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French Pastries Desserts

 - The Art of French Pastry
The Art of French Pastry

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 - Modern French Pastry: Innovative Techniques, Tools and Design
Modern French Pastry: Innovative Techniques, Tools and

Hone Your Skills with Instruction from a Master of PâtisserieThe perfect pâte á choux, tart dough or meringue is combined with a unique modern twist that make these desserts unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Cheryl Wakerhauser, award-winning chef and owner of Pix Pâtisserie, is known for crafting bold flavors and textures into stunning cakes, tarts, coupes, entremets and petits fours. Now, with Cheryl’s professional guidance, you can finally nail the challenging techniques that are the foundations of beautiful French pastry. Every dessert is broken down into easy-to-follow sub-recipes that can be done in advance for convenience, and even interchanged with other recipes to create your own signature dessert. Whether you’re making The Oregon Get Down―sweet tart dough, caramelized pears, hazelnut cream and rosemary ganache―or Miniature Bourbon Éclairs with bourbon pastry cream and cherry jam, each impressive creation will taste just as good as it looks.

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 - French Pastry 101: Learn the Art of Classic Baking with 60 Beginner-Friendly Recipes
French Pastry 101: Learn the Art of Classic Baking with 60 Beginner-Friendly

French Pastry is as Easy as Un, Deux, TroisFrench baking is now more approachable than ever with Beaucoup Bakery co-owner and Yummy Workshop founder Betty Hung’s beginner-friendly, easy-to-follow recipes.Start with basics like pastry cream and pâté sucrée, then work your way up to indulgent all-time favorites such as Lemon Madeleines, Crème Brûlée, Éclairs, Lady Fingers and Chocolate Torte. You’ll learn how to simplify recipes without sacrificing taste―like using ready-made puff pastry―or, if you prefer, how to whip up these sweet treats from scratch.Whether you’re new to baking or looking to expand your skills, with French Pastry 101 you’re only a recipe away from delighting your family and friends with incredible French desserts.

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 - The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts
The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry

An indispensable addition to any serious home baker’s library, The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts covers the many skills an aspiring pastry chef must master. Based on the internationally lauded curriculum developed by master pâtissier Jacques Torres for New York’s French Culinary Institute, the book presents chapters on every classic category of confection: tarts, cream puffs, puff pastry, creams and custards, breads and pastries, cakes, and petits fours. Each chapter begins with an overview of the required techniques, followed by dozens of recipes―many the original creations of distinguished FCI graduates. Each recipe even includes a checklist to help you evaluate your success as measured against professional standards of perfection! Distilling ten years of trial and error in teaching students, The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts is a comprehensive reference with hundreds of color photographs, a wealth of insider tips, and highly detailed information on tools and ingredients―quite simply the most valuable baking book you can own.

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 - French Patisserie: Master Recipes and Techniques from the Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts
French Patisserie: Master Recipes and Techniques from the Ferrandi School of Culinary

Ferrandi, the French School of Culinary Arts in Paris—dubbed “the Harvard of gastronomy” by Le Monde newspaper­—is the ultimate pastry-making reference. From flaky croissants to paper-thin mille-feuille, and from the chestnut cream–filled Paris-Brest to festive yule logs, this comprehensive book leads aspiring pastry chefs through every step—from basic techniques to Michelin-level desserts. Featuring advice on how to equip your kitchen, and the essential doughs, fillings, and decorations, the book covers everything from quick desserts to holiday specialties and from ice creams and sorbets to chocolates. Ferrandi, an internationally renowned professional culinary school, offers an intensive course in the art of French pastry making. Written by the school’s experienced teaching team of master pâtissiers and adapted for the home chef, this fully illustrated cookbook provides all of the fundamental techniques and recipes that form the building blocks of the illustrious French dessert tradition, explained step by step in text and images. Practical information is presented in tables, diagrams, and sidebars for handy reference. Easy-to-follow recipes are graded for level of difficulty, allowing readers to develop their skills over time. Whether you are an amateur home ...

