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Polymer Materials

 - Materials Science of Polymers for Engineers 3E
Materials Science of Polymers for Engineers

This unified approach to polymer material science covers the wide range of underlying principles: from molecular structure to material properties; from the relationships between part design, processing and performance to mechanical properties and failure mechanisms.The book stands out with many full-color graphs and figures that visually convey what polymers can--and cannot--accomplish in a world that relies on this class of materials in basically all aspects of modern life. Real-world examples and a variety of problems help the reader apply their knowledge and sharpen their problem-solving skills. Materials Science of Polymers for Engineers 3E covers the 6Ps: polymers, process, product, performance, profit, and post-consumer life (sustainability). There are three major sections in the book.•Basic Principles―covering historical background, basic material properties, molecular structure, and thermal properties of polymers. •Influence of Processing on Properties―tying processing and design by discussing rheology of polymer melts, mixing and processing, the development of anisotropy, and solidification processes. •Engineering Design Properties―covering the different properties that need to be considered when designing a polymer component from mechanical properties to fai...

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 - Specialty Polymers: Materials And Applications
Specialty Polymers: Materials And

Polymers are indispensably everywhere. In performance as well as diversity in applications, they offer novelty and versatility, which is not found in any other kind of materials. Thus polymers occupy a major place and pivotal position in the field of materials today. The progress in the field of polymers has been extremely rapid compared to any other branch of chemistry. Polymers are generally used as passive materials such as in packaging, as adhesives and coatings in electrical, electronics, sensors and photonics etc., besides their major use as structural materials. Therefore, it is the right time to explore the possibility of exposing the world of polymer materials with special properties or for very specialized applications. Contents: 1.Liquid Crystalline Conducting Polymers; 2.Photo-converters Based on Dye-doped Polymers; 3. Inorganic Polymers for Advanced Applications; 4.Magnetic Polymers Micro-spheres; 5.Conducting Polymer Composites; 6.Polyanilines: Materials and Applications; 7.Polymer: Carbon nano composites; 8.Luminescent Polymers; 9.Polymers in Medical Applications; 10.Advanced Adhesives and Coatings; 11. Polypeptides in Therapeutics; 12. Polymeric Nanofibers; 13. Intrinsically Conducting Polymers for Metallic Corrosion Protection; 14. Conducting Polymer-based Sensor...

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 - Fire Properties of Polymer Composite Materials (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications)
Fire Properties of Polymer Composite Materials (Solid Mechanics and Its

This book is the first to deal with the important topic of the fire behaviour of fibre reinforced polymer composite materials. The book covers all of the key issues on the behaviour of composites in a fire. Also covered are fire protection materials for composites, fire properties of nanocomposites, fire safety regulations and standards, fire test methods, and health hazards from burning composites.

  • ASIN: 140205355X
 - Raw Materials Supply Chain for Rubber Products: Overview of the Global Use of Raw Materials, Polymers, Compounding Ingredients, and Chemical Intermediates
Raw Materials Supply Chain for Rubber Products: Overview of the Global Use of Raw Materials, Polymers, Compounding Ingredients, and Chemical

The rubber industry is a vital part of the world economy. In this age of constantly changing economics and raw material "shortages of the week," this book should help the reader understand the overall technical and economic problems that are emerging which are beginning to affect the overall availability of many raw materials, chemical intermediates and final rubber products on the world scene. This book is truly unique in that it is the only one that traces all the important organic and inorganic synthesis routes for the manufacture of synthetic rubbers, various fillers, plasticizers, oils, curatives, antidegradants, adhesion promoters, flame retardants, tackifiers, and blowing agents through their respective intermediates to the base raw materials from earth extractions and agriculture.

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 - Mechanical Behaviour of Engineering Materials: Metals, Ceramics, Polymers, and Composites
Mechanical Behaviour of Engineering Materials: Metals, Ceramics, Polymers, and

How do engineering materials deform when bearing mechanical loads? To answer this crucial question, the book bridges the gap between continuum mechanics and materials science. The different kinds of material deformation are explained in detail.

  • ASIN: 3642092527
 - Polymer and Ceramic Composite Materials: Emergent Properties and Applications
Polymer and Ceramic Composite Materials: Emergent Properties and

This book summarizes recent advances in the fabrication methods, properties, and applications of various ceramic-filled polymer matrix composites. Surface-modification methods and chemical functionalization of the ceramic fillers are explored in detail, and the outstanding thermal and mechanical properties of polymer–ceramic composites, the modeling of some of their thermal and mechanical parameters, and their major potential applications are discussed along with detailed examples. Aimed at researchers, industry professionals, and advanced students working in materials science and engineering, this work offering a review of a vast number of references in the polymer–ceramic field, this work helps readers easily advance their research and understanding of the field.

