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Fateful Triangle

 - Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians (Updated Edition)
Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians (Updated

Fateful Triangle is Noam Chomsky's seminal work on Mideast politics. In the updated edition of this classic book, with a new introduction by Chomsky, readers seeking to understand the Middle East and U.S. foreign policy today will find an invaluable tool.

  • ASIN: 1608463990
 - The Fateful Triangle: Race, Ethnicity, Nation (The W. E. B. Du Bois Lectures)
The Fateful Triangle: Race, Ethnicity, Nation (The W. E. B. Du Bois

In The Fateful Triangle―drawn from lectures delivered at Harvard University in 1994―one of the founding figures of cultural studies reflects on the divisive, often deadly consequences of our contemporary politics of identification. As he untangles the power relations that permeate categories of race, ethnicity, and nationhood, Stuart Hall shows how old hierarchies of human identity in Western culture were forcefully broken apart when oppressed groups introduced new meanings to the representation of difference.From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, the concept of race stressed distinctions of color as fixed and unchangeable. But for Hall, twentieth-century redefinitions of blackness reveal how identities and attitudes can be transformed through the medium of language itself. Like the “badge of color” W. E. B. Du Bois evoked in the anticolonial era, “black” became a sign of solidarity for Caribbean and South Asian migrants who fought discrimination in 1980s Britain. Hall sees such manifestations of “new ethnicities” as grounds for optimism in the face of worldwide fundamentalisms that respond with fear to social change.Migration was at the heart of Hall’s diagnosis of the global predicaments taking shape around him. Explaining more than two decades ago why mig...

  • ASIN: 0674976525
 - Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians (Updated Edition) by Noam Chomsky (2015-02-17)
Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians (Updated Edition) by Noam Chomsky

 - Fateful Triangle Publisher: South End Press; 2 Upd Sub edition
Fateful Triangle Publisher: South End Press; 2 Upd Sub

  • ASIN: B004X2GQR2
 - Israel, the Hashemites and the Palestinians: The Fateful Triangle (Israeli History, Politics and Society)
Israel, the Hashemites and the Palestinians: The Fateful Triangle (Israeli History, Politics and

This volume provides a wide ranging historical survey of the special relationship between the Zionist movement and Israel with the Hashemite family and its far-reaching implications for Middle Eastern affairs in general, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in particular. It includes chapters on Transjordan and the Yishuv, and the history of covert relations between Jordan and Israel.

  • ASIN: 0714683558
 - Feels Like Love: A Christmas in Snow Valley Romance (Christmas in Snow Valley series Book 2)
Feels Like Love: A Christmas in Snow Valley Romance (Christmas in Snow Valley series Book

A sweet romance about second chances and finding the love of your life right where you left him.Christmas in Snow Valley is the perfect way for April Winston to introduce her city slicker fiance, Scott Mecham, to life on a farm. If only Wade Hadley, hometown boy and high school sweetheart, will cooperate! But Wade has no intention of letting April go without a fight. This Christmas, he is determined to overcome their painful past and show April that she already has what she’s been seeking all along.

  • ASIN: B00OPF9K9I
 - Triangle of Hope
Triangle of Hope

If one person can make a difference, just think what three can do. Inspirational journey of friendship and hope. Filled with grit and determination, three people with three different problems converge in a small Irish town to form a Triangle of Hope against all odds. Together they take a courageous stand that will forever change their world and that around them.Clint Westerly was a success until a fateful choice he makes tears his world all apart. Tanya Wilshire is broke but hell-bent on committing to her mother's final deathbed request. 84-year-old Seamus Harrington needs to right an ancient wrong before time runs out."If an author can make you cry for his characters then want to hug them close and then want to do an Irish jig with them to celebrate overcoming that much pain, then you know you have read a book that will stay with you forever."- Wanda Hartzenberg, Wanda's Amazing Amazon ReviewersIt is a "fantastic read that will pull at your heart." - Lauren Alumbaugh, Goodreads librarian

  • ASIN: B00QGY3X4E
 - A Fateful Triangle: Essays on Contemporary Russian, German, and Polish History (Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society)
A Fateful Triangle: Essays on Contemporary Russian, German, and Polish History (Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and

