is the first book in the Sweet Creek Series of Christian romances. If you like chemistry on the ranch, moving tales of redemption, and second chances, then you’ll love Carolyne Aarsen’s tale of old wounds and new loves.Buy Homecoming today to rediscover the sweetness of life at Sweet Creek.

  • ASIN: B076JN115K
 - A Mother's Heart (Sweet Hearts of Sweet Creek Book 6)
A Mother's Heart (Sweet Hearts of Sweet Creek Book

A single mother who dreams of home meets a contractor on the run from his past. Will he tear down their only chance at a shared future?Claire is just a few paychecks away from moving into her beloved childhood home. When a man from her past counteroffers, the single mother fears she and her daughter will be stuck in their musty old apartment forever. If she can’t persuade the new owner to power down his bulldozer, she’ll have to watch as the house that held her fondest memories is torn down. Nik wasn’t the kind of person who put down roots. After a childhood spent bouncing from one foster home to the next, he made his fortune flipping houses and moving on with no strings attached. But no amount of renovation could wipe away the painful memories that still lingered within his abusive foster parents’ short-lived residence. When Nik vowed to leave no wall standing, he never expected he’d have to go through his childhood crush and her spunky daughter. As his charming new neighbor shares her recollections of happier times, Nik realizes that his heart yearns for something more permanent. When old memories bring the past into the present, can Claire and Nik finally find their home sweet home?

  • ASIN: B07C69BWYZ
 - Swan Creek Whiskey & Sweet Tobacco 24 oz Kitchen Pantry Jar Candle
Swan Creek Whiskey & Sweet Tobacco 24 oz Kitchen Pantry Jar

Intense fragrance, Clean Burning, Lead Free Swan Creek Kitchen Pantry Jars. These jars contain 24 oz. of clean burning soybean wax in rich, assorted colors. The label is easy to remove for a cleaner look. Swan Creek Candles are made in the USA. Choose from many kitchen fragrances or clean and fresh scents. Measures 3.75" x 7" with a 110 hour burn time.

  • Color: Cream
  • Brand: Swan Creek
  • ASIN: B076B6KP68
  • UPC: 822420876429
 - Close to His Heart (Sweet Hearts of Sweet Creek Book 3)
Close to His Heart (Sweet Hearts of Sweet Creek Book

He's chasing his dreams. She's hiding from her past. Can a hometown fundraiser heal their broken hearts?Jace Scholte is determined to rise above his poverty-stricken childhood. Years after a real estate developer took him under his wing, Jace has a mission: return to his hometown of Sweet Creek and win the residents' support for a high-rise condo. He volunteers in a local fundraiser to melt their resistance, but he never expected he'd work side-by-side with the one who got away…Tess Kruger remembers the plan she and Jace constructed all those years ago. But try as she might, she can't forget the dark secret that caused her to run away from their potential future. When her high-school sweetheart returns, she keeps him at arm's length. She's still not ready to tell him why she abandoned a promising career… and him…Old flames reignite between Jace and Tess, though they find themselves questioning a past they thought they knew. For a second chance at love, they'll have to face the truth together…

  • ASIN: B078BSR9NX
 - Beets & Sweets Food Plot Mix
Beets & Sweets Food Plot Mix

Beets & Sweets is a unique mix of sweet, low-growing sugar beets and brassicas; a hearty feast of sugary leaves, stems, and roots. The frost-tolerant foliage will stay green well into the fall. Purple top turnips provide additional extended season forage. This mix is a favorite of Deer Creek's food plot growers. Percent Composition: 45% Sugar Beet 20% Swiss Chard 20% Purple Top Turnip 5% Kale 5% Ethiopian Cabbage 5% Berseem Clover

  • Brand: Deer Creek Seed
  • ASIN: B07M98489Z
  • UPC: 835865007631
 - Crocodile Creek Sweet Things Mouse 12Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Crocodile Creek Sweet Things Mouse 12Piece Jigsaw

Crocodile Creek sweet things Mouse 12 piece jigsaw puzzle will delight any toddler! beautifully and whimsically illustrated this puzzle encourages hand-eye coordination and problem solving. Great for interaction between a parent and child that can be used over and over. Sturdy box makes for easy storage and small size is perfect for travel. Perfect birthday gift!

  • Brand: Crocodile Creek
  • UPC: 732396411336
 - Her Heart's Promise: Sweet Hearts of Sweet Creek
Her Heart's Promise: Sweet Hearts of Sweet

She’s a journalist on a mission. He’s in heart… and in her way. Will they have to choose between justice and love?As the plain older sibling to two beautiful sisters, Nadine Laidlaw is used to being overlooked. But she refuses to let her late father’s employer overlook his suspicious death. She aims to use her job as editor of the town newspaper to probe into the case, but there’s only one problem. Her secret high school crush Clint just took over the paper, and he wants the story buried… With her past feelings bubbling to the surface, Nadine continues to butt heads with her handsome boss. At the same time, she needs to deal with a sick mother, a matchmaking grandmother, and a fake boyfriend who turns out to be all too real. When Clint reveals a hidden truth about the past, Nadine has to make a choice: continue the quest for justice or find room in her busy life for love…Her Heart’s Promise is the second standalone book in the Sweethearts of Sweet Creek Series. you like plucky heroines, workplace romances, and surprising twists, then you’ll love Carolyne Aarsen’s alluring and mysterious tale. Buy Her Heart’s Promise to start the front-page story today!

  • ASIN: B076X99QSR

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Nickel Creek - Sweet Afton

Creek Sweet

I do not own any rights to this song or image. Lyrics: Flow gently, sweet Afton, among thy green breas, Flow gently, I'll sing thee a song in thy praise; My Mary's asleep by thy murmuring stream, Flow gently, sweet Afton, disturb not her dream. Thou stock-dove whose echo resounds thro'...

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Nickel Creek - Sweet Afton

Creek Sweet

One of my favorite songs by Nickel Creek. All of the pictures were taken by me, they are of the Colorado Rockies, Gulf Shores AL, and Pinnacle Mt. in Little Rock, AR.

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Sweet Creek Oregon | High Water Carnage

Creek Sweet

Out of the eight of us to went to look at Sweet Creek, only one in the group, Ben McKenzie, decided to fire it up. Carnage was had, beatering was beatered, but no swims and no booties.

Tags: clinton,begley,clinton begley,oregon,kayaking,w...

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