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 - Polymer Materials: Macroscopic Properties and Molecular Interpretations
Polymer Materials: Macroscopic Properties and Molecular

Advanced reviews for Polymer Materials "Molecular modeling of polymers ... is a subject that cannot be found in any other [book] in any appreciable detail. ... [T]he detailed chapters on specific polymer systems is a great idea." — Gregory Odegard, Michigan Technological University "The polymer community needs a text book which can connect the macroscopic mechanics with mesoscopic and molecular aspects of polymer." — Liangbin Li, University of Science and Technology of China This book takes a unique, multi-scale approach to the mechanical properties of polymers, covering both the macroscopic and molecular levels unlike any other book on the market. Based on the authors’ extensive research and writing in the field, Polymer Materials emphasizes the relationships between the chemical structure and the mechanical behavior of polymer materials, providing authoritative guidelines for assessing polymer performance under different conditions and the design of new materials. Key features of this book include: Experimental results on selected examples precede and reinforce the development of theoretical features In-depth discussions of a limited number of polymer systems instead of a brief overview of many Self-contained chapters with a summary of their key points Comprehensive prob...

  • ASIN: 0470616199
 - Fillers for Polymer Applications (Polymers and Polymeric Composites: A Reference Series)
Fillers for Polymer Applications (Polymers and Polymeric Composites: A Reference

This handbook provides an introduction to and reference information about the science behind the production and use of particulate fillers in polymer applications. Fillers play an important role and are used with practically all types of polymers: thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers.Readers will find an introduction to the topic of particulate fillers for polymer applications and their importance. The first chapters describe the use and characteristics of fillers in different polymer types, such as thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers. The following chapters compile and summarize comprehensive information about different filler materials which find application nowadays, including mineral fillers (for example feldspars, wollastonites, and many more) and inorganic fillers (barium sulphate, or clays), bio-fillers, recycled and sustainable fillers, and fillers for specific applications (for example flame-retardant fillers, fillers for electrically conductive applications, or thermally conductive additives).Offering key information, compiled by a mixed team of authors from academia and industry, this handbook will appeal to researchers and professionals working on and with particulate polymer fillers alike.

  • ASIN: 331928116X
 - Radiation Processing of Polymer Materials and Its Industrial Applications
Radiation Processing of Polymer Materials and Its Industrial

Up-to-date, comprehensive coverage on radiation-processedpolymer materials and their applications Offering a unique perspective of the industrial and commercialapplications of the radiation processing of polymers, thisinsightful reference examines the fundamental scientific principlesand cutting-edge developments advancing this diverse field. Througha variety of case studies, detailed examples, and economicfeasibility analysis, Radiation Processing of Polymer Materialsand Its Industrial Applications systematically explains thecommercially viable ways to process and use radiation-processedpolymeric materials in industrial products. In addition, thisone-of-kind text:Covers important chemistry and processing fundamentals, whileemphasizing their translation into practical applications ofradiation-processed polymersIncorporates new applications in nanotechnology, biomaterials,and recyclingSystematically discusses new developments in the field andsummarizes past achievementsBy helping readers—from students to scientists, engineers,technicians, and sales and marketing professionals—understandand solve problems associated with radiation processing ofpolymers, Radiation Processing of Polymer Materials and ItsIndustrial Applications serves as an essential reference andfills an importan...

  • ASIN: 0470587695
 - Introduction to Polymer Physics
Introduction to Polymer

Polymers are very large molecules consisting of many atoms covalently bonded like a chain. Their structure gives unique physical properties to polymer solutions. This outstanding textbook gives a clear and concise introduction to the modern theory of polymer physics. It describes basic concepts and methods and explains the statistical properties of the assembly of chain-like molecules; topics include scaling theory, concentration fluctuation, gels, and reptation. This is an ideal volume for graduate students and advanced undergraduates in polymer physics.

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 - Radiation Effects in Polymeric Materials (Springer Series on Polymer and Composite Materials)
Radiation Effects in Polymeric Materials (Springer Series on Polymer and Composite

​This book provides an introduction of how radiation is processed in polymeric materials, how materials properties are affected and how the resulting materials are analyzed. It covers synthesis, characterization, or modification of important materials, e.g. polycarbonates, polyamides and polysaccharides, using radiation. For example, a complete chapter is dedicated to the characterization of biodegradable polymers irradiated with low and heavy ions. This book will be beneficial to all polymer scientists in the development of new macromolecules and to all engineers using these materials in applications. It summarizes the fundamental knowledge and latest innovations in research fields from medicine to space.