The twentieth century began with a deep identity crisis of European parliamentarianism, pluralism, rationalism, individualism, and liberalism―and a following political revolt against the West’s emerging open societies and their ideological foundation. In its radicalism, this upheaval against Western values had far-reaching consequences across the world, the repercussions of which can still be felt today. Germany and Russia formed the center of this insurrection against those ideas and approaches usually associated with the West. Leonid Luks’s essays deal with the various causes and results of these Russian and German anti-Western revolts for twentieth-century Europe. The book also touches upon the development of the peculiar post-Soviet Russian regime that, after the collapse of the USSR, emerged on the ruins of the Bolshevik state that had been established in 1917. What were the determinants of the erosion of the “second” Russian democracy that was briefly established, after the disempowerment of the CPSU in August 1991, until the rise of Vladimir Putin? Further foci of this wide-ranging study include the specific geopolitical trap in which Poland—constrained by its two powerful neighbors—was caught for centuries. Finally, Luks explores the special relationship th...

  • ASIN: B077XNNZ5F
 - Episode 3
Episode 3

 - How the World Works (Real Story (Soft Skull Press))
How the World Works (Real Story (Soft Skull

According to The New York Times, Noam Chomsky is “arguably the most important intellectual alive.” But he isn’t easy to read . . . or at least he wasn’t until these books came along. Made up of intensively edited speeches and interviews, they offer something not found anywhere else: pure Chomsky, with every dazzling idea and penetrating insight intact, delivered in clear, accessible, reader-friendly prose. Published as four short books in the famous Real Story series—What Uncle Sam Really Wants; The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many; Secrets, Lies and Democracy; and The Common Good—they’ve collectively sold almost 600,000 copies. And they continue to sell year after year after year because Chomsky’s ideas become, if anything, more relevant as time goes by. For example, twenty years ago he pointed out that “in 1970, about 90% of international capital was used for trade and long-term investment—more or less productive things—and 10% for speculation. By 1990, those figures had reversed.” As we know, speculation continued to increase exponentially. We’re paying the price now for not heeding him them.

  • Brand: Soft Skull Press
  • ASIN: 1593764278
 - Fateful Triangle: How China Shaped U.S.-India Relations During the Cold War
Fateful Triangle: How China Shaped U.S.-India Relations During the Cold

Taking a long view of the three-party relationship, and its future prospectsIn this Asian century, scholars, officials and journalists are increasingly focused on the fate of the rivalry between China and India. They see the U.S. relationships with the two Asian giants as now intertwined, after having followed separate paths during the Cold War.In Fateful Triangle, Tanvi Madan argues that China’s influence on the U.S.-India relationship is neither a recent nor a momentary phenomenon. Drawing on documents from India and the United States, she shows that American and Indian perceptions of and policy toward China significantly shaped U.S.-India relations in three crucial decades, from 1949 to 1979. Fateful Triangle updates our understanding of the diplomatic history of U.S.-India relations, highlighting China’s central role in it, reassesses the origins and practice of Indian foreign policy and nonalignment, and provides historical context for the interactions between the three countries.Madan’s assessment of this formative period in the triangular relationship is of more than historic interest. A key question today is whether the United States and India can, or should develop ever-closer ties as a way of countering China’s desire to be the dominant power in the broader Asia...

  • ASIN: 0815737718
 - Revived: A Bad Boy MMA Fighter Romance (Warrior Zone Fighters Book 2)
Revived: A Bad Boy MMA Fighter Romance (Warrior Zone Fighters Book

I'll stop at nothing until Julia Chase is safe in my arms.I had it all—fame, fortune, a woman who loved me, and the start of a family—until one tragic night took them all away...Now, only my nightmares keep me company. I haven't stepped in the cage since, keeping my distance from everything I once loved to avoid the pain of losing anything or anyone again.Then a fateful night brought her to me...She was running for her life—afraid for her safety. No matter how much I wanted to turn away from Julia Chase, her courage and mesmerizing blue eyes drew me in.To keep her safe, I have to fight my own demons and conquer hers—then I'll claim her as mine.Revived is a steamy MMA fighter contemporary romance novel and it's book #2 in the Warrior Zone Fighters series. It's only recommended for audiences 18+. No cheating. No cliffhangers. HEA.

