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Yeti Snowman

 - Aurora World Yulli Yeti Plush, 16
Aurora World Yulli Yeti Plush,

Aurora World's Yulli Yeti is made of soft white plush with embroidered facial features and lock-washer eyes and nose. Mixed fabric accents and an endearing smile make this cuddly monster irresistible. Aurora World is an industry leader with over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality plush products.

  • Brand: Aurora
  • UPC: 092943098046
 - The Thing About Yetis
The Thing About Yetis

Introducing Yeti, a fuzzy and sweet new character whose story is perfect for summer, winter, and all the seasons in between! Everyone knows yetis love winter. They love snowball fights and hot chocolate and sledding and building snow castles. But even yetis get the shivers, and even yetis get crabby from all the cold. So here’s a secret about yetis:  sometimes they miss summer. Sometimes, they have to bring a little bit of summer to the coldest of winter days. Those yetis, they're just full of surprises.Perfect for fans of Love Monster and the Cat books by Deborah Underwood, this endearing new character will warm your heart.

  • ASIN: 0803741707
 - Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Big Foot - For Kids - Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers
Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Big Foot - For Kids - Amazing Animal Books for Young

Bestselling author John Davidson presents "Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Big Foot For Kids – Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers". Beautiful Pictures and easy reading format will help children fall in love with Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Big Foot. This is one of over 25 books in the Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers Series. http://AmazingAnimalBooks.com The series is known as one of the most beautiful on the kindle. The pictures look great even in black and white and are excellent on the full color kindle. Lots of facts and photos will help your children learn about this wonderful animal. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of chichillasSasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Big Foot: anatomy, feeding habits and behavior. *** You and your kids will love learning about Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Big Foot*** Answer the question for your kids "Do they really exist?" Table of Contents 1. Facts About Sasquatch 2. Sasquatch Evidence 3. Bigfoot or Sasquatch Sightings 4. Sasquatch Tracks 5. Facts About the Abominable Snowman 6. Facts About Yeti Get this book at this special price exclusive to the Amazon Store. Read more animal books at http://AmazingAnimalBooks.com

  • ASIN: 1517396026
 - Aurora World Plush Baby Yeti
Aurora World Plush Baby Yeti

Aurora World baby Yeti has an endearing face with beautifully embroidered details. All Aurora products feature lock washer eyes & nose, ensuring durability and long time enjoyment. Aurora World is an industry leader with over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality plush products.

  • Brand: Aurora World Inc.
  • ASIN: B07193XVKC
  • UPC: 092943099906
 - Abominable

A mysterious unidentifiable object is discovered buried deep in an isolated glacier in Alaska’s rugged Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It is composed of materials unknown to science and the mystery only deepens when the large unidentified object is determined to be twenty-eight thousand years old. Who left it there so many thousands of years ago? Why? Dr. Shelby Hollister, a specialist in primatology, is consulted when bones dug from the ice alongside the object are found to belong to an unknown species of prehistoric primate. The story explodes in magnitude when the object begins a physical transformation revealing what is inside—a perfectly preserved giant ape! ABOMINABLE. What happens when a giant Ice Age ‘Abominable Snowman’ escapes into the twenty-first century? Alan Nayes is the author of the spell-binding sci-fi apocalyptic series, The Resurrection Trilogy (GARGOYLES, PLAGUE, RESURRECTION), and the giant cat thriller, SMILODON. For a complete list of books, please visit anayes.com.

  • ASIN: B01GJ0S83K
 - On the Yeti Trail
On the Yeti Trail

  • ASIN: B01G97642K
 - Aurora Yeti Plush, White
Aurora Yeti Plush, White

Hear the snowy mountains call with the fabled creature of legend: the Yeti! rich White fur, large grand feet and cute horns make this mythical creature an adorable cuddle buddy! 12.5 inches long. High quality materials make for a soft touch!

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Aurora
  • ASIN: B07DJ5RKY9
  • UPC: 092943034877
 - Yeti: Maneater Series
Yeti: Maneater Series

A college football team must find a way to survive after their plane crashes on a remote mountain during a blizzard. What starts as a battle against the elements becomes a desperate struggle to escape when they discover an ancient creature with a ravenous appetite for fresh meat. Will they survive the sub-zero temperatures, only to be eaten by the snow beast that hunts them down?

  • Brand: Vivendi Entertainment
  • ASIN: B001H5X6S0
  • UPC: 796019817554
 - Funny Bigfoot Shirt, I Am Yeti To Party Abominable Snowman
Funny Bigfoot Shirt, I Am Yeti To Party Abominable

Dad will flip over this funny I am Yeti to party beer shirt is the perfect gift for that special believer close to you. This Yeti tee is the perfect birthday present and surprise gift. Are you looking for an awesome Yeti shirt? Show the world how much you care about the partying and this legendary ape man with this funny graphic beer keg tee. More color options are available under the brand name.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Yeti Party Tee Co
  • ASIN: B07QN1W6K9
 - Sneezy the Snowman
Sneezy the Snowman

B-R-R-R-R! AH-CHOO! Sneezy the Snowman is cold, cold, cold. To warm up, he drinks cocoa, sits in a hot tub, stands near a warm fire – and melts! But the children know just what to do to build him up again – and make him feel "just right". Hilarity chills the air with playful mixed-media illustrations by Stephen Gilpin as Sneezy attempts to warm himself with some silly results.