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 - Engineering Materials 2: An Introduction to Microstructures and Processing (International Series on Materials Science and Technology)
Engineering Materials 2: An Introduction to Microstructures and Processing (International Series on Materials Science and

Engineering Materials 2, Fourth Edition, is one of the leading self-contained texts for more advanced students of materials science and mechanical engineering. It provides a concise introduction to the microstructures and processing of materials, and shows how these are related to the properties required in engineering design. Each chapter is designed to provide the content of one 50-minute lecture. This updated version includes new case studies, more worked examples; links to Google Earth, websites, and video clips; and a companion site with access to instructors' resources: solution manual, image bank of figures from the book, and a section of interactive materials science tutorials. Other changes include an increased emphasis on the relationship between structure, processing, and properties, and the integration of the popular tutorial on phase diagrams into the main text. The book is perfect as a stand-alone text for an advanced course in engineering materials or a second text with its companion Engineering Materials 1: An Introduction to Properties, Applications, and Design, Fourth Edition in a two-semester course or sequence. Many new or revised applications-based case studies and examplesTreatment of phase diagrams integrated within the main textIncreased emphasis on the re...

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 - Polymers: Chemistry and Physics of Modern Materials, Third Edition
Polymers: Chemistry and Physics of Modern Materials, Third

  • ASIN: B005H7L7TO
 - Fractography in Failure Analysis of Polymers (Plastics Design Library)
Fractography in Failure Analysis of Polymers (Plastics Design

Fractography in Failure Analysis of Polymers provides a practical guide to the science of fractography and its application in the failure analysis of plastic components. In addition to a brief background on the theory of fractography, the authors discuss the various fractographic tools and techniques used to identify key fracture characteristics. Case studies are included for a wide range of polymer types, applications, and failure modes, as well as best practice guidelines enabling engineers to apply these lessons to their own work. Detailed images and their appropriate context are presented for reference in failure investigations. This text is vital for engineers who must determine the root causes of failure when it occurs, helping them further study the ramifications of product liability claims, environmental concerns, and brand image.Presents a comprehensive guide to applied fractography, enabling improved reliability and longevity of plastic parts and productsIncludes case studies that demonstrate material selection decisions and how to reduce failure ratesProvides best practices on how to analyze the cause of material failures, along with guidelines on improving design and manufacturing decisions

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 - Compostable Polymer Materials
Compostable Polymer Materials

Compostable Polymer Materials, Second Edition, deals with the environmentally important family of polymers designed to be disposed of in industrial and municipal compost facilities after their useful life. These compostable plastics undergo degradation and leave no visible, distinguishable, or toxic residue. Environmental concerns and legislative measures taken in different regions of the world make composting an increasingly attractive route for the disposal of redundant polymers. This book covers the entire spectrum of preparation, degradation, and evironmental issues related to compostable polymers. It emphasizes recent studies concerning compostability and ecotoxilogical assessment of polymer materials. It descibes the thermal behavior, including flammability properties, of compostable polymers. It also explores possible routes of compostable polymers waste disposal through an ecological lens. Finally, the book examines the economic factors at work, including price evolution over the past decade, the current market, and future perspectives. Compostable Polymer Materials is an essential resource for graduate students and scientists working in chemistry, materials science, ecology, and environmental science. Provides a comprehensive study of the composting processDetails meth...

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 - Statistical Physics of Macromolecules (Polymers and Complex Materials)
Statistical Physics of Macromolecules (Polymers and Complex

Market: Specialists and graduate students in polymer physics, statistical physics, physical chemistry of polymers, materials science, molecular biophysics, and chemical engineering. This introductory volume presents in-depth descriptions of fundamental concepts as well as key industrial applications in polymer physical chemistry and molecular biophysics. Topics include statistical theories of polymer solutions, melts, polymer liquid crystals, polymer networks, and polyelectrolytes; statistics of ideal chains; the viscoelastic behavior of polymer systems; and various features of biopolymers, DNA, and proteins.

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  • ASIN: 1563960710
 - Thermoplastic Starch: A Green Material for Various Industries
Thermoplastic Starch: A Green Material for Various

This first book on this new green material collates all the information hitherto scattered in journal articles and on websites, thus meeting the application-oriented needs of the reader. The contents stretch between many important areas, such as production and applications of biopolymeric material, fundamental knowledge and practical applications, and includes valuable experimental case studies, which can be directly used in industrial practice. All the data satisfies EU environmental regulations, which are the most stringent worldwide.

