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Three Witches

 - Enter Three Witches
Enter Three Witches

A fresh perspective on MACBETH from one of today's foremost YA writers. Three girls witness the action of Shakespeare's play firsthand -- and their lives are forever changed because of it.Lady Mary is a ward of Lord and Lady Macbeth whose life is forever changed when her father, Lord Cawdor, betrays the Scottish king -- and is hanged as a traitor. In an instant, Mary has lost both her father and future. Now she's trapped in a castle with a power-hungry couple who will do anything to get what they want -- and are willing to crush anyone in their way. Including Mary. As the murderous events of Shakespeare's play unfold around her, Mary must struggle to survive -- and do what she can to prevent more deaths. But can a lone girl save lives when a legion of Scottish lords cannot?

  • ASIN: 0439711576
 - 3 Wicked Witches
3 Wicked Witches

  • ASIN: B01FV0O2IY
 - Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus

  • ASIN: B004JMY312
 - Two Witches and a Whiskey (The Guild Codex: Spellbound Book 3)
Two Witches and a Whiskey (The Guild Codex: Spellbound Book

Three months ago, I landed a job as a bartender. But not at a bar--at a guild. Yeah, the magic kind.I'm not a badass mage like my three smokin' hot best friends. I'm not a sorcerer or an alchemist, or even a wussy witch. I'm just a human, slinging drinks like a pro and keeping my non-magical nose out of mythic business. Seriously, I know my limits.So why am I currently standing in a black-magic ritual circle across from a fae lord?Somewhere behind me, my three mage friends are battling for their lives. Somewhere near my feet is the rogue witch I just knocked out with a stolen spell. And I have about five seconds to convince this very angry sea god not to shmoosh me like a bug.I'm pretty sure this wasn't in the job description.--Note: The three mages are definitely sexy, but this series isn't a reverse harem. It's 100% fun, sassy, fast-paced urban fantasy.--THE GUILD CODEX: SPELLBOUNDThree Mages and a Margarita (#1)Dark Arts and a Daiquiri (#2)Two Witches and a Whiskey (#3)Demon Magic and a Martini (#4)The Alchemist and an Amaretto (#5)

 - Catalpa's Curse: The Willoughby Witches (Book Three)
Catalpa's Curse: The Willoughby Witches (Book

Over one hundred years ago, a group of witches, escaping a second wave of Witch Trials made their way from New England to Whitewater, Wisconsin, known as Second Salem. Others, seeking knowledge in spiritualism and the occult, also made their way to the city and, through their ignorance, unleashed an evil entity poised to destroy the city. Three sisters, the Willoughby Witches, created an incantation strong enough to ensnare the demon. But, magic requires payment, and so the sisters sacrificed themselves to keep their city and their family safe. Now, 120 years later, the incantation is at its end, and the demon grows stronger every day. Three sisters, three witches, know that now is the time for them to step up and face the creature their ancestors faced and sacrifice whatever they need in order to keep Whitewater safe. Catalpa Willoughby always thought that Donovan Farrington was her one true love, but Donovan’s decision to join the league of the demon known as the Master has Cat both frightened and confused. In order to fight the demon, she and her sisters were charged with finding a soulmate who can help them on this journey. Will that soulmate be Donovan, or could it be the mysterious stranger in town, Finias Bailey, who seems to know more about the Willoughbys than he ...

  • ASIN: B07TM8C86P
 - Witch Love Story (Heart of a Witch Book 3)
Witch Love Story (Heart of a Witch Book

When new witch, Sahara, heads to a corporate team-building weekend for her job, she invites her rival boyfriends and introduces them as her cousins. She decides that by the close of Sunday’s events, she will make up her mind about which man is right for her: Robert the warlock or Donovan the entrepreneur.She cares for both men, but after the weekend she’s had with them, it seems that Sahara’s path is clear. Or is it?Her continuing education in witchcraft also poses more challenges. When Paris, Sahara’s mentor, takes on another student, Sahara learns that her next lesson will be to learn how to do battle with another witch! And just in time…Can Sahara get her love life in order and protect herself from the witch nemesis who threatens her life—and her happiness—with black magic?WITCH LOVE STORY is a full-length paranormal romance novel, and the third book in Heart of a Witch, a spellbinding series about a witch whose wisdom must measure up to her growing powers as she chooses a path in her love life...and as a witch.**Acclaim for the novels of H.T. Night** “Author H.T. Night is an entertaining witch whisperer who spins a twisting tale of white magic and black magic…and unveils the shades of gray between them.” —Eve Paludan, author of Witchy Business “A hip a...