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 - Pastry School: 101 Step-by-Step Recipes
Pastry School: 101 Step-by-Step

Le Cordon Bleu is the highly renowned, world famous cooking school noted for the quality of its culinary courses, aimed at beginners as well as confirmed or professional cooks. It is the world's largest hospitality education institution, with over 20 schools on five continents. Its educational focus is on hospitality management, culinary arts, and gastronomy. The teaching teams are composed of specialists, chefs and pastry experts, most of them honoured by national or international prizes. One of its most famous alumnae in the 1940s was Julia Child, as depicted in the film Julie & Julia.There are 100 illustrated recipes, explained step-by-step with 1400 photographs and presented in 6 chapters: Pastries, cakes and desserts; Individual cakes and plated desserts; Pies and tarts; Outstanding and festive desserts; Biscuits and cupcakes, candies and delicacies, and finally the basics of pastry. There are famous classics such as apple strudel, carrot cake, black forest gateau, strawberry cakes, profiteroles... Simple family recipes including molten chocolate cake, cake with candied fruit, hot soufflé with vanilla, Tart Tatin... Delicious and original desserts like yuzu with white chocolate, chocolate marshmallow and violet tartlet, cream cheese and cherry velvet, pistachio cristalline....

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 - The Professional Pastry Chef: Fundamentals of Baking and Pastry, 4th Edition
The Professional Pastry Chef: Fundamentals of Baking and Pastry, 4th

The reference of choice for thousands of pastry chefs and home cooks A favorite of pastry lovers and serious chefs worldwide, The Professional Pastry Chef presents comprehensive coverage of basic baking and pastry techniques in a fresh and approachable way. Now skillfully revised and redesigned to meet the needs of today's pastry kitchen, this classic reference is better-and easier to use-than ever. The new edition contains more than 650 recipes, which offer a new emphasis on American applications of European techniques with yields suitable for restaurant service or for entertaining at home. It shares encyclopedic guidance on everything from mise en place preparation and basic doughs to new chapters covering flatbreads, crackers, and homestyle desserts. Throughout, award-winning Executive Pastry Chef Bo Friberg explains not only how to perform procedures, but also the principles behind them, helping readers to build a firm foundation based on understanding rather than memorizing formulas. Illustrated step-by-step instructions demystify even the most complex techniques and presentations, while 100 vivid color photographs bring finished dishes to life with a sublime touch of visual inspiration. Whether used to develop skills or refine techniques, to gain or simply broaden a reperto...

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 - Les Petits Sweets: Two-Bite Desserts from the French Patisserie
Les Petits Sweets: Two-Bite Desserts from the French

When it comes to sweets, the French do it best! If you love macarons, sablés, petit fours, and madeleines, you're in for a sweet treat. This delicious cookbook is full of recipes for bite-size French desserts that pack a sweet punch. With the tiny desserts featured in Les Petits Sweets, you can taste more than one, or have a dessert-tasting party to try them all. And try them you must. With flavors like: Earl Grey lavender cassis cardamom apple-yuzu ...and more, it will be impossible to choose just one. Nougats, caramels, and tiny cakes and cookies will help you expand your French repertoire and flex your baking muscles. Tangerine-Poppy Financiers, Tarte Tatin Macarons, Strawberry-Matcha Tartelettes, Chocolate-Macadamia Shortbreads, and Sesame-Chocolate-Orange Wafers are just a few of the imaginative patisserie offerings you can recreate at home. Classic French techniques explain each recipe from start to finish. Go ahead, have dessert first.

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 - Patisserie at Home: Step-by-step recipes to help you master the art of French pastry
Patisserie at Home: Step-by-step recipes to help you master the art of French

If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to conjure up the mouthwatering pastries you’ve enjoyed in a Parisian cake store but thought it would be too hard, think again!Will Torrent is a rising star in the pastry world and in this, his first book, he aims to take the fear factor out of French pâtisserie. With step-by-step photography, a no-nonsense approach to the key pastry techniques and more than 60 beautifully illustrated recipes, this book will become an invaluable source of inspiration and a constant reference for all your favorite French-inspired sweet treats. There are chapters on Basic Techniques, Pâtisserie, Tarts, Petits Fours, Gâteaux & Desserts, and Bakery & Viennoiserie, and you’ll find recipes like chocolate and coffee éclairs, lemon tart, honey madeleines, brioche, macarons and red berry charlotte.

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 - The Pastry Chef's Little Black Book
The Pastry Chef's Little Black

By Chefs, For Chefs. The Pastry Chef's Little Black Book is a monumental reference work containing nearly 500 professionally formatted recipes covering all aspects of the pastry arts. Authored by award winning pastry chefs Michael Zebrowski and Michael Mignano. Foreword by Ron Ben Israel, Photography by Battman

  • ASIN: 0933477635

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The Best French Desserts and Bakeries to Try in Paris | French Desserts

French Pastries Desserts

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French pastry chef making cake.

French Pastries Desserts

French pastry chef making cake. macaroon cake. yummy.!!

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3 French Desserts That Are Easier Than You Think & Perfect For The Holidays!

French Pastries Desserts

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