  • Brand: Brand: Wiley-VCH
  • ASIN: 352732528X
 - Polymer Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry

“Highly recommended!” – CHOICE New Edition Offers Improved Framework for Understanding Polymers Written by well-established professors in the field, Polymer Chemistry, Second Edition provides a well-rounded and articulate examination of polymer properties at the molecular level. It focuses on fundamental principles based on underlying chemical structures, polymer synthesis, characterization, and properties. Consistent with the previous edition, the authors emphasize the logical progression of concepts, rather than presenting just a catalog of facts. The book covers topics that appear prominently in current polymer science journals. It also provides mathematical tools as needed, and fully derived problems for advanced calculations. This new edition integrates new theories and experiments made possible by advances in instrumentation. It adds new chapters on controlled polymerization and chain conformations while expanding and updating material on topics such as catalysis and synthesis, viscoelasticity, rubber elasticity, glass transition, crystallization, solution properties, thermodynamics, and light scattering. Polymer Chemistry, Second Edition offers a logical presentation of topics that can be scaled to meet the needs of introductory as well as more advanced courses in ch...

  • Brand: Brand: CRC Press
  • ASIN: 1574447793
 - Failure Analysis and Fractography of Polymer Composites (Woodhead Publishing in Materials)
Failure Analysis and Fractography of Polymer Composites (Woodhead Publishing in

The growing use of polymer composites is leading to an increasing demand for fractographic expertise. Fractography is the study of the fracture surface morphology and is an essential tool for advancing the understanding of confidence in composite structural behavior. Fractography gives an insight into damage mechanisms and underpins the development of physically based failure criteria. It provides a vital link between predictive models and experimental observations. Finally, it is vital for post-mortem analysis of failed or crashed structures, the findings of which are used to optimize future designs. This authoritative reference work provides both an overview of the field and a reference text for engineers.

  • ASIN: 1420079646
 - Polymer Processing and Characterization (Advances in Materials Science)
Polymer Processing and Characterization (Advances in Materials

This book deals with the polymers, different methods of synthesis, and synthesis of composites, as well as the different techniques used for polymer characterization. Most of the world’s industries extract the anomalous properties of polymers to make excellent cost-effective materials. Because of this, the types of polymers, their processing, and the analysis of their various properties are very significant. Readers will gain a thorough knowledge about the processing of different types of polymers and composites made from them, as well as their various applications. Suitable for classroom use but especially important for researchers, this book addresses: Adhesion of amorphous polymers with vitrified bulk and surface glass transition Functionalized biopolymers and their applications A new synthesis of p-Cresol-Adipamide-Formaldehyde copolymer resin and its applications as an ion-changer Correlating performance of commercial viscosity modifiers for formulating shear stable industrial lubricants Synthesis of phthalonitrile polymers in ionic liquid and microwave media Studies on nanocomposite polymer electrolytes doped with Ca3(PO4)2 for lithium batteries

  • Brand: Brand: Apple Academic Press
  • ASIN: 1926895150
 - Flexible and Stretchable Electronic Composites (Springer Series on Polymer and Composite Materials)
Flexible and Stretchable Electronic Composites (Springer Series on Polymer and Composite

This book is the first comprehensive collection of electronic aspects of different kinds of elastomer composites, including combinations of synthetic, natural and thermoplastic elastomers with different conducting fillers like metal nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, or graphenes, and many more. It covers elastomer composites, which are useful in electronic applications, including chemical and physical as well as material science aspects. The presented elastomer composites have great potential for solving emerging new material application requirements, for example as flexible and wearable electronics. The book is structured and organized by the rubber/elastomer type: each chapter describes a different elastomer matrix and its composites. While introducing to important fundamentals, it is application-oriented, discussing the current issues and challenges in the field of elastomer composites. This book will thus appeal to researchers and scientists, to engineers and technologists, but also to graduate students, working on elastomer composites, or on electronics engineering with the composites, providing the readers with a sound introduction to the field and solutions to both fundamental and applied problems.

  • ASIN: 3319236628
 - Smart Light-Responsive Materials: Azobenzene-Containing Polymers and Liquid Crystals
Smart Light-Responsive Materials: Azobenzene-Containing Polymers and Liquid

This book reviews the cutting-edge significant research in the field of smart light-responsive materials based on azobenzene polymers and liquid crystals. Emphasis is placed on the discovery of new phenomena from the past 5 years, their underlying mechanisms, new functionalities, and properties achieved through rational design. Edited by leading authorities in the field, Zhao and Ikeda, the chapters are authored by an internationally-recognized team of experts from North America, Europe, and Asia. Smart Light-Responsive Materials will serve to catalyze new research that will lead this field over the next 5-10 years.