  • ASIN: B008NBZ43G
 - Fisher-Price Boys Imaginext Yeti Large Action Figure
Fisher-Price Boys Imaginext Yeti Large Action

Explorers, beware! the giant Yeti guards the mountain fortress, and it's got more than height and strength on its side. When kids grab the handle on the back of the Yeti, they can control all of its movements moving its head from side to side to look for intruders to lifting its arms and crashing the giant ice Club down for battle. Young explorers will love creating all sorts of action-packed adventures with this fearsome Yeti. Imaginext imagine what's next! where development comes into play thinking skills: imaginative play and storytelling helps develop kids' language skills and can foster an early love of reading.

  • Color: Brown/a
  • Brand: Fisher-Price
  • UPC: 887961494006
 - Are We There, Yeti?
Are We There, Yeti?

When Bigfoot is driving the bus, a field trip can feel legendarily long…but the best surprise of all is yeti to come!When Yeti, the school bus driver, takes the class on a surprise trip, everyone wants to know: “Are we there, Yeti?”And when they finally arrive, a new adventure is in store! Told with simple text and delightful illustrations, Ashlyn Anstee’s debut picture book presents a fun, new take on a timeless question.

  • ASIN: 1481430890
 - Yeti and the Bird
Yeti and the Bird

Even hairy, scary monsters need friends! This heartwarming tale of unlikely playmates features bright artwork and a sweet message from the author-illustrator of Hey, Presto! and Good Little Wolf.Deep in the forest lives the biggest, hairiest, scariest yeti anyone has ever seen. And he is also the loneliest yeti around. Then one day…THUNK! Someone lands on Yeti’s head. And that someone isn’t scared of Yeti at all. Could that someone be a friend? This fun story of fur, feathers, and friendship delights and inspires—a welcome reminder that friends can be found in even the most improbable places.

  • ASIN: 1481403893
 - 5 Things You Didn't Know About The Gaming Console
5 Things You Didn't Know About The Gaming

 - Yeti Sensation
Yeti Sensation

  • Brand: Gemioli
 - Wild Republic Animal Planet Yeti Plush, Stuffed Animal, Plush Toy, Gifts for Kids,  12 Inches
Wild Republic Animal Planet Yeti Plush, Stuffed Animal, Plush Toy, Gifts for Kids, 12

Yeti, also called the Abominable Snowman, has been used in many folktales. However, some people have claimed to see this large ape-like creature in the Himalayan Mountains. Witnesses have claimed to see big footprints and a mysterious animal that looks like a Yeti. These plush animals are ideal toddler toys, baby toys, and kids toys, as they will provide your children with a new mystery to research and solve. Whether you are browsing for a gift for teens, Christmas gifts, or a unique kids gift, this Yeti stuffed animal will be the plush toy that will be adored. Wild Republic has been developing animal plush and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979, with unique specialization in realistic stuffed animals.

  • Color: Cuddlekins
  • Brand: Wild Republic
  • UPC: 092389207095
 - YETI Patch - Cryptozoology Tracking Society Yetti Abominable Snowman Sasquatch Bigfoot Mountians Celestial Badge
YETI Patch - Cryptozoology Tracking Society Yetti Abominable Snowman Sasquatch Bigfoot Mountians Celestial

Our Cryptozoology Tracking Society patches are reminiscent of the old fashioned National Park patches, but each features a cryptid character in their natural habitat! Choose your favorite cryptid patch or collect them all and show your support for the Cyrptozoology Tracking Society! This listing is for one YETI patch. Patch Specifications: 2.5"w X 4.25"h Iron-on (sewing still recommended) All designs Maiden Voyage Clothing Co. Reproduction rights do not transfer with sale of items.

  • Color: Iridescent White Blue
  • Brand: Maiden Voyage
  • ASIN: B07PDHV43F
 - Oh My Goodness, It's the Yeti, The Abominable Snowman! Wow!
Oh My Goodness, It's the Yeti, The Abominable Snowman!