  • ASIN: B01E06NJ6Q
 - Third Time is a Charm: A Witches Three Cozy Mystery (The Witches Three Cozy Mysteries)
Third Time is a Charm: A Witches Three Cozy Mystery (The Witches Three Cozy

Amanda Clarke possesses the rarest, most powerful form of magic: the ability to see and manipulate time itself.If only she knew how to use it. All she gets are vague impressions, little intuitions that compel her to act.When she pays a visit to her friend Nick's apartment, one of her witchy feelings is warning her about the apartment across the hall. The empty apartment. The apartment no one has gone in or out of in years. She promises Nick to follow the rules this time. But the feeling won't be ignored. She gathers the Witches Three and they magic their way inside.And find a body dressed for 1928 but still warm and only recently dead in 2018. Yet another case beyond the local police department, but perfect for the Witches Three."Third Time is a Charm", Book 3 in the Witches Three Cozy Mystery series. If you're a fan of Amanda M. Lee, N.M. Howell, or Amy Boyles, this mélange of magic and murder mystery is sure to charm you.

  • ASIN: 1946552909
 - Witch You Were Here (Academy of Witches Book 3)
Witch You Were Here (Academy of Witches Book

Not everyone loves a good party!As the school year winds to a close at the mystical Winchester Academy, Max has to deal with the dual threats of finals and her chance to impress the entire magical community by throwing a giant party. Oh, and her ongoing struggle to balance the four hot wizards that want to woo her. It doesn't help that her grandmother wants to force Max to choose just one!But all that would be fine, nothing that the hard-working witch can't handle, if every single thing didn't seem to be going wrong in preparation for the party. From a culinary disaster to a very intentional wardrobe malfunction, it's one challenge after another! Is it coincidence, or is there someone or something working to turn Max's big day into a total disaster?

 - Three for a Witch: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance
Three for a Witch: A Reverse Harem Paranormal

After catching my boyfriend screwing my best friend, I have only one place to go: home to my witchy aunts, their magic and our coven.I was supposed to cry my broken heart away. Instead I did a spell to draw three men to me: Orlando, Roman, and Jack.They were my best friends when we were kids. Then something more when we were all fourteen. And I still long for them.But things have changed since we were kids. There are cracks and missing pieces. And somewhere out there in the woods, a darkness lurks… a darkness coming for us all.I just hope we can reunite in time to face it, or we might not live to see tomorrow.Three for a Witch is a complete, standalone novel with no cliffhangers in sight.

 - Broom with a View (Wicked Witches of Coventry Book 3)
Broom with a View (Wicked Witches of Coventry Book

A best friend on the mend, a love triangle that just might be a square, and a dead college co-ed – there’s never a dull moment in Coventry. But, can Brighton’s powers save her from a serial killer’s snare?Broom with a View is the third book in the Wicked Witches of Coventry cozy mystery series.

  • ASIN: B07Q21TTF3
 - Phantoms in High Fidelity (Blackwood Bay Witches Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 3)
Phantoms in High Fidelity (Blackwood Bay Witches Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book

An unknown evil is lurking in Blackwood Bay, and this time the suspect list includes more than just the living…Life in Blackwood Bay is looking up for recent transplant and new witch, Dru Rathmore Davis. She’s settled into running her bookstore, growing closer with her coven, and has finally acknowledged her feelings for her Guardian, handsome local police sergeant, Wolf Harper. So when the crew of a wildly popular paranormal investigation TV show comes to town, she wants no part of it. But when the star of the TV show disappears without a trace, more than one person is begging Dru for help. It seems the Sterling Castle Hotel is a desirable destination for spirits. A place where the living and the dead coexist in a world of luxury. It should be easy enough to solve the case of the missing man with so many potential witnesses, but Dru quickly discovers that something is very wrong with the spirits that occupy the hotel. As Dru stumbles upon a web of lies, jealousy, heartbreak, and shocking obsession, she realizes she may have put herself in the crosshairs of a sinister force she’s not prepared to deal with… and one that will kill to keep its darkest secrets hidden.Phantoms in High Fidelity (Blackwood Bay Witches Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series, Book 3) is a humorous paranor...