  • ASIN: 0470175788
 - Polymer - The Chameleon Clay: ArtRanch Techniques for Re-creating the Look of Ivory, Jade, Turquoise, and Other Natural Materials
Polymer - The Chameleon Clay: ArtRanch Techniques for Re-creating the Look of Ivory, Jade, Turquoise, and Other Natural

Explore the versatility and beauty of polymer clay! In this new book, author Victoria Hughes shows readers an amazing array of finishes for this magical medium.&break;&break;Hughes presents, in detail, how polymer clay can imitate various materials including ivory, jade, coral, shell, onyx, and turquoise through assorted finishing, shaping, baking, and molding techniques. Eighteen unique and stunning projects, including an ivory pendant and an accordion-style jade book, are featured and illustrated by 250 beautiful, step-by-step photographs and detailed line drawings. A gallery of finished pieces by the author and more than 10 other skilled artists offers inspiration for readers to go beyond what is presented to make their own unique creations.&break;&break;Hughes, a well-known polymer clay artist, invented these techniques and teaches them nationwide.&break;&break;New, inventive, and amazing techniques to make polymer clay imitate more than 10 different materials&break;&break;Gorgeous photos of completed pieces to inspire creativity&break;&break;Complete information and step-by-step instructions for creating each look

  • Brand: Brand: Krause Publications
  • ASIN: 0873493737
  • UPC: 046081003738
 - Construction Manual for Polymers + Membranes: Materials and Semi-finished Products, Form Finding and Construction (Konstruktionsatlanten)
Construction Manual for Polymers + Membranes: Materials and Semi-finished Products, Form Finding and Construction

Whether it be as translucent sheets, broadly stretched membranes and inflated foil cushions, or in graceful, organic curves, architecture today is utilizing plastics in the most disparate forms and for a wide variety of purposes. Innovative technical developments are constantly improving its material properties; at the same time, there is a growing new awareness of its potential as a construction material. While plastics used to be employed primarily as an inexpensive variant on traditional building materials, they are increasingly regarded in the construction world today as a serious and viable alternative, be it as supporting structures, roofs, facades, or elements of interior design and decoration. Thanks in large part to this inherent self-sufficiency, plastics are currently enjoying an unprecedented surge in popularity, even among the international architectural avant-garde - as multiwall sheets or corrugated, fiber-reinforced panels, or as filling between glass panes. And the new generation of ecological bioplastics also pays tribute to the debate on sustainability, ridding plastics of their lingering reputation as environmental offenders.From the history of plastics and membranes in architecture to their material properties and requirements in construction and design, the ...

  • Brand: Brand: Birkhauser
  • ASIN: 3034607261
 - Degradable Polymers and Materials: Principles and Practice (2nd Edition) (ACS Symposium Series)
Degradable Polymers and Materials: Principles and Practice (2nd Edition) (ACS Symposium

Not too long ago, the world economy was mainly based on agricultural products and its trades and barters between various communities and countries. With the discovery of crude oil, petroleum based fuels, chemicals, polymers and all of their downstream products took a foothold and the world economy was changed forever. Although it is still a very important part of the world economy, agriculture has been second tier to the oil economy for over a hundred years now.However, the sands of time are shifting once again. With peak oil behind us, rising prices of petroleum-based chemicals and plastics, and more importantly the rude awakening and realization that the rising consumption of crude oil is putting the entire Earth's ecosystem and its living beings at grave risk of total annihilation via a man-made global warming phenomenon, the world is once again turning its attention to renewable and closed-loop bio-based (i.e. agriculture based) products to fulfill its non-food related needs including transportation fuels and the manufacture of chemicals and plastics. In this revised edition book, renowned experts from the field of bio-based chemicals, plastics and materials present the most compelling case and a comprehensive overview of the paradigm shift that is taking place in the present...

  • Brand: Brand: American Chemical Society
  • ASIN: 0841228221

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Polymers: Crash Course Chemistry #45

Polymer Materials

You can directly support Crash Course at http://www.subbable.com/crashcourse Subscribe for as little as $0 to keep up with everything we're doing. Also, if you can afford to pay a little every month, it really helps us to continue producing great content. Did you know that Polymers save the live...

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The Polymer Explosion: Crash Course Engineering #20

Polymer Materials

We’re continuing our look at engineering materials with third main type of material that you’ll encounter as an engineer: polymers. They’re made of long, repeating chains of smaller molecules known as monomers and today we’ll explore their strange history of polymers and the things that contribut...

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Polymer Materials


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