  • ASIN: B005HZVC0K
 - Zagone Studios MX4507 Albino Gorilla Mask Abominable Snowman Ape Mask
Zagone Studios MX4507 Albino Gorilla Mask Abominable Snowman Ape

Albino Gorilla Mask, great comfort and movable mouth.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Zagone Studios
  • ASIN: B015QEC9KI
  • UPC: 878876003469
 - Cool Mountain Snowman Yeti - PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets
Cool Mountain Snowman Yeti - PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and

This Yeti accessory is perfect for that awesome person in your life. Are you looking for a accessory to bring to the occasion? This item has just the right amount of fun to get the attention of your friends and family.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Fun Yeti Gift
 - Dear Yeti
Dear Yeti

A sweet and whimsical story of a perfect kid-sized winter adventure, Dear Yeti is the debut picture book of an author/illustrator to watch.Two young hikers set out to look for Yeti one day, and with the help of a bird friend, they trek further and further into the woods, sending letters to coax the shy creature out of hiding. But as their trip goes on, the hikers find that they have not prepared very well, and though their morale is high, food supplies are low, the forest is getting darker, and a snowstorm looms. Luckily Yeti is a friend they can rely on, and though he's not ready to come out of hiding, he sneakily finds a way to get the hikers exactly what they need when they need it. "...a sweet-natured story with a subtle, irresistible narrative momentum, and it’s beautifully drawn as well." - Publishers Weekly

  • ASIN: 0374300453
 - Webkinz Snow Yeti
Webkinz Snow Yeti

Webkinz pets are lovable plush pets that each come with a unique SECRET CODE. With it, you enter Webkinz World where you care for your virtual pet, answer trivia, earn KINZCASH to customize your pets rooms, and play the best kids games on the internet. Each Webkinz comes with their own unique special item and special food that can be used online with your virtual pet! Webkinz received the 2006 iParenting Media Award and 2007 Toy of the Year (TOTY) award.

  • Brand: Webkinz
  • ASIN: B0062DGNIM
  • UPC: 661371609027
 - Crocheted Abominable Snowman
Crocheted Abominable Snowman

This adorable plush toy is anything but abominable. Crochet designer Twinkie Chan shows you how to work in the round with simple stitches to build your Yeti. You will also learn how to stuff him, whipstitch him together, and finally, how to create an optional Santa hat.

  • Brand: Creativebug.com
  • ASIN: B073L5WY69
 - Bedtime for Yeti
Bedtime for Yeti

Snuggle up with this sweet bedtime story about friendship and bravery that’s sure to give you the warm fuzzies.  Yeti loves his stuffed toy Chunk. They play together all day and snuggle up under the covers each night. But when Chunk goes missing, Yeti has to go to bed alone in the shadowy dark. Unless, of course, he can summon all his courage to stage a dramatic rescue—Yeti-style! This is the second picture book written and illustrated by Vin Vogel. His debut, The Thing About Yetis, was described as “sweet and funny” by The New York Times, and Booklist called it “a cozy—and comforting—companion.”   

  • ASIN: 1101994312
 - My Pet Yeti (Adventure Book for Kids Ages 9-12!) (Chance Bradley Adventure Books 3)
My Pet Yeti (Adventure Book for Kids Ages 9-12!) (Chance Bradley Adventure Books

Chance Bradley is enjoying his winter break to the fullest. The snowfall is heavy and he's doing all the winter activities with his friends to the max. But when his snow fort is wrecked, Chance sets out to find the mysterious culprit. Could the legends be true? Can Chance find and tame the Yeti? A fun action-adventure middle reader kids book for ages 9-12 and adults. Children's middle reader with 9 Color Illustrations The Chance Bradley Adventures Series are action-packed stories filled with action, science fiction, adventure and a hint of fantasy. Praise for the Chance Bradley Adventure Series:"Bought this book for my son and he loved it. I can tell when he really likes a book. He reads abit and comes tell me what he just read and goes back and does the same thing again. When it was done, he wanted more...." - Darren Hosier"The hero is a boy easily identifiable as an everyday kid you'd meet in school doing the things kids do each day, who just happens to be super smart. He has all the other insecurities and hang-ups all kids go through. It's an entertaining, fast read." - Kathy Ivan"I got a kick out of the creative plot that seemed somewhat believable and then wound into a fantasy filled plot that will take kids on an imagination filled journey." - Greg Merchant 

  • ASIN: B00JDT071G

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Yeti Snowman

Does Yeti, the humongous and mythical ape-like creature, exist? The debate has been rekindled after the Indian Army tweets photos of mysterious footprints it said were of Yeti. The footprints were sighted by an Indian Army team at a base camp in the Himalayas. The photos and other evidence have b...

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Evidence of the Yeti | National Geographic

Yeti Snowman

A photo of a mysterious footprint taken on Mt. Everest causes a flurry of international interest. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe #NationalGeographic #Yeti #MountEverest About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and ...

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Yeti mystery: Research finds genetic match of Abominable Snowman

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Subscribe to ITN News: http://bit.ly/itnytsub The mystery of the Yeti may be a little clearer as new research claims the animal is more of an all-fours creature rather than just feet. Professor Sykes, an expert in human genetics at Oxford University, analysed hairs from two unknown animals found ...

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