 - The Winter of the Witch: A Novel (Winternight Trilogy Book 3)
The Winter of the Witch: A Novel (Winternight Trilogy Book

  • ASIN: B077LT812J
 - Demon Magic and a Martini (The Guild Codex: Spellbound Book 4)
Demon Magic and a Martini (The Guild Codex: Spellbound Book

When I first landed a bartending job at the local guild, I didn't know a thing about magic. These days, I'm practically an expert on the different magical classes, but there's one nobody ever talks about: Demonica.Turns out they have a good reason for that.My guild is strictly hellion-free, but some people will risk life and soul to control the biggest bullies on the mythic playground. And now a demon has been loosed in the city.My three best friends are determined to slay it, but even badass combat mages are critically out-magicked. And that's not all. The monster they're tracking--it's not hiding. It's not fleeing. It's not leaving a trail of corpses everywhere it goes.The demon is hunting too. And in a city full of mythics, it's searching for deadlier prey.If we can't unravel the demon's sinister motivations, more innocent people will die, but finding the answers means digging into dark secrets...and learning truths I never wanted to know.--Note: The three mages are definitely sexy, but this series isn't a reverse harem. It's 100% fun, sassy, fast-paced urban fantasy.--THE GUILD CODEX: SPELLBOUNDThree Mages and a Margarita (#1)Dark Arts and a Daiquiri (#2)Two Witches and a Whiskey (#3)Demon Magic and a Martini (#4)The Alchemist and an Amaretto (#5)

  • ASIN: B07NC9N863
 - The Witch
The Witch

 - A Witch In Time: Magic and Mayhem Book Three
A Witch In Time: Magic and Mayhem Book

One of these things is not like the others—life threatening community theatre, wire hangers, chipmunks, tree-house sex-capades with a hot werewolf and head-shrinking with a porno-loving rabbit Shifter.Actually none of these things are even remotely like the others, but it’s my life and I’m going to make the pieces fit into a perfect puzzle—even if I have to shove it together and glue it with magic.New leaf, new leaf, new freakin’ leaf.Caring for people wasn’t in my repertoire until I landed in Assjacket, West Virginia. Falling in love wasn’t anywhere on my agenda. It’s messy. However, I’ve been told messy is what showers and therapy are for. I’m hoping that info is correct because Goddess knows I’m trying.Never until now have I been a witch that wanted it all—the guy, the job, the friends and the place called home. Now I just have to fix my slightly irresponsible and somewhat unstable witchy ways so I deserve it.I’m going for perfect…or at least a loose definition of the word.Messy…here I come.

  • ASIN: B01DX3EA06
 - Witch Of The Federation III (Federal Histories Book 3)
Witch Of The Federation III (Federal Histories Book

Stephanie Morgana has graduated to Protector of ALL Federation’s people.But can she get them to all respect her? She has to go to Dreth and find out.To pass a test, there is one more type of MU that she has to understand, without killing herself in the process.The enemy sympathizers are working to attack Morgana on multiple fronts, not realizing that the team around Stephanie are powerful in their own ways.The problem is Earth needs more magic users. Are there those with the right genes on Earth? If there are, do they have what it takes to step into their roles?Will Stephanie mature into the leader the Federation, with all of their power, need her to be?She is a MORGANA. There are no other alternatives- no matter the personal cost.PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A LARGE(r) BOOK.The Federal History Project (We Bring the Federation’s Past to the Present™ will release this as three mini-volumes sometime in the future (as we have the opportunity.)There should be approximately 180,000 words in this Volume when it comes out.