  • ASIN: B06WD2V9N8
 - Hanging By A Moment (Keeping Score Series Book 2)
Hanging By A Moment (Keeping Score Series Book

Football is everything, but love is the only game that matters.Leo Taylor, the most promising--and maybe the hottest--tight-end in college football today, is my boyfriend.Sounds perfect, doesn't? Dating a football star at one of the nation's top colleges is living the dream. But our long-distance relationship isn't easy, and I find myself wondering if the timing is ever going to be right for Leo and me. It's not always easy to play second-fiddle to football.One thing I do know is that my friend Nate puts me first all the time. There's no doubt in my mind that he loves me. I just can't feel the same way.These four years were supposed to be the most exciting time of my life. Instead, they turn into a rollercoaster of uncertainty, complete with breathtaking highs and lows that threaten to break my heart.Faced with a decision that means either denying one friend his last wish or losing the only man I'll ever love, I realize that in this game, for me, winning isn't an option.

  • ASIN: B01DUX47Z2
 - Dragon Wars (Slayers & Protectors Book 2)
Dragon Wars (Slayers & Protectors Book

Enter DRAGON WARS … a continuation of an exciting new reverse harem urban fantasy, where paranormal monsters fly and magic fights back! Brooklyn just discovered she’s the only female dragon in existence—and the key to everything. She can see things others can’t, and summon strength no one else can. Brooklyn attends York Academy, a school of NYC’s elite, to get her magic under control, though her rapidly manifesting powers are too much for her inexperience.But her unbound magic is nothing compared to the four guys that want to protect—and share—her as a girlfriend.A battle between the slayers and the dragons is brewing. Brooklyn has one choice. She must address the Slayers Council, and make a peace before the dragons attack again and wipe out the Academy. With the help of her boys, it should be easy … but nothing in Brooklyn’s life is ever easy.It’s time to prepare for war.***A continuation of a new young adult series by USA Today Bestselling author, Kristin D. Van Risseghem, readers NEED to put Dragon Wars in their shopping cart. Packed full of dragon shifters and sensual kisses, this is the perfect book to feed your reverse harem addiction. Meet four tough, sexy, sweet, and confident guys who will give anything for their strong heroine. One-click to dive into...

  • ASIN: B07B42XKZW
 - Dawn at Emberwilde (A Treasures of Surrey Novel Book 2)
Dawn at Emberwilde (A Treasures of Surrey Novel Book

In Regency England, Isabel will discover that the key to unlocking the mystery of her past may also open the door to romance. But first she must find it—in the depths of Emberwilde Forest.For as long as she can remember, beautiful and free-spirited Isabel has strained against the rules and rigidity of the Fellsworth School in the rolling English countryside. No longer a student, Isabel set her sights on a steady role as a teacher at the school, a safe yet stifling establishment that would enable her to care for her younger sister Lizzie, who was left in her care after her father’s death.The unexpected arrival of a stranger with news of unknown relatives turns Isabel’s small, predictable world upside down, sweeping her and her young charge into a labyrinth of intrigue and hidden motives.At her new family’s invitation, Isabel and Lizzie relocate to Emberwilde, a sprawling estate adjacent to a vast, mysterious wood rife with rumors and ominous folklore—along with whispers of something far more sinister. Perhaps even more startling, two handsome men begin pursuing Isabel, forcing her to learn the delicate dance between attraction, the intricate rules of courtship, and the hopes of her heart.Isabel never dared to dream that love could be hers. Now, at the edge of a forest fi...

  • ASIN: B010RD5BTO
 - Fateful Triangle / Rokovoy treugolnik
Fateful Triangle / Rokovoy

  • ASIN: 5050066239
 - Israel, the Hashemites and the Palestinians; The Fateful Triangle (Cass Series--Israeli History, Politics, and Society, 20.)
Israel, the Hashemites and the Palestinians; The Fateful Triangle (Cass Series--Israeli History, Politics, and Society,

  • ASIN: B000MU89HO
 - Midnight Pleasures
Midnight Pleasures

  • ASIN: B002NEOK2K
 - Here We Lie
Here We Lie

“A complex look at the long-standing consequences of privilege and toxic masculinity…. Compulsively readable!” —Kate Moretti, New York Times bestselling author of The Vanishing Year“This story particularly resonates now, in the throes of the #MeToo movement.”—BooklistMegan Mazeros and Lauren Mabrey are complete opposites on paper. Megan is a girl from a modest Midwest background, and Lauren is the daughter of a senator from an esteemed New England family. When they become roommates at a private women’s college, they forge a strong, albeit unlikely, friendship, sharing clothes, advice and their most intimate secrets.The summer before senior year, Megan joins Lauren and her family on their private island off the coast of Maine. It should be a summer of relaxation, a last hurrah before graduation and the pressures of postcollege life. Then late one night, something unspeakable happens, searing through the framework of their friendship and tearing them apart. Many years later, Megan publicly comes forward about what happened that fateful night, revealing a horrible truth and threatening to expose long-buried secrets.In this captivating and timely novel, Paula Treick DeBoard explores the blurred lines of consent and misconduct, showing how the abuse of power can lead t...

