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 - Censorship in Vietnam: Brave New World
Censorship in Vietnam: Brave New

What does censorship do to a culture? How do censors justify their work? What are the mechanisms by which censorship―and self-censorship―alter people's sense of time and memory, truth and reality? Thomas Bass faced these questions when The Spy Who Loved Us, his account of the famous Time magazine journalist and double agent Pham Xuan An, was published in a Vietnamese edition. When the book finally appeared in 2014, after five years of negotiations with Vietnamese censors, more than four hundred passages had been altered or cut from the text.After the book was published, Bass flew to Vietnam to meet his censors, at least the half dozen who would speak with him. In Censorship in Vietnam, he describes these meetings and examines how censorship works, both in Vietnam and elsewhere in the world. An exemplary piece of investigative reporting, Censorship in Vietnam opens a window into the country today and shows us the precarious nature of intellectual freedom in a world governed by suppression.

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 - The Spy Who Loved Us: The Vietnam War and Pham Xuan An's Dangerous Game
The Spy Who Loved Us: The Vietnam War and Pham Xuan An's Dangerous

Pham Xuan An was a brilliant journalist and an even better spy. A friend to all the legendary reporters who covered the Vietnam War, he was an invaluable source of news and a font of wisdom on all things Vietnamese. At the same time, he was a masterful double agent. An inspired shape-shifter who kept his cover in place until the day he died, Pham Xuan An ranks as one of the preeminent spies of the twentieth century.When Thomas A. Bass set out to write the story of An’s remarkable career for The New Yorker, fresh revelations arrived daily during their freewheeling conversations, which began in 1992. But a good spy is always at work, and it was not until An’s death in 2006 that Bass was able to lift the veil from his carefully guarded story to offer up this fascinating portrait of a hidden life.A masterful history that reads like a John le Carré thriller, The Spy Who Loved Us offers a vivid portrait of journalists and spies at war.  

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 - The Predictors
The Predictors

Excerpted in The New Yorker and hailed by the business press, The Predictors is destined to become a classic of its generation--an antic, subversive odyssey into a universe defined by the mystical convergence of physics and finance.How could a couple of rumpled physicists in sandals and Eat-the-Rich T-shirts, piling computers into an adobe house in Santa Fe, hope to take on the masters of the universe from Morgan Stanley? Doyne Farmer and Norman Packard may never have read The Wall Street Journal, but they happen to be among the founders of the new sciences of chaos and complexity. Who better to try to find order in the apparently unreasoned chaos of the global financial markets? Thomas A. Bass takes us inside their start-up company, following it from its inception as a motley collection of longhaired Ph.D.s to its passage into the centers of financial power, where "the predictors" find investors and finally go live with real money. The Predictors is a dizzying, often hilarious tale of genius and greed.

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 - Christian Religious Education
Christian Religious Education

The Classic Guide for Educators of Any Denomination What mission calls us to teach? How do societal issues-socialoppression, poverty, politics-affect what we teach, how we teachit, and how people learn? Who are our students? What and when arethey ready to learn? Once we understand these foundations, how canwe facilitate an educational experience that has the power to shapeand transform people and communities in life-giving ways offaith? In this classic text, Thomas Groome asks and answers these centralquestions, providing a comprehensive integration of the history,theory, and practice of modern religious education for a newgeneration of educators. His self-reflective approach-sharedpraxis-will inspire school teachers, students of religiouseducation, pastors, parents, and religious educators in localchurches who want to understand themselves, their mission, andtheir surroundings-to inform, form, and transform their students'lives. "Anyone tugged by the calling at the heart of education orreligious life can only cheer for the republication of this classicbook."-Robert Kegan, Harvard Graduate School of Education "Whether returning Christian Religious Education or reading it forthe first time, readers will discover freshness leaping from thepage; you will soon know why this forma...

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 - The Improvement Guide: A Practical Approach to Enhancing Organizational Performance
The Improvement Guide: A Practical Approach to Enhancing Organizational

This new edition of this bestselling guide offers an integrated approach to process improvement that delivers quick and substantial results in quality and productivity in diverse settings. The authors explore their Model for Improvement that worked with international improvement efforts at multinational companies as well as in different industries such as healthcare and public agencies. This edition includes new information that shows how to accelerate improvement by spreading changes across multiple sites. The book presents a practical tool kit of ideas, examples, and applications.

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 - Becoming a Student-Ready College: A New Culture of Leadership for Student Success
Becoming a Student-Ready College: A New Culture of Leadership for Student

Boost student success by reversing your perspective on college readiness The national conversation asking "Are students college-ready?" concentrates on numerous factors that are beyond higher education's control. Becoming a Student-Ready College flips the college readiness conversation to provide a new perspective on creating institutional value and facilitating student success. Instead of focusing on student preparedness for college (or lack thereof), this book asks the more pragmatic question of what are colleges and universities doing to prepare for the students who are entering their institutions? What must change in an institution's policies, practices, and culture in order to be student-ready? Clear and concise, this book is packed with insightful discussion and practical strategies for achieving your ambitious student success goals. These ideas for redesigning practices and policies provide more than food for thought—they offer a real-world framework for real institutional change. You'll learn: How educators can acknowledge their own biases and assumptions about underserved students in order to allow for change New ways to advance student learning and success How to develop and value student assets and social capital Strategies and approaches for creating a new studen...

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 - John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course Part 1
John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course Part

(Willis). A classic, comprehensive step-by-step course specifically designed to suit the needs of children beginning the piano. Features colorful characters and illustrations * writing exercises * sight-reading drills * review work * and more! Also contains worksheets, reading-aloud exercises and accompaniments for teacher or parent. Note that the latest edition (2019) features updated artwork!

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 - [ [ [ The Eudaemonic Pie [ THE EUDAEMONIC PIE ] By Bass, Thomas A ( Author )Nov-01-2000 Paperback
[ [ [ The Eudaemonic Pie [ THE EUDAEMONIC PIE ] By Bass, Thomas A ( Author )Nov-01-2000

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 - Football Skills & Drills
Football Skills & Drills

The best-selling guide on the essentials of the game is bigger, better, and more comprehensive than ever. Solid blocking, sure tackling, proper footwork, precise routes, correct coverage angles, and synchronized body movements--these basic techniques are all essential to winning football. Football Skills & Drills is your guide to success, explaining how to teach key skills and consistent execution to players in offensive, defensive, and special-teams positions. You will benefit from the same techniques used by top college and professional teams, along with a complete arsenal of 114 drills. From quarterback rollouts for winning touchdowns to block-shedding maneuvers for drive-stopping sacks, Football Skills & Drills translates technical instruction into on-field application, depicting exactly how each pass, pattern, route, catch, block, tackle, and kick is performed. Gridiron champions are made on the practice field. Football Skills & Drills serves as a great foundation in your quest for a title.

  • Brand: Human Kinetics
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 - Mountain Wedding
Mountain Wedding


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Thomas Bass

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