 - The Witch in the Woods (Mirrorside Book 3)
The Witch in the Woods (Mirrorside Book

Before she was the witch in the woods, before she was Cassandra, she was—PoppyIt was supposed to be just another job. The stranger hired me to be his maid and, though something about him made me twitch, I couldn’t pass up the money. So I traded Harlem for Manhattan, knowing that this decision might change my life.I couldn’t have been more right.I should have listened when he warned me away from that mirror, but I didn’t, and I somehow landed my fool self into a whole new world. I’m not alone, though. He’s there. He says his name is Apollo, like the theater. And he has the absolute nerve to expect me to believe that I’m meant to be here, in this place, with him. A city girl like me, living out in the woods with some golden-haired white boy?He must’ve lost his dang mind. But Apollo has a dark side, too. A temper. When I brush him off, desperate to get back to New York, he curses me. That’s right. Curses me—with her name and her fate. He says I’m Cassandra. And so I am.Because of his curse, I see the future. I know what’s going to happen. I don’t believe it.And that, perhaps, is the worst part of the curse.*The Witch in the Woods is a novella set in the Mirrorside world. It features the story of Cassandra, the witch in the woods who helps Noelle in...

  • ASIN: B07H446HLD
 - Witches & Vampires & Ghosts - Oh My!: Three Magical Cozy Mysteries
Witches & Vampires & Ghosts - Oh My!: Three Magical Cozy

Three magical cozy mysteriesFilled with curious and delightful characters! A vegan vamp, a possessed bobcat, a retired soul collector, and witches and vampires and ghosts - oh my!This collection includes the first book from three separate series: Adventures of a Vegan Vamp, Night Shift Witch, and Death Retires.Adventures of a Vegan VampUndead and vegan? Not the afterlife this girl had planned.Waking up thin is one thing. But waking up gaunt, hangry, and undead makes for a very bad day. Mallory's killer better hide, because she's just discovered blood, meat, and dairy don't agree with her, and a future with no cheese is grim indeed. She's out to find her killer...and maybe a vegan cheese that doesn't melt her nose hairs.Night Shift WitchFuneral homes and dead bodies…Funeral parlors and corpses go together like salt and pepper. But what happens when one of the dearly departed doesn’t belong? Less than a day on the job as makeup artist to the dead, and Star discovers one of their accidental death clients didn’t die accidentally. Before she knows it, she’s neck-deep in paranormal intrigue.Star, her ex-boyfriend, and her new boss untangle the mystery of a magical murder in the most unexpected of places.Death RetiresDeath's not taking a holiday; he's retired.Or he was, until mu...

 - Murder So Magical: Witches of Keyhole Lake Book 3 (Witches of Keyhole Lake Southern Mysteries)
Murder So Magical: Witches of Keyhole Lake Book 3 (Witches of Keyhole Lake Southern

Keyhole Lake has its fair share of oddballs and ne'er-do-wells, but sometimes even good folks do bad things, right? At first, the crimes seem to stem from desperation or teenage rebellion, but when the president of the ladies' auxiliary is busted stealing church funds, Noelle starts to piece together a pattern that points to a much more nefarious - and magical - explanation.The infractions go from bad to worse, and to add insult to injury, the sheriff - her beau - doesn't believe her. Though she has a town full of ghosts and a couple powerful witches on her side, the rest of the town - including her talking donkey - is convinced she's off her rocker. After all, "the devil made me do it" is an expression, not an alibi. The stakes skyrocket when one of the people closest to her is found standing over a dead body holding the murder weapon. The bad guys are about to find out what happens when you mess with southern witch's family, friends, and talking pets, assuming she can stay alive and out of jail long enough to find them.This paranormal cozy mystery is the third book in the Witches of Keyhole Lake Southern Mysteries series.

  • ASIN: B0786WP84L
 - Better the Witch You Know (Calamity Corners Witch Cozy Mystery Series Book 3)
Better the Witch You Know (Calamity Corners Witch Cozy Mystery Series Book

It's Time to Party...so of course a Dead Body Shows UpNann's decided to continue her Aunt Nancy's tradition of throwing an old fashioned down home witch party, complete with old ladies dancing naked around a huge fire. Good times. But when a dead body turns up before the celebration, handsome Deputy Keith has questions. Like, why are there a bunch of old girls eyeballing him...and oh yes, there's a skeleton in your yard...and it has a tail!Aunt Nancy had parties in the past and someone ended up dead and buried. Did Nancy have a hand in it? Could some of the witches at the current party have done the dirty deed? And what do the sea hags have to do with this?Pokey, Aunt Nancy and Nann's familiar pig, doesn't recollect a murder in Aunt Nancy's past or is he trying to save her good name? Tink and Zinnia think Nann has a crush on Deputy Keith and could care less about the skeleton in Nann's yard, that is until they discover they may have to pay a price with their own lives.***Find out what happens in the third book in the Calamity Corners Witch Cozy Mystery Series***

  • ASIN: B07SF5XVJ2
 - Magic & Mischief (Starry Hollow Witches Book 3)
Magic & Mischief (Starry Hollow Witches Book

Welcome to Starry Hollow, where spells were made to be broken.When a handful of Starry Hollow residents experience their worst nightmares in real life, witch-in-training Ember Rose must use her budding journalist skills to figure out the who, what, why, when, where and how before it's too late. With both Sheriff Nash and Alec, her editor-in-chief, affected, the stakes have never been higher.Will she manage to stop the curse before her own worst nightmare comes true?Magic & Mischief is the third book in the Starry Hollow Witches paranormal cozy mystery series. This is a full-length, humorous cozy mystery novel.Books in the series include:Magic & Murder, Book 1Magic & Mystery, Book 2 Magic & Mischief, Book 3 Magic & Mayhem, Book 4

  • ASIN: B074KL3LVP
 - It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad (Season Premiere)
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad (Season

 - Maze Witch (The Questing Witch Series Book 3)
Maze Witch (The Questing Witch Series Book

My name is Pamela, and I am the most powerful witch the world has ever seen. Only my magic is completely bound away from me, rendering me next to useless. I’m about to face a witch who makes me look like a child fighting a seasoned general in battle. A witch whose strength lies within the dead, and whose magic I unleashed during my part of destroying the world.Now she wants me to bow to her, to give her my strength and my magic. I’ve been stripped of my familiars. Stripped of my magic. And I must face all that lies ahead of me with only the blackest parts of my soul to keep me alive. If I manage to survive, will I still know who I am, or will I have finally succumbed to the darkness growing inside me?My name is Pamela, and I’m about to find out that nothing in this broken world is as it seems.Including my magic.

 - 3 Wicked Witches
3 Wicked Witches

When TINA, LANA, and DONNA, three best friends from college, reunite for their 25th year reunion, revenge becomes the order of day. Donna's teenage daughter recently died during a hazing prank and Donna has proof that five frat guys are responsible. Back in the day, Tina, Lana, and Donna dabbled in the occult and decide to use their powers to conjure up a demonic force to punish the guilty. A possessed clown doll is sent on a mission of murder to the frat house but there are always consequences when one makes a deal with the devil! This evil clown is no laughing matter.

  • Brand: MVD Visual
  • UPC: 733159715203
 - A Trick for a Treat (A Wayfair Witches' Cozy Mystery #3)
A Trick for a Treat (A Wayfair Witches' Cozy Mystery

It’s Wanda’s first Halloween at home for years, but that doesn’t mean she gets to enjoy the holiday. A famous werewolf has disappeared, and his girlfriends are getting knocked off one by one. Murder and mayhem might be all in a day’s work for the Wayfair coven, but this time the stakes are higher than ever. This time, Wanda’s own friends are under suspicion.Wanda needs to discover the real culprit, and she needs to do it fast – otherwise the people she cares about could spend their lives behind bars. Oh, and while she’s at it, she also needs to pass another few of the Minister’s tests. But who ever said that being a witch was easy?

  • ASIN: B076NZT2SM

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Three Witches

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Witch Sisters | Lele Pons & Hannah Stocking

Three Witches

WATCH BLOQUEO MUSIC VIDEO HERE ▶ https://youtu.be/G-nv00ylXQA WATCH MORE ▶ https://youtu.be/R5sO5cx9ifQ SUBSCRIBE HERE ▶ http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi9cDo6239RAzPpBZO9y5SA?sub_confirmation=1 THANKS FOR WATCHING! :) LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! ----------------------------------------...

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Halloween Songs - Three Little Witches & Funny Skeletons Finger Family

Three Witches

Meet the Loony three Little Witches and watch them get ready to go to TEEHEE TOWN, THIS HALLOWEEN!!! Teehee OR Treat, everyone, kids will LOVE this Spooky Collection of Halloween Songs for Children!!! Keep watching and say Teehee! Watch our NEW HALLOWEEN SONGS FOR KIDS - https://www.youtube.co...

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