  • ASIN: B01NCZ27O7
 - Bad Bear of Red Moon Ranch
Bad Bear of Red Moon Ranch

What if love isn’t enough…can a human and a shifter find common ground?When Joy Harding fled her childhood home in search of her dreams, she never envisioned the long hours at a thankless job that city life would bring with it. A health scare sends her back home for some R&R, but it also lands her right back into the arms of the one man she could never run from.To Brent Westmore, Joy will always be the one who got away, and there will never be anyone to replace her. She’s home again and back in his arms where she belongs, but what will he do about the secret that tore them apart in the first place? And who will take on a witch who’s determined to get revenge against the entire Westmore family?*This is a standalone title within the Red Moon Ranch series.

 - In This Life
In This Life

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, They’re in each other all along. RUMI It starts out so simply. Anna runs away to Thailand, drags her best friend Dante with her and spends a few weeks away, taking on other people’s problems while getting away from her own. She meets the enigmatic Jude Grayson, and for as long as it’s clear to both of them that it ends when they leave, she thinks she’s got the perfect fling planned out. Or does she? Anna returns home to find that her life is no longer the way it once was, and that she can’t stop thinking about him. She learns through tragedy that nothing she’s ever believed in has turned out to be true. The worst part? The people she loved were keeping a secret from her. And that no matter what she does, no matter how hard she fights against it, every path she takes keeps leading her back to Jude. This is a story about love, found in a faraway place by two very unlikely people. It is also a story about friendship and loyalty and fighting for what you have despite the illogical mystery of fate. With the struggle between morality and guilt, faith and acceptance, there comes a learning that even the best-laid plans are powerless against the alignment of the universe. From the beaches of Thailand to the streets of New York, three fri...

  • ASIN: 1519303955
 - The Girl from Brittia (Women of the Dark Ages)
The Girl from Brittia (Women of the Dark

Among the mysteries of the sixth century, discover Procopius’s Island Girl – Britain’s greatest unsung heroine! The Girl from Brittia – As a high ranking Wolf Child of Wotan, Edlin sets high standards in her expectations of a husband. Her dismissal of all possible suitors has her family in despair. A Varni Prince – Radigis and his family live in fear of their powerful Frank neighbours over the River Rhine. He is desperate to make an alliance that will keep his people safe. When Edlin and Radigis meet on the shores of Suffolk, it is love at first sight and their future seems bright. But as Radigis returns home to prepare for his bride’s arrival, he finds sinister events are afoot. The might of the Frank King Theudebert and his beautiful sister Theodechilde forces him into a heart-breaking decision. Back in Brittia, Edlin must survive disgrace and danger greater than she has ever known. And as environmental catastrophe brings disaster to both lands, she reaches a fateful decision of her own. With the support of her devoted brother, she raises an army to fight for the happiness she deserves.

  • ASIN: 1537633791
 - Triangle

  • ASIN: B0036T31YY
 - Part 2
Part 2

  • ASIN: B071LF55LJ
 - Junkyard Dawgs
Junkyard Dawgs

  • ASIN: B003BFTJ9Y

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Israel, Iran and the U.S. - The Fateful Triangle and the Challenges Ahead

Fateful Triangle

FIU hosted a lecture by Dr. Trita Parsi on "The Fateful Triangle and the Challenges Ahead." Dr. Parsi is the founder and president of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) and a nationally and internationally recognized expert on US-Iranian relations, Iranian foreign policy, and the geopo...

Tags: Israel

Noam Chomsky - The United States, Israel and the Palestinians - Audio only

Fateful Triangle

1989 - 03 - 15 Noam Chomsky - The United States, Israel and the Palestinians - Audio only Speech followed by Q&A on the history of Palestine, and then current events. Thanks to the: Noam Chomsky Audio Conservatory https://archive.org/details/NoamChomsky-03-15-89-TheUnitedStatesIsraelAndThePal...

Tags: Noam Chomsky,United States,Israel,Palestine,imp...

Noam Chomsky 1985 The Fateful Triangle Lost Interview

Fateful